Tuesday, July 30, 2013

help for my fiddle leaf fig...

Help! Any advice for my sick Fiddle Leaf Fig?
It appeared so healthy and happy here in the bright indirect light.


The good news is new leaves are still forming...  

I take it to the kitchen sink every Monday and give it a thorough watering allowing the
water to run out the drainage holes, so it never sits in water. But I've never re-potted it, and
 noticed this root growing out the bottom today. Any idea if that could be the problem?
I guess they like humidity, if so we could be up a creek as there isn't any in Denver,
 not complaining!

It looks so good...

...until you see the back. There's another one ready to bite the dust.  

Any advice? I can't imagine that corner without it now. :( 

Monday, July 29, 2013

ikea ekby bjarnum bracket...

First, thank you all SO much for your kind comments on my bamboo dresser makeover!
  I truly appreciate you taking the time to stop and be so thoughtful!

I'm way overdue for one of my Ikea favorite posts, this one could be a quick and
 inexpensive weekend diy. I love the Ekby Bjarnum shelf bracket for the clean, stylish detail
 it adds to a plain shelf, and the price, of course!

2 for $10
At 11" deep it can fit into the tightest of places, making it super functional.
It can take on an industrial look when left as is in the nickel finish,
or my favorite, give it a spray of gold paint to dress it up.

The bracket covers the edge of the shelf so you can cut the shelf without the
cut edge showing.

Check out the creative ways it's been used...

Design Manifest
 The Lily Pad Cottage
Dwellings by Devore
 Ikea Spotting Tumblr
 Design Manifest
Shift Ctrl ART
Sarah Richardson 

I've just added a set to my diy list, and I know exactly where I'd like to use them!

Other Ikea Favorites, click on title to view.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

diy painted bamboo dresser...

Hey everyone, hope you had fabulous weekend! We fit in a fun downtown outing with
 friends to watch our Rockies play baseball, in the rain. Fortunately, Mr. Simple got us
 tickets in a covered area and we delighted in the fresh smell, and cool rain without
frizzy hair and wet, squishy sandals...until the walk to the car!
I also finished a makeover on the bamboo dresser I snagged from Craigslist last week.
It's not staying at my house :( but I couldn't help styling it up for photos, and now I'm
 wishing it was going to live here! Really, I'm thrilled that it's headed to my client's home,
 they have the perfect large entry wall for it, and it will get a totally new look there!

But, for now I'm enjoying this view...

It's hard to tell, but it was originally a pale, mottled, dirty green with a white laminate top.
I used my favorite Rust-Oleum Protetive Enamel in Gloss Black to give it more impact
 and highlight the details of the brass hardware (I cleaned them with Brasso).
 A tutorial to achieve the high gloss reflective finish can be found here, where I used it
on a side table, or in almond on my bathroom vanity.

A faded picture of a Victorian young lady and the blue and white ginger jar are recent
 thrifting finds. I tried my hand at painting the abstract last year, I'm ready to try again.

My favorite, simple foliage clipped from our yard.
Notice the reflection of the accessories?

  I'm pretty smitten with the blue and white ginger jar,
 I think it will be my first in the beginnings of a new collection! :)

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

share and chair alike...

You all know I love to entertain friends and family, and setting a pretty table and
  and all that goes with it is half the fun.
My friend  (I featured her gorgeous home in these posts
Builder Beige to Black Beauty and Builder Beige to Breathtaking) and I began combining
 resources years ago, we don't just borrow from each other, we actually purchase the same
 items. We have a large collection of nice pieces that we share, like dinnerware for 24.
The best part, we only have to store our half!
These are the items we've amassed over the years...

Pottery Barn White Dinnerware - Service for 24 - 12 each

William Sonoma White Hotel Napkins 24 - 12 each
(Actually, I gave her a set for her birthday - thoughtful, huh?!! I promise she really does love to entertain.) 
I highly recommend these, they still look great after years of use!

Mikasa Martini Glasses 16 - 8 each
I saw them at Costco a few years ago, and picked up one for each of us.
Besides drinks, these are fun for serving desserts, ceviche, shrimp cocktail, small bites.

Mason Jars 8 ounce 48 - 24 each
Great for serving Margaritas nestled in a bucket of ice, I used them for a
 Cinco de Mayo get-together, salad in a jar for picnics,
pie in a jar for a crowd.

Collection of assorted white ramekins, perfect for small bites and appetizers like
I serve at my annual girlfriend Christmas party.

Votive candles 36 each
Nothing beats candles en masse!

 And, my newest addition which I'm sharing with my mom, bamboo folding chairs.
I saw them on Craigslist recently, she already had two, I purchased these 6 for $80! She'll
keep four and I'll keep four. I can't tell you how excited I am about this find, I currently
have 8 chairs stacked to the ceiling in a corner of my basement - they are all going!

So that's our system for sharing our collection, do you do anything similar?

Wishing you all a happy summer weekend!!  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It finally happened...I have nothing to say! Ha!
After 433 published posts I'm speechless.
It's 11:22pm and I'm usually just finishing up my post for the next day and 
heading to bed.
Sometimes I plan, if I have a diy to share, but most often I sit down and something
just comes to me. I started a few posts tonight...

2013 Fall Fashion Trends started out with this, which I nixed
when I came to my senses, it's July and 90 degrees! But isn't that cute!!?

Refreshing Summer Treats started with this inspiration
from Pinterest, but I couldn't get the link to work to even check out the recipe.
But doesn't it look yummy!!?


Purchasing in bulk with friends started out with my newest Craigslist purchase,
 but I knew it could be better if I'd planned and taken photos of a few other things 'we' own.
But, aren't you wondering what we share?

Simply black and white started out because I loved this pretty font,
 but I decided you've probably seen enough Pinterest photos of black and white rooms.
But wouldn't it make a fun intro?

There you have it, not completely speechless, just tired...
I'll be back tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

$35 martha stewart sunburst mirror...

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite budget friendly sunburst mirrors,
it looks much more high end than it's super reasonable $35 price tag! 
30" x 30" 
Antique Gold Framed Mirror 
It's a perfect piece for mixing high and low, looks great in any room or 
even outside...

 Laura Hildebrand
 La Dolce Vita
 Life by the Frenchs

What do you think, impressive for $35, right?

Monday, July 22, 2013

progress on my diy awning...

We're getting close...
remember a few weeks ago, I posted a lame prototype of an awning, and my plan to
 enlist the help of a favorite neighbor boy to weld an awning frame for me. 

Oh my goodness, is it awesome or what?
He brought it over today...check out those perfectly welded angles,
 and he thought it should be primed and painted so it wouldn't rust!
Seriously, the prettiest awning frame I've ever seen!

Handsome, off the charts brilliant, athletic, amazingly kind and can diy! 
 He's already taken girls, 
but is available for hire if you're envious and would like your own awning!
Fabric is ordered, I should have an awning...maybe next week!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, J ~ you're the BEST!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

clever ideas for summer entertaining...

If you've been reading my blog for long you know I love entertaining,
friends and family and finding new clever ideas are always at the top of my list. 

How cute is this wheelbarrow used as an extra serving area...


Bring out a lamp to create a romantic ambiance...

Between Naps on the Porch

Create a bright, fresh, and simple table setting...


Who wouldn't love an invite to come over for banana pudding milkshakes...

A Spicy Perspective - Banana Milkshake Recipe here

Happy weekend sweet friends!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

retro chrome chairs at pottery barn...

I predict the chrome chairs you can get for a steal on Craigslist
are about to go through the roof.
Have you seen the latest look from Pottery Barn?
The Archer Side Chair is $699.

Pottery Barn

Although I'm not a fan once everyone in the neighborhood jumps on the PB train,
although at that price my guess is not many will be jumping on!
You could create a unique look with something similar from Craigslist.
Pottery Barn gets it right pairing them with the warm, rustic wood table, IMHO :)
I'm on board for mixes like these that keep it interesting...  

House Beautiful
 Canadian House and Home
Architectural Digest

I just found all of these fun options on Craigslist for a song!

I'm trying to exercise my willpower,
 I'd mix any of these with a wood table and upholstered head chairs for a great eclectic space.

Someone go buy them! 
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