Sunday, February 21, 2016

Latest Craigslist Score & ALL My Dining Room Chairs

Hi friends, hope you had a great weekend.
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my latest Craigslist score that I
 picked up on Friday. I was smitten with the shape on these vintage gems. I would
 have passed since the last thing I need is a FOURTH set of dining room chairs,    
(yes, it's true, they're stacked to the ceiling in my basement with my other Craigslist addiction!)
 but the price was crazy ~ $15 for all five! I couldn't resist.   

image 1

while I was vacationing.  I did paint them black, I think I forgot to show you.
I could never part with this classic style.     

I'm sure you've forgotten all about these mid-century treasures that were a steal
a couple of years ago. I sanded and primed them and stalled out trying to decide on
 a color and upholstery. I still love the 40" height and sexy backside. :)  
I've never seen anything like them, so they're keepers.    

And then I have the vintage set you've seen for the last few years with a couple
different fabrics. The mix of styles with my farm table and  open style backs are
too perfect too give up. 

I know it's probably more than I need, haha, but what's a girl to do?
Do you have a favorite? 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Eddie Ross, Vintage(ish) Dishes and How to Get Them for a Steal

 One of my Christmas presents from my boys (#truth I ordered it and gave it to them to wrap)
was Eddie Ross' new book, Modern Mix. I highly recommend it if you have a love of
 design, thrifting, entertaining, a colorful collected style, reading, looking at pictures,
you get it ~ it's fabulous for anyone!
And, as informative as it is FUN!
I was inspired by his beautiful collections of dishes and talent for the eclectic mixes
he creates. I started paying more attention to vintage dishes and glassware when I was
 thrifting, but hadn't come across anything that spoke to me, until...

Modern Mix: Curating Personal Style with Chic & Accessible Finds - Eddie Ross

...I was at my local World Market (not sponsored btw, I just love them)
  and noticed these salad plates. And, although they weren't vintage, they had the look.
A classic Chinoiserie style border, unique color combos, and my favorite, a good
 dose of pink. I thought they'd pair perfectly with something modern or antique,
 and can't wait to see what else I find to add to the mix.

World Market Shanghai Salad Plate 

If you're not familiar with World Market's Explorer Club, a free rewards program, you
may want to check it out, asap! You'll receive special coupons. I combined my birthday
 coupon ($10 off anything) and another coupon ($10 off a $30 purchase).
Making the total for six of these beautiful plates...$10!  
(Online they're available as a set of 4, at my store they were sold individually.) 

You're welcome. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Inspired by Instagram Favs - 2

Many of my friends don't have Instagram accounts so I love sharing fun
ideas and design inspiration from some of the feeds I follow. I'm always sending
them photos and thought you might like to see a few of the feeds that recently   
captured my attention...
(click the link below photo to be directed to the IG feed)  

How sweet are these simple heart shaped cakelets - even the name is cute! 

Fabulous artwork in the background in an ornate gold frame adds an
 unexpected element to this pretty neutral room.    
judith balis

Perfectly simple, crisp, white and edited.
 julie blanner

I LOVE this stunning wallpapered powder room.
from the right bank

No doubt you've noticed the wallpaper trend. Here's another gorgeous
 powder room, the ideal space for a statement.

victoria hagan interiors

Is this the best kitchen workspace ever?!

heather bullard

And, if you've never checked out my Instagram feed you can take a peek here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Five Favorites - Decorative Accessories

Welcome to February's Five Favorites, this month I'm sharing my top
 five Decorative Accessories along with my talented friends and our special guest. 

We're thrilled to have Emily @ Emily A. Clark joining us as our guest host this month. 
She's as sweet as they come, a beyond fabulous design guru and blogger who needs no
 introduction, so I'll just move on. :) 
This stunning vignette she created is perfection in my book  ~ I'm sure you'll agree she's 
got a way with accessories. I'm dying to check out her faves! 

 Emily A. Clark - Caroline Lima Photography 

You guys, this was eye-opening - I didn't realize I use my Five Favorites in every room I do.
It's a wonder they don't all look exactly alike!

Black Lamp Shades
They say every room needs a touch of black, my favorite way to infuse 
some is with black lamp shades. A little detail with big impact.  
Black lamp shades ~ Furry texture ~ Greenery  

Black lamp shades ~ Abstract artwork ~ Furry texture ~ White bowl ~ Greenery

Black lamp shades ~ Abstract artwork ~ Furry texture ~ White vase ~ Greenery

Abstract Artwork
I love the modern vibe abstract art adds to a room, and the contrast of using traditional
 frames, which are perfect to add to your thrifting or garage sale list. 
Abstract artwork ~ White vase ~ Greenery

Abstract artwork ~ Black & white vases ~ Greenery 

Abstract artwork ~ Furry texture ~ White vase ~ Greenery

Black & White Vases
I have several of these hardworking basics in all shapes and sizes, they move all over my
 house, and easily mix with everything. Look for pretty shapes when you're thrifting.
(I loved the black one below, I found it thrifting years ago, and just broke it last week.) :(    
 Black & white vases ~ Greenery 

Black lamp shades ~ Black vases ~ Furry texture ~ Greenery

Furry Texture
There's nothing like cozy texture. The end.
Furry texture ~ Black lamp shades ~ White vases ~ Greenery

 Furry Texture ~ Black lamp shade ~ Black & white vase/bowl ~ Greenery

An essential for every room ~ it brings life, texture and color. It couldn't be
easier, just head outside and clip from a tree or shrub in your yard.
Greenery ~ Black lamp shade ~ Abstract artwork ~ Black vase ~ Furry texture 

Greenery ~ Black shade ~ White vase

Be sure to stop by and check out the favorites of my pals!

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