Friday, September 30, 2016

TGIF - The Gems I Found

Happy Friday friends!
Thank you all so much for the kind comments on our BHG feature,
it makes it all the more fun to get to share it with you!
Have a wonderful weekend, hope enjoying beautiful fall weather is on your agenda!    

Timeless style with a dash of color and whimsy!

Loved Claire's take on Traditional Design.

I'm obsessed with Caitlin Wilson's new Garden Collection!
Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful inspiration too.

Can't wait for the reveal of this chic line of accessories coming next week! 

Emily's simple and beautiful solution!  

Does Blair ooze style or what?!
I sent this outfit inspiration to my friends a couple days ago ~ love!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Exciting News - BH&G Feature!!!

It's been pretty exciting around our house lately! I'm still on cloud nine and
  truly couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to have our little old house we
love featured in BH&G!  

Do you guys remember when I shared the details of the photo shoot two years ago, and
then BH&G's Refresh Magazine Spring 2015 feature of the exterior of our home and yard.
 And, also mentioned our interior would be in the Refresh Fall 2015 issue.
The dates, as well as which magazine our interior would be featured changed a few
 times over the past couple years, and I'm still bowled over that it ended up in the
October issue of Better Homes & Gardens!!
I'm happy to be able to share some of the photos with you, as not all the homes
 they feature are published in all areas, and ours happened to fall in that category.      

 As you know, if you're a regular reader, furniture gets rearranged,
walls repainted, and color schemes refreshed...often. It's fun to look back
and see how it's changed.

Wow, the entry is still the same!

My favorite thrifted chairs, after their makeovers, are still in my living room today.
(I'm not as bad as I thought!)

This hutch has had nine lives, and was one of my favorite makeovers. It's now
white and in my dining room.

My mostly neutral dining room, except for the addition of my bold buffet, and a peek at
 the nailhead ceiling.
This set of chairs is going on Craigslist any day, if you're local and interested let me know.

This free dresser I rescued from the street was the first time I was brave with a
bold paint color. I was so scared, ha!  

Hmmm...looking at this makes me wonder how my island would look if it were white?

My bedroom hasn't changed a bit, but I'm getting the itch.

BH&G did a great article that was a fun surprise when it popped up on my
Pinterest feed! :)
"The Cottage Makeover is All in the Details"
 with lots of before and after photos and links to the DIY tutorials,
 you can find it HERE.  

It starts with a diamond in the rough photo when we first purchased our home!

Thank you all so much for always stopping by, and for your endless enthusiasm and
encouragement for all my projects and decor!


Friday, September 16, 2016

TGIF ~ The Gems I Found

Have a wonderful Friday friends!

This fabulous home just got published, it's been a long time favorite ~ congrats Ally!

Love this stylish graphic table setting from Mimosa Lane. 

Another crush on blush ~ no surprise this home is in Europe.

A fashion designer's classic dining room ~ the kitchen is just as good!   

Cut eucalyptus is included in these perfect fall touches,
 do you know it will last for a month?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2016 Fall Home Tour

Happy early fall friends, and thank you so much for stopping by the tour of our home.
Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life is the sweet behind the scenes lady, who organized the great
 group of bloggers' tours for the week, you can check out the entire line up on her blog. 

Welcome, if you're stopping by from Kristin's @ Bliss at Home, she's one of my
 favorites and always leaves me speechless her elegantly chic style! 

I'm going to be 100% honest, I could not get myself motivated to get my house 
ready for this fall tour. On a whim I decided to paint my living room Blush a couple weeks
 ago, with no plan for how it was going to transition into fall! Then last week we had days
 in the 90's and I was more into savoring summer than fall decorating. Well, I headed out
 for a run early last Saturday morning, and wasn't even a block from home when I came
 upon a garage sale sign, my detour miraculously led me to a couple treasures that were
the perfect inspiration I needed to ignite some creativity.   
Although I'm still not ready for pumpkins on the porch (or anywhere else) I hope you're
 inspired to add a few fall touches whatever your mood.     

Like most all of my tours, I have fun rearranging my furniture, artwork and accessories
rather than purchasing seasonal decor. When I get tired of my same old stuff I even 
trade with a friend. And, I love including foliage and flowers from our yard. 
I challenged myself to put away all of my favorite blue and white pieces - I wasn't
 sure I knew how to decorate without them!   


Ok, so I did buy this new pillow from Homegoods. :) 

I painted my IKEA Barometer floor lamp, that I've had for a few years, in Rustoleum
 Metallic Gold. Mixing styles is my favorite and the gold gave it a pretty dose of glam. 

So, what do you guys think of my pink living room? I'm smitten!
Even Mr. Simple commented, he described it as 'serene'. Another friend
commented that it had a glow, like candles were lit. 
I couldn't be happier, it really is beautiful at all times of day in different light.
Benjamin Moore - Queen Anne Pink 

My BIG mirror used to be in this spot. 
I moved the campaign chest (it was in the the bay window in the photo above) to the
 wall across from sofa and created a gallery wall. 
Check out this Spring Tour to see the old look before the furniture switch up.  

Garage Sale Treasure #1 - beautiful lady portrait.
She was the inspiration for my fall color scheme.

Garage Sale Treasure #2 - drawing of the lady.
$5 for both of them, and I had a frame that fit the drawing.
She's pretty too, the glare on the glass is giving her a scary look. Ha!  

Do you remember this cabinet I scored on Craigslist? I set out to knock off
a similar one that was out of my budget. 
(More details to come next week on the makeover) 
A pumpkin or two will be cute in there when I'm in the mood. :) 

I changed up our dining room buffet. 
My favorite branches for fall are Pyracantha - they have wicked throns, but
those orange berries are so great it's worth a few scratches.  
So, I think this is why Mr. Simple described the new paint as 'serene.' Haha!
Btw, I'm over it ~ more on that soon.    

My oversized mirror made its way to the family room, and it's a fun change.
I used the same pillows I made for our living room for last year's Fall Tour, and
brought up this vintage garage sale lamp I've had for years. 

This little boxwood topiary was one of the small plants I bought from Home Depot
garden center in the spring. I trimmed it up and brought it inside. 

 Thank you again for stopping by, if you'd like to keep up with the 
changes happening here you can also connect with me on 

Up next on the tour is Laura @ Duke Manor Farm, you don't want to miss her charming
 style and the beautiful life on her farm she's created for her family!   

Here's today's line up, these fabulous ladies are sure to have lots of 
fabulous ideas for your fall decor and I'm guessing some pumpkins! 

Wednesday - Sept 14

Friday, September 9, 2016

TGIF - The Gems I Found

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, hope you're still soaking up summer!
The gems I'm sharing today are some favorite rooms and vignettes I found on Instagram.
(Link below photo will take you to their IG feed.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Five Favorites - Displaying DIY Artwork

Hey friends, hope you enjoyed a fabulous long weekend! 
I'm sure I'll have my days mixed up all week, but I'm not complaining, only
a few days till Friday! 
This month we're focusing on Art for My Five Favorites, I'm sharing my favorite
ways to display art and it so happens most of it is DIY. I'm always changing my
pieces around moving them from room to room, and mixing it up. It's such an easy way
 to give your space a new look. I'm anxious to see what my friends are sharing,
 be sure to check them out, too. 

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

I'm thrilled to introduce our talented guest this month ~ Jennifer @ The Chronicles of Home.
She has a crazy, amazing range of skills and isn't a light weight DIYer! She's not intimidated
 by power tools, and is just as comfortable whipping up a gourmet meal in her beautiful
kitchen she renovated! 

The Chronicles of Home

Let's check out my favorites:

Grid Focal Point
These inexpensive DIY Abstracts were created as a focal point for the large space
 above a headboard. You can see them in this Budget Guest Room Reveal.
We used 24 (5x7) gold IKEA frames, $5 each, and simply swished a scribble of paint on
 computer paper and framed them.  

Low Placement on Wall
I love the unique look of artwork placed lower on the wall. The French settee and
 global prints are a fun contrast of styles, too. This is another budget friendly and
 colorful DIY, I Framed Batik Fabric from Joanns. The pattern and color possibilities
 are endless, these frames were a score from a thrift store, but IKEA sells similar in a
 variety of sizes and very reasonably priced.  

Vignettes with layered artwork always draw me in, it gives the room a collected feel
 and adds another level of interest. Although the black and white artwork looks like the
popular abstracts, it's simply another framed piece of fabric.   

Hanging on a Bookcase
I tried my hand at a DIY abstract for our Summer Home Tour, I knew I wanted a larger
statement piece to help my blue and white color scheme flow from room to room.
I always hang artwork on the front of my bookcase, and love the versatility of changing
it out whenever I change up the decor. 
(Sorry, I couldn't begin to tell you how I created the abstract, it looks nothing close to what I was going for!) 

Eclectic Gallery Wall 
I always keep my eyes open for artwork when I'm thrifting, and love to mix my finds
with framed DIY abstract scribbles, and one of my favorite ornate gold mirrors.
I buy what I love and it works ~ nothing matchy or pre-planned.
I created this collection for our Spring Home Tour.

Stop by and check out these talented friends' favorites:

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

You might like these previous Five Favorites, too:

Ways to Mix Metals
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