Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Five Favorites ~ Home Organizing Tips

Welcome to the first My Five Favorites of 2016, today we're all sharing our
 favorite tips for organizing your home.
Our kiddos aren't back in school until Wednesday, and I'm so ready to be back
to our routine. Staying up late, sleeping in, eating and general sloth-like existence
was justified by days of sub-freezing temps. I did get our Christmas decor organized
and put away, but I'm ready to get the rest of our house back in shape and I'm always
up for new organizing ideas and can't wait to see what my pals are sharing today. 

We're happy to have the beautiful Carmel @ Our Fifth House as our guest this month,
 if you're not familiar she recently moved to a new (sixth) house, and I'm anxiously awaiting
 to see more! Her dramatic screened porch in her fifth house will always be one of my all
 time favorites ~ as functional as it was fabulous!        

Our Fifth House

Here are my five favorites:

I love the look of an organized refrigerator using pretty lucite bins,
 but they're pricey. I recently found a great alternative at The Container Store for $2 each - clear plastic shoe bins, and the size is perfect!
One fits in our meat and cheese drawer as well.
(The egg container is lucite, so you can see they aren't quite as clear, 
I looked several places and The Container Store were the clearest I found)  
I'm hoping it encourages everyone to be intentional about where they
return items, but it's a new system so I'll let you know! 

A lazy susan in the refrigerator, under the sink, for vitamins, spices
 and oils, the uses are endless - it's convenient and a space saver.  
My favorite is the sturdy Snudda from IKEA, 15"- solid wood with clear lacquer finish for $7.99

I keep my coffee bar on a slide out shelf in my cabinet, everything
I need for coffee, tea or cocoa is easily at hand and off the counter.

One of  the smartest things I've done is to share essentials for
entertaining. A friend and I have purchased the same dishes, bar glasses,
white hotel napkins and more. We have place settings for 24, but only purchase and store 12. It's much more cost effective and there's
no issue of storage. You can read more about the items we share here.  

Use a large container of liquid dish detergent instead of re-filling
your small bottle. They sell kits for $10, but you don't need one. Buy
a piece of plastic tubing from the hardware store and attach it to the
end of the pump.
 Be patient it will take a few pumps at first to get the air out.     

Don't miss the Five Favorite Organizing Ideas my pals are sharing:


Cassie Bustamante said...

love the dish soap idea! and i love your coffee bar slide out!

Calypso In The Country said...

Great ideas Pam! I never thought of the sharing thing but that is just so smart! Really saves on the storage.

Kris @ Driven by Décor said...

Dang, your kitchen is so awesomely organized - now I have kitchen envy more than ever! Love these ideas! I'm totally going with your under the sink soap idea and am going to pick some lazy susans up on my next IKEA trip - never thought of using them in the fridge! Oh and I can't believe your son still isn't back to school - I think you got out before we did too!

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

Oh I really want my fridge to look like that!!!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Pam I used your genius dish soap idea a couple years ago and absolutely love love love that trick!! I almost never think about dish soap now because the big bottle lasts forever!! Your coffee station is amazing but I am having serious envy over the state of your fridge. So tidy and CLEAN!! I'm inspired to scrub mine down and get a lazy susan for it!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Your big bottle of soap under the sink has been a favorite of mine since you first shared it, and a life saver (we use hand soap in ours, though)! I wish I had a friend to share dishes and chairs with, that is so smart!

Holly Gruszka said...

I'm in total organize mode so will be visiting the other websites as well. Love your coffee shelf Pam! One of the best things I did was to get all of our random pens, markers, etc that were being placed on top of our microwave and put all of them in a glass jar. That glass jar now resides in a cabinet where we can access when needed - so glad to have that clutter out of site. I also went through all of my jewelry and stored anything that I don't wear on a daily basis and put all of my favorites into my jewelry case - all in their spot. These are great ideas Pam! Happy new Year! I was so happy to get back to our regular routine yesterday - we all needed it!

Unknown said...

Such great tips, Pam! I've always envied your soap pump and your friend sharing is genius.

Your Friend (!), Lori

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Pam... great ideas. My husband would leave me for you especially if he saw the two fridge pics. He CRAVES organization.

LoriU said...

I don't understand the dish soap tube thing....what is up on top of the sink?

Crazy Wonderful said...

ALL great tips! This has me wishing I had a built in soap dispenser and wanting to chuck everything in my fridge.

Vel Criste said...

Love it all but most esp. the last idea! GENIUS!

Unknown said...

I personally don't think that a lazy Susan in the fridge the way that the picture shows it working in the fridge will really help you organize the storage space in there. But perhaps you could put a container for your sauces and condiments in and pull it out when you need it so it will fit better on your shelves...?

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