Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One Room Challenge - Eclectic Great Room Reveal

Whew, we've crossed the finish line!  
Thanks so much for stopping by to check on the One Room Challenge reveal of my
client's great room! And, a huge thank you to Linda @ Calling It Home for creating this
event that brings our community together to share an abundance of inspiration!   

I'm sharing my client's great room. Their request was a cozy, comfortable space
for their family of four, and Stella the fur baby, to lounge, watch tv, read and hang
out together. The chic mom didn't want to forgo style for comfort and asked me to
 incorporate glam, gold, pops of color and zebra print.
They were up for using my favorite, Craigslist finds! :)

This leather chair was one of our first Craigslist scores. I knew it would make a great spot for
 reading tucked back in this corner and loved the warmth against our crisp white background. 
This photo shows the best representation of the lively color of our Zahra Caravan rug from
 World Market. 

We used two cushy sofas and several squishy down pillows, perfect for everyone
in the family to comfortably stretch out!

They owned this vintage marble top table and loved the size and sturdiness for propping
 feet up. My client covered the golden tone wood with a coat of  Rub 'n Buff in Gold Leaf.  

We reupholstered a special chair that had been in the family for years in Ralph 
Lauren zebra print, for a dramatic, yet timeless statement piece.  

We knew we wanted an antique piece in this space and originally planned to use a secretary
 they owned, but fell in love with the details of this one from Craigslist when we were there
 to pick up a console. Pairing it with a modern lucite chair gave us the eclectic style we
were going for.  

They owned this large round side table, it was an ideal size between the sofas, but it also
had a marble top. We turned the top over, painted it all a high gloss white, and trimmed 
the edge in gold Rub 'n Buff for a pretty detail (more info to come).

The ornate gold mirror was another Craigslist find, and the perfect dose of glam we
 were hoping for to pair with our streamlined sconces. 

We layered a special piece of artwork created by a family member. A a simple
 frame and large mat keeps it from competing with the mirror.   

Yet another Craigslist score was this console we used behind the sofa, it faces the 
kitchen. When I spied it on Craigslist I thought the diagonal pattern (which was originally 
wood) would be pretty if made to look like metal. My client went to town with
  Rub 'n Buff, and we love the interest it added.   

The oversized distressed media cabinet balances the the 75" TV and including the
 industrial style compliments the eclectic mix of furniture pieces.   

It's been a joy to help create this space for such a sweet family, and so fulfilling to see
 them using it exactly as they envisioned. This photo of Stella sums it up perfectly! :)

Thank you so much to my wonderful clients for allowing me to share their home with
 all of you and for enduring the six week challenge! We've been hard at work on the
 rest of their home and I'll be filling you in on more details next week.

If you'd like to start at the beginning:

Week 3 - Sofas & a Stool
Week 4 - Craigslist Scores & Rugs 
Week 5 - Industrial Media Cabinet

If you'd like you can follow my design and Craigslist adventures on

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Friday, May 6, 2016

TGIF - The Gems I Found

Happy Friday and Happy Mother's Day!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with everything you love!

William McClure

Katie's feature on designer William McClure's Birmingham home
reconfirmed my love for a timeless collected style.

Leo Babauta

I'm always inspired by this successful blogger's perspective. 
The Downward & Upward Spiral of Health & Productivity 

A pretty steal, for those collecting. I'm tempted!
$10 at Hobby Lobby (50% off ceramics)
Tying one on a book is one of my favorite gifts.

We have 3 weeks of school left and are so DONE!
  Jen is hilarious and on target with Limping to the Finish Line.

The Makerista

Gwen's patio makeover is classic black & white done right!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Room Challenge - Week 5 - Industrial Media Cabinet

Eeeek! We're almost there friends, and I'm feeling pretty good about our One
Room Challenge progress. Don't get me wrong we've still got some major pieces to
 finish up that will be down to wire, including our draperies. Now I'm on to obsessing
 over the weather, and checking my phone app hoping the little rain clouds turn to
 sunshines for our photos.    

If you'd like to catch up:

The Mister got in on the plan!  
My client called last week and said he'd like a 75" TV and wondered if I thought it
 would be too big. :)  Haha! Since TVs are measured diagonally it's only 66" wide.

We were on the hunt for a BIG media cabinet and found this vintage industrial
style with antique white finish. It's been a big lovefest - they love the TV and
we love the cabinet.

Remember the before of our chair - it's a tad better with a zebra print and custom pillow.
There's a sneak peek of the Craigslist secretary we scored last week too.

I worked on framing art, a gallery wall, and we're still deciding on some accessories.

 I know I'm not the only ORC participant that breathes a huge sigh of relief
at the sign of the Fed Ex truck. Yesterday our rug arrived - do you spy the driver
 hauling it across the street?!!

I can't wait to share the room with all of you next Thursday,
I want a do over at my house!

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Are you following along with all the other ORC participants' projects, such a crazy
 amount of inspiration from lots of favorite bloggers and former ORC designers!
 You can check it out at Linda's @ Calling It Home.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Five Favorites ~ Ways to Decorate an Outdoor Space

For our Five Favorites topic this month we're sharing our Favorite Ways to Decorate
an Outdoor Space. We had more than our share of snow in April and I'm jealous
 seeing those of you who got a jump start on your outdoor areas and gardens. I'm 
hoping to get out there soon and spiff mine up. I'm sure these friends have some
great ideas for me to steal ~ be sure to check them out!  

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

I'm so excited to welcome our guest this month Julia @ Cuckoo 4 Design is one of 
the most genuine and talented in our blogging community. I think she gets up an hour
early to leave kind comments on all the blogs! On top of that, she's an awesome mom,
 has a huge heart for animals, and is always the one caring for strays, too sweet!
Oh, and she's created an amazing outdoor space! Green thumb, maybe?  
Cuckoo 4 Design 

My Five Favorites

I love to use umbrellas to define seating areas and give them a more intimate feel. 
They're also a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to define your style,
whether classic, coastal or preppy.
Potted Boxwoods
 One year instead of planting pots of flowers I planted several pots of boxwoods
for our deck. I didn't think they would survive the Colorado winter and planted them
in our yard at the end of the season. I loved the classic formal look, I think I'll do
 it again this year.  #lazygardener

 What can I say?
 Nothing makes a statement like pretty bold pillows!

The possibilities for lighting are endless and the ambiance cant be beat. 
I haven't figured out a great plan for stringing pretty bulbs across our deck...yet.
 (This is the year!) 
I include lots of hurricanes for candles, lanterns, and oil torches.  

A mirror is a fun, unexpected addition that can offer a pretty reflection of greenery, 
or boring siding in this case.  Haha! :)
Be sure to put it in a space where birds won't run into it.

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Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles
Julia @ Cuckoo 4 Design

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