Sunday, September 30, 2012

in honor of october... & orange
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Domocile Interior Design
orange & gold traditional home

black and orange

Traditional Home

Traditional Home
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Traditional Home

Melissa Miles Rufty

Could you embrace black and orange in your home's decor,
how about your fashion?

Although these designers make it look so chic, it's just a little too
 Halloween-ish for me.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

a favorite diy, recipe, blogs

favorite diy...

I saw this on Pinterest last night, it went straight to the top of my list.
 Wouldn't it be a beautiful handmade gift?
She made three sizes - 5", 9", 12"

Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls
@  Kelli Murray's Blog here

favorite new recipe...

Ina Garten's Turkey Meatloaf here
I tried this last night, it was delicious, healthy, and received a thumbs up
from my meat eating boys. I tweaked it a bit and used Alton Brown's Glaze here.
 Fall comfort food is in full swing at our house.

favorite blogs...

I've been meaning to share these two blogs with you for awhile.

cindy @ stylish serendipity

stylish serendipity

Her fall header says it all...

She has exquisite taste, everyday you can count on something classic or fashionable,
a charming gift idea, a fun tribute to a four legged friend, which she clearly has a heart for,
art, traveling, or one of my favorite treats ~ a tour of her gorgeous gardens.
 She's a mom to three and is as kind and thoughtful as she is stylish!
Stop by and visit Cindy here.

Jill @ Sew a Fine Seam...

DSC_8455grey skirt and top2new scissors-4

Jill home schools her three daughters, recently opened an etsy shop, has a sewing business
where she designs custom clothing and decor items, she is rooted in her faith, loves to share
her antique finds and decorating her home. Amazing, I know!
Oh, I almost forgot ~ she got a furnace over the summer ~ a first!
She's so excited to have a furnace for the Ohio winter!
She is as down to earth and sweet as can be, always has an encouraging word.
Stop by and visit Jill here.

Here's a little snippet of her fall decor...

And don't miss her Photo Party here!
I won't give anything away, but her details are too fun!

Happy Weekend everyone,
thanks for always stopping by with your kind comments
~ you're the best ~   

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

painted rug progress...

I'm not loving it, yet...but keeping an open mind.
I think it will get better, how much better is the million dollar question.
If it doesn't I have a Plan B and C, totally serious, but we won't go there yet. 

I've learned:

A flat weave natural fiber rug is not going to take on the characteristics of a
plush, hand tufted, 100% wool rug by adding paint....duh! It just looked a little...flat!
So we're going to pretend you never saw that original inspiration photo,
and go with these...

Yep, just adjust and change direction a tad by adding a lot more work pattern to it.

In process...

I chose plum, chartreuse and black, the colors I'm planning to
incorporate for my fall/winter accessories. 

After I cut out the stencils I realized you couldn't see them well...

...spray paint to the rescue...

...much better.

I used Stencil Adhesive Spray found at Hobby Lobby, and a stencil brush to apply the paint.

And, here's where I'm at today, but I have a lot more pattern and detailing to complete... 

before the finale next Thursday...yikes!

I'm off to see how the rest of these ladies did this week...stop by and check out
their progress, I know we're in for a treat!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

outdoor fall decor...

Here's my simple outdoor decor for fall...
My summer pots were still looking nice with the cooler weather, so I brought a couple
 to our front patio, I like the bright pink with the orange. I bought a bale of hay when
 I was at Home Depot one day and brought out the plastic faux pumpkins, my urn
with the evergreen topiary and an old sign I've had forever.
 As much as I'd love the real deal I've learned my lesson over and over,
 sadly the squirrels make an ugly mess of pumpkins in no time, so we go faux!

Happy Fall, Friends!

Join me at Savvy Southern Style here 

Monday, September 24, 2012

just life...

Rain or shine I always have something for you,
but life got in the way and blogging took a backseat yesterday.
 Our weekend was jam packed and when we finally arrived home
 at 10pm on Sunday I was done for the day.
We didn't even have time to take care of plumbing issues,
 so this was first on our schedule for Monday morning...

It wasn't nearly as pretty as this photo makes it out to be!

A few snippets from the weekend birthday celebration...

A quick centerpiece from flowers in my parent's yard.
Japanese Anemone (pink), Purple Hyacinth Bean (plum pods), 
Branches from Japanese Maple

I'm going to steal some some seeds from this Purple Hyacinth Bean,
I've read they're easy to grow if planted in the spring, I love those pretty pods.

One of the desserts...

My parents and nephew, a gift photo book brings back memories...

Part of our gang checking out the book,
and watching the game...

Rio's cousin, Timber...cracks us up...

Life is good...

Friday, September 21, 2012

steal an idea for fall decor...

Just a simple touch here and there and you're set for fall...

Bring in your fire wood...
bench with books, oversized art, logs, basket with plants  Savor Home - I really like this

A bold piece of pottery or graphic print pillow...
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Be brave, paint a wall a moody color in one afternoon...
Canadian House and Home Collette van den Thillart
Pick up an old shutter,
 even one leaning against the wall or on your mantle adds warm rustic feel...
Valorie Hart
Layer rugs and add a chunky textured pillow...
Jag tar in hösten! – Designporten
Visit your local thrift store for a simple wood table and pretty dish....
design by Tommy Smythe Tommy Smythe Design
Warm gold accents, spray paint some thrift store frames...
Pinned Image
Create a pretty display with your everyday dishes and fill with fruit...
Add a unique accessory...

Sarah Richardson
Use large letters to personalize a spot...
(Joann's, Michael's or Hobby Lobby have a huge selection)
A new throw with a fun pattern adds pizazz...
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Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!
We'll be watching football, and celebrating a couple birthdays with family on Sunday.
Happy Birthday to the BEST dad and my special nephew!
I'm making my dad's (and my) favorite ~ coconut cream pie in lieu of cake!

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