Thursday, November 29, 2012

hutch in french linen...

Yay, it's off the list!
I'm loving it with my neutrals and am so happy I went with the lighter color.
I have a bit of detailing to do on the bottom hardware.
(Oh my gosh, I JUST now noticed I didn't do the hardware on the doors!)
Yep, went and confirmed, thought maybe it was the photo...ugh...
can't believe I missed those guys!

Anyway, here it is and I can't wait to give it a little Christmas pizazz and show
it to you next week along with my unconventional Christmas tree....
there's a peek for you off to the side. :)


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - French Linen
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Rub 'n Buff Gold Leaf on Hardware (most of it!) 
Aluminum Sheet on doors - Home Depot here

Thank you Linda and Jennifer for suggesting the metal, Cathy for suggesting greige
 which led me to French Linen, and my kind reader that advised against black,
and, to all of you that offered your opinions along the way and tips for working with ASCP!


My hutch was a Craigslist purchase, it included a table and six chairs - $250.
Paint and Wax - $70
Aluminum Sheet on Doors - $32
Plastic that didn't work on doors - $16
(I'm trying to think of a clever diy to salvage it)


None, that is the beauty of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, no sanding or priming.
I wish I would have watched this video by Cindy @ Simply Reinvented here
 before waxing, she has great tips I'll be using next time!


I didn't purchase one of the waxing brushes ($35). I wasn't sure that I'd be doing enough
 pieces to warrant it, but it would have made the waxing much easier.
I know I used a lot more wax than I should have, but didn't realize it until too
late in the game. I did have to add some water to the paint as it thickened a bit
from having the lid off for so long while I was painting.
 Otherwise, easy to use and great coverage, I applied two coats of paint.



See you Monday, I'm off to finish decorating and get my act together for the
  Favorite Things party,
that I've totally neglected because I was obsessed with finishing this!

Happy weekend, hope you get something BIG crossed off your list,
or have some BIG fun!

Stop by Miss Mustard Seed's Funtiure Feature Friday here for lots of inspiration!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ikea black & white pillows...

Another Ikea favorite...
Stockholm, Lappljung-Ruta, Vilmie Figur, Kajsa Trad
or simply their black and white pillows.

These designer spaces couldn't be more chic, it's no secret you can easily mix
 high end and lower end products without compromising style.
But knowing what to use is key, these black and white pillows from Ikea are perfect
 examples, notice how they work with any style, too...

mix and chic susan eason

Burlap & Lace

I see one under my Christmas tree!
Anyone else out there buy presents for yourself, wrap them and put them under the tree?
Mr. Simple loves it when I call and say, "You just bought me a present."

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

reader's house tour...

I have a huge treat for you today!
A couple of weeks ago I received the sweetest email from one of my readers, we were
 chatting about my hutch and she showed me a photo of her dining room, it was gorgeous!
 It was so stylish, and well put together and I got a little peak into the kitchen, intuition told me
 there had to be more fabulous rooms, so of course I asked, and she kindly sent photos.
My jaw dropped as I scrolled through them.
 She was so kind to allow me to share them with all of you...enjoy!

She wrote:

I have lived in this home for a little over a year. It is a home which has many other homes with similar floorplans in our neighborhood. Keeping resale in mind, my husband and I tried to put as many custom touches in this house as we could think of ( who are we kidding,,, I mean " afford" lol) I did my best to make sure that every room had something unique about it. One thing I love is that the home is 100% hardwood, except the wet areas. I also tried to do neat things with all the ceilings. Most rooms have beadboard, or coffered, or beamed ceilings.  


Dining Room to the left as you enter.

Stable Doors to the man cave, on the right as you enter.
She had her builder make the doors from a picture she tore out of a magazine.

Behind the Stable Doors...

Teen Son's Room

Upstairs Bonus Room

Kitchen with over-sized workspace and custom details.

New island from Restoration Hardware.

Her Emma Bridgewater collection.

Den off of Kitchen

Guest Room

Upstairs Landing

They designed the stair railing.

Guest Room

Downstairs Guest Room

Outside Patio

I think she did an incredible job creating a stunning home filled with character!

Also, she said she would love to start a blog, but isn't technical enough.
I'm proof that it's not necessary and I'm sure I'm not the only one, right?

Monday, November 26, 2012

in a mesh...

Thanks for smiling at my attempt at a witty title.
I'm referring to the gold mesh (hardware net) I installed behind my hutch doors.
(I've finished two coats of Annie Sloan French Linen, but still need to wax.)

The net I chose is very stiff plastic and isn't manufactured straight,
the shelves behind it accentuate it even more.
I was trying something other than chicken wire because I was afraid of it looking 
a tad country and I was going for a more modern look.
FYI, it's pulled taut and stapled despite it looking loose.

Case in point...

It doesn't make your eyes hurt in person. 

You can see how the straight line veers off.

Any suggestions?  Or try the chicken wire?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

12th annual party...

One of my favorite traditions of the holiday season is hosting an annual party
for ten special girlfriends. Most of us met when our kiddos started  pre-school,
 and it began as an ornament exchange, but after soooo many ornaments I got creative and
 we've had different themes for the past several years. They always included stealing each
 other's gifts, but I changed it up this this year.
These girls' gifts are clever, creative and classy ~ I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Delivering fun invitations announcing the theme is tradition...

A Few of my Favorite Things

I printed the lyrics to the song on brown craft paper to use as gift wrap.
brown paper packages tied up with string...

Enclosed the invitation in a box...
This year each person brings five of the same 'favorite things,' when they arrive
they draw five names, those will be the recipients of their gifts.
Everyone goes home with five small 'favorite' gifts.

They've already asked me if I was going to share this and ask you all for ideas,
so what would you bring?
  Each favorite item should be $5 or less.

The party is next Tuesday, more details to follow.

If you missed last year's party you can check it out here and here,
 and the do-ahead appetizers here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

happy thanksgiving...

Wishing you the Happiest Thanksgiving...
a day filled with family, friends, fabulous food, 
and a heart overflowing with gratitude for your blessings!

I'll be signing off for the weekend, see you on Monday!

buttoned up...

Project Challenge Week 3....Buttons

For the life of me I couldn't come up with something to do with buttons!
I searched Pinterest, but wasn't up for a necklace, napkin rings, monogram, flowers,
clock, pillow, frame, hair bows, or ornaments with buttons. Time was closing in, I was
desperate, a trip to the button section would surely be the inspiration I needed.
I saw all those gorgeous buttons and thought ooooh, I wish I had something with pretty 
unique buttons on!      

I bought this coat about five years ago at Nordstrom, the bright apple green color works
 for fall, winter and spring with different scarves and gloves,
 but I've always thought the buttons were...ordinary, at best.

Ta Da!

The top button is larger, since I don't usually button it anyway, I chose pretty over function! 

I'm sure you're in for some clever button projects at these ladies' blogs, and
stop by Shauna's for a fun GIVEAWAY to end the series!!! HERE

Tiffany @ Living Savvy-  here 
Lesley & Denise @ Chaotically Creative- here
Aimee @ It's Overflowing- here  
Shauna @ Satori Design for Living - here 

Monday, November 19, 2012

hutch color...

Black - No
  As much as I loved the inspiration photo, and so badly wanted it to work
I decided black would be too dark and heavy for my space.

White - No
As much as I love the neutral monochromatic look I decided
I wanted something a little different.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - French Linen - YES!!
As much as I love sanding and priming (not!) I decided this was the
perfect piece to try ASCP, the idea of no sanding and priming won out!
French Linen is described as a cool neutral khaki grey that works beautifully with golds.

Once I decided on the color I couldn't wait to get started...
(if you missed the before check it out here)

One coat down...

I took of photo of the gold accents before painting over them to get an idea of how
 it would look, and I love it. Not sure if I should distress it a bit?
 Give it some gold highlights, but where ? Add another color for some depth?
A clear wax will go over all of it to soften the chalkiness and give it a pretty finish.
Remember I have the doors, too.

Imagining it decked out with some holiday decor is motivating me to keep at it!
  If you've worked with ASCP any and all tips are appreciated since
 I'm winging it! :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

our thanksgiving table...

Are you ready? Only three days left.
 We LOVE Thanksgiving and are happy to be hosting! 
There's nothing better than spending the day with family, indulging in great food,
 being thankful for our abundant blessings, and indulging again.
Here's a peek at our table, I put it together yesterday so I could share with you...

Remember the fall arrangement I showed you how to put together here,
I was hoping it would make it till Thanksgiving and thanks to a tip from
one of my favorite gardeners, Cindy, who said I should give it some time
 outside in the cool weather here it is...

I wrapped the Pepsi crate in fall colored ribbon, and replaced the
mum in the center with some dead coordinating fall colored leaves for height and texture. 

I made these candles a couple years ago, choose your favorite scrapbook paper,
hot glue it to your candle, and add a few stick-on rhinestones for a little bling.

You've all seen my favorite collection of mix and match wine glasses a few times.
The same ribbon that covers the crate is used for place settings.

I didn't notice that droopy little pansy, if I knew how to photo shop I'd replace it
 with a pretty one in bloom! 

Want to see something funny? Check out my Thanksgiving table from last year here.
I went to check the title of my post, I had completely forgotten what I used,
thankfully most of you probably had too!

If you'd like to check out our menu I posted it last year...
delicious do-ahead menu here.

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