Thursday, February 28, 2013

thrift store styling...

In honor of March...styling with a bit o' green...

I spy at least two items in every one of these gorgeous green vignettes
 that you could pick up at a thrift store!
Several of them could be created entirely by finds from thrifting....I haven't
been for way too long, and I need a fix! Maybe this weekend, if I'm lucky!
Speaking of green, notice something living in each one, it makes your space
come to life and adds great texture.
 Pinterest via Apple Mom
Pinterest via CRELY

Happy weekend everyone!
Anything special on your thrifting list?


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

inspiration...pass it on

My favorite part of blogging is sharing how simple it is to create a beautifully
 inviting home without spending a lot of money (and of course, my blogging friends).
 Easy and inexpensive diys can give you a one-of-a-kind, sophisticated look, it's so
 much fun to see someone put their own twist on a project inspired by one they saw here.

Dawn @ Inspired Living 

(Please pin from Dawn's blog)
Inspired by the styling on the Emerald dresser in our dining room. 
  Stop by her blog and see what she used for her framed fabric - very clever,
 and I bet you have one! Didn't she do a wonderful job? 
She also shows the fabulous winter vignette before she changed it up for spring.

After a long search, she found the Target $ Bin Wrapping Paper while vacationing,
 and lined her office built-ins for $2!  Pretty styling here, too!
Visit her blog to see all they've done to their charming home over the past five years,
it didn't look anything like this when they moved in!  

(Please pin from Jennifer's blog)

Want to know who's inspiring me...
 Darci @ Chic Living
showed a handful of awesome diys that are on her list...I want every single one on my list!
Here's a peek...DIY Striped Gold Vase, check out her blog for the others. 

Thank you to Jena @ Involving Color, for including my Emerald Dresser Makeover
on her blog. If you've not familiar, it is a paint color blog and a great resource.  

Thank you all for your kind comments on the bathroom makeover for
the One Room Challenge, it's great having you along every week! 

one room challenge... week 4

I'm keeping it short and sweet for you!
Because, if you've been following along with all twenty bloggers each Wednesday I know
you're excited to check out this week's progress, and it takes a bit of time to get through all of them,
and I have a cold and want to go to bed.  :)

Let there be light...

Home Depot Hampton Bay Swing Arm Wall Sconce $49.97

You've probably guessed I'm a fan of mixing metals, I think it will work well with cool gray and
 warm tan in the fabric I've chosen. That shade to the left needs to go back it has a blip on the
 top edge. These shades may get some trim?? Thoughts?

Urban Outfitters Triple Tiered Pendant Shade $64.00 
I wanted to include something with a modern edge.

I thought it was looking a little plain.
 I had some of this left from my hutch makeover, and I have a plan. :)

Coming back step forward, two back!

Next week the finished window treatment, and tiered shade.

If you'd like to catch up with past weeks

Thanks so much for following along, everyone! 
Head over and visit my friends' progress this week.

Monday, February 25, 2013

girl's and boy's bedroom update...

This was a fun project I finished for a client a couple months ago, I finally had the the
chance to get some photos last week. The kiddos were all involved in choosing colors,
 bedding, and other elements they liked for each of their rooms. We used several pieces
 of furniture and accessories they had, and gave them a fresh look with paint. 

Teen girl's room...

These nightstands were a light wood stain, we painted with Rustoleum's Gloss Protective
 Enamel in Yellow. The opposite side of the bed has matching nightstand, lamp and print. 

From day one this stylish girl requested the netting, I loved her idea!

This formal four poster bed, originally in a dark stain, was in a different room, they were
planning to get rid of it, but since it was perfect for attaching the netting, we gave it a fresh
updated look using Rustoleum's Gloss Protective Enamel in White.    

Reading corner and diy lamp shade.

A bulletin board, and Ikea cubes are great for corralling collections.

Young Girl's Room...

This lively room, has a matching twin and sunburst mirror on the opposite side
 of the room. The spunky little one loved purple so we kept the existing purple paint
on the lower half of the room and gave it some pizazz by adding some new colors to it.
The vibrant over-sized canvas helped to tie in pink and orange.

We gave this desk and chair they had a fun transformation with paint and new
floral knobs from Hobby Lobby. 

Her bulletin boards she had fit in, and we found a shadow box to add to the mix.  

Boy's room...

We chose a black headboard, flanked by coordinating bookcases and attached Home Depot
 outdoor lights. I saw the idea a long time ago in this room by Courtney at A Thoughtful Place,
 I loved it and filed it away to use somewhere. We framed some of his baseball prints in Ikea 


A slip covered chair in stripes complimented the plaid bedding and red accents.
The lamp shade is a great masculine tweed, and we included two metal bulletin boards
 above the desk for interest.  

What a FUN project! I couldn't ask for nicer clients to work with,
 and they did an amazing job on all the diys I suggested!  :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

how to cover a tapered lamp shade...

Before I show you how easy it is to cover a tapered shade, I have to share a little fun
 from my weekend...I had a first! I met this adorable blogging friend, in person!
She is the cutest little thing, and every bit as delightful as I expected. She was visiting CO
 and her husband and son agreed to a couple hour detour on their way to the airport so we
 could have coffee. Thanks guys, so, so nice of you!!! She generously surprised me with a
 beautiful gift which has inspired a soon to come fashion post. :)

On to the lamp shade...  

Covering a lampshade is an easy diy, even if you think you're challenged in that area!
A tapered shade is just as easy if you know one simple trick.

I spied this floor lamp at HomeGoods, but the shade had a large rust spot on it,
perfect! I was planning to customize it with my own fabric anyway and I knew they'd
lower the price. I wasn't expecting them to come back at $36! Woo hoo!

How to:

First test your fabric to be sure it's heavy enough to cover the original pattern when a light
 is shining through. Mine wasn't so I did a quick paint job to cover the existing pattern.

Line up the seam on the lamp shade with the edge of your fabric. 

Make a pattern:
Roll the shade and follow along the edge, making a light pencil line,
 first at the bottom of the shade, then at the top of the shade.  
Stop when you get to the seam, you'll want to add an additional half inch
to fold under, where the seams meet on the shade.
Add an additional half inch to both the top and bottom pencil marks, this is the
extra fabric you'll fold over the top and bottom of the shade.
Cut the pattern out (oops forgot that photo).

Using your glue gun and hot glue attach the fabric,
 using clothespins to secure as you work your way around the shade.
When your seams meet fold the excess under and glue down the edge of the seam.

Since the amount of fabric you'll need varies depending on the diameter and height
 of your shade you can estimate by using the same procedure to make a pattern
 on a piece of newspaper. 
I used 1 1/4 yards of fabric 54" wide, and my shade was 11 1/2 " height, the 
perimeter of the bottom was 52".

Super simple custom shade!

This is a reading corner in one of the girl's rooms I designed a few months ago.
Did you notice a couple of my Ikea favorites? The chair and throw. 
The rest of her girly-teen room coming up tomorrow.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

dresser as bathroom vanity...

If you've been following along with the ORC (One Room Challenge) you know I'm using
 a dresser as our bathroom vanity, I've had it for years and still love the unique look it gives
 our bathroom. It's my top choice for creating a custom look without spending a lot of money. Dressers are plentiful on Criagslist, and can be easily modified, we had a handyman do ours,
 just be sure the construction won't be compromised if the piece needs to be reworked. 

If storage isn't a concern, a console, desk or table can also make a beautiful statement.
The ideas below show the versatility of several pieces, and almost make me want a new one! 

Basin on top of console, placement isn't centered. This is the configuration I chose for
 mine, I thought it was more functional to have extra counter space to one side, 
and I like to have room for something pretty. :)

Basin on top of desk, centered. The style of this piece leaves the plumbing more exposed.
Choosing a longer dresser would allow for dual sinks.
The faucets are mounted on the wall in order to use this antique.
Doors have been removed from a sideboard for use as towel storage.
Bathroom Vanity
french country cottage
This rustic dresser looks like a nice size for a powder room.
A marble top with molded sink fitted to the top of the cabinet.
Another popular dresser style, painted.

So many unique options if you're considering a bathroom update.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop in and visit my little
slice of the blogosphere!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

yellow trending for 2013...

Have you all noticed the infusion of yellow decor items lately?
This happy, sunny blast is trending as a go-to color for 2013.
I just received the new West Elm Spring catalog, it's filled with the promise
of spring around the corner, and vibrant yellow fabrics and accessories.
My friend Luci at Bungalow at Home posted about the new Stockholm collection
at Ikea a few days ago, I LOVE the bright yellow cabinet,
 she is right it's going to be everywhere!
Houzz is forecasting yellow to be big as a pop with neutrals.

Me....I think it's the perfect candidate for an inexpensive, low commitment,

a simple solid pillow...

Irene Langlois - Black & yellow living room with chair rail & wainscoting, art gallery, white skirted William Birch Sofa with black ribbon trim, canary yellow pillow & throw, antique brass pedestal accent table, antique brass swing-arm floor lamp, black & white cowhide rug, glass-top directoire table and white ottoman.

spray paint a thrifted find...

Gorgeous white built-ins with back of shelves painted charcoal gray, yellow & white ginger jars, vintage cases and books.

grab your paint brush...

open shelving that's sunny yellow and oh so stylish!
pinterest via justine santora

cover a chair or shade or table...
the velvet door

Are you on board for the happy hue in your decor?

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