Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Black Friday deal you don't want to miss!

Hi friends, just quickly popping in today to remind you of my favorite
 Black Friday deal.
 I don't think people pay much attention because there hasn't ever been a flock
 of people, so no need to show up in jammies at 5am.   

Home Depot - Fresh Evergreen
18" - 22" Wreaths - $5
15' Garland - $5

At my store they have tables set up at the entry as well as several in the garden section. 

I'll put mine up right away because my Annual Christmas Party is December 1st.
The wreaths always hold their shape well, but the garland is definitely crispy and
drooping after a couple weeks in our dry Denver weather. 
A friend of mine buys hers and leaves them outside until she's ready to put them up
and has had great luck. I think I'll buy a couple extra this year. 

Don't forget the Stuff We Love continues with these fabulous ladies today!


I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and families,
hope it's filled with delicious food and fun memories! 



Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stuff We Love ~ My tried and true favorites just for me!

These are my favorite posts anytime of year! I love finding new-to-me
items that come recommended from bloggers, so I was thrilled when Sarah 
at Thrifty Decor Chick asked if I'd like to join her and few others.   
(Btw, if you haven't seen her kitchen makeover you'll definitely want to check it out! You're welcome!)   
My list isn't for a hostess or neighbor, or your guy, or your little munchkins,  
it's just for YOU!  
I always like to help Mr. Simple out by getting myself a few gifts, he loves my texts:
You just bought me the best present! 
I also, wrap and put under the's fun on Christmas morning when he gets to see
what he bought me! Bless his heart he tries SO hard, and does well most of the time,
 but it's fun to help him along! :) 

 Pretty & functional get my vote every time, I just now found out  Kate Spade Salt & Pepper Shakers are available online at Bed Bath & Beyond. It might not feel quite as special as
 ordering from the Kate Spade website, nonetheless, they're fun and I love the whimsy they
add to my kitchen vignette.   

 Hands down I get the most compliments on my Stella & Dot Renegade Bracelet,
the spikes give it the perfect unexpected edgy rocker girl look, and I love to pair
it with feminine pearls, lace, florals ~ actually I wear it with everything!    

 I first found out about this fabulous concealer from a blogger post of favorites. :)
I purchased my first tube of  Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Concealer about a year
ago, and just replaced it. It's a little pricey, but lasts forever. The reviews are all 
over the top great! 

"Honey, let's not get gifts for each other this year, let's just get something for the house."
If you need a bedroom makeover I highly recommend my go-to upholstered headboard
that you'd never guess was from Walmart! $119 - 4.5 Stars - 1003 Reviews!!!
 I've used it in both oatmeal and gray in these clients' bedroom makeovers, the quality
is awesome and shipping is free.

I'm in heaven with the latest design book tied up with a magnifying glass to add 
to my collection! Homegoods has a great selection and the price can't be beat. 

My field jacket is the one I grab first ~ casual, but stylish. I can pair it with 
skinny jeans and heels as easily as jeans and Hunter rain boots.
The faux fur hood adds the perfect touch of glam if you're that girl, and when 
you're not just remove it.  

Isn't it inevitable when you're shopping for others you find little treasures for yourself!
No harm in picking up a few to stuff your stocking. :)

A Charming Charlie's gift card is always a winner.
An oversized 18.5 ounce coffee mug - a necessity! 
Making its debut in 1953 classic red nail polish Revlon - Cherries in the Snow
Kate Spade I-Phone cases    
Gold metallic monogram decal  to give my planner some pizazz.

I can't wait to check out what these stylish ladies have on their lists:

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you're new here take a peek around and
if you'd like you can find me on Instagram and Pinterest

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Budget Guest Room Reveal ~ Inspired by Williams Sonoma

You guys know I LOVE designing anything, but to get to work on a project with one
of your dearest friends (who happens to be a great designer) is icing on the cake! 
I first mentioned this Guest Room project in this post back in May, she was stuck and
 asked me to help her pull it together, on a budget, of course! It's actually been finished
for quite awhile and I finally had a chance to take photos today. 
We're so happy with the look we were able to achieve using DIYs, Craigslist, :)
  IKEA, Homegoods, Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Target.    




We decided to bring in a little dose of glam to keep it from looking too masculine.
The crystal chandelier was the perfect addition and making it even more perfect, it was
 free from a family member that moved to a new home, and lucky us, it wasn't their style. 
We chose my all-time favorite Walmart Upholstered Headboard that I used in 
Great quality for the $129 price tag!  

 We're using a pair of antique tables I scored on Craigslist for $50 each,
as nightstands. They have beautiful burled wood, leather tops and cute little casters. 
The open style is great for the small room. 

A modern marbled vase, and ornate mirrored tray in contrasting styles were fun 
finds at Homegoods, my go-to place for accessories. A pretty monogram carafe
 is a nice touch for guests vs a plastic water bottle. :)   

We had a DIY day and knocked out several projects:
The IKEA Hack Sconces, we totally copied from one of my genius blogging
 besties, Lisa @ Shine Your Light. We followed her awesome tutorial and loved the 
budget friendly price of about $20 each! 
The Gallery Wall using 24 - (5" x 7") $5 IKEA frames, just swish a little
scribble of paint on white computer paper, and you've got it. 
We trimmed IKEA Ritva drapes in jute trim from Hobby Lobby for great texture and
custom detail. 

And, made a simple tailored no sew bedskirt, again from my same talented friend above! 

This vintage tufted cane chair was another Craigslist score, and the oversized
IKEA canvas (78" x 55') we stole from her Master bedroom.  

She's had this rustic trunk for years, we added the large full length mirror and convenient
 hooks for guests. All of her woodwork and interior doors are painted black, if you missed
the post where I shared her home tour a couple years ago you can see it here,

We thought we deserved a splurge given our savvy shopping and DIYing, and had the
two camel colored pillows custom made, they were worth every penny. The shaggy
 textured pillow is Target and white bedding is from Homegoods.    

Thanks so much for reading friends, hope you all enjoyed the reveal!  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Spread Cheer" Christmas Party Invitations

Hi friends, thank you for hanging in there with my sporadic posting,
 we had a wonderful time with family visiting this past week. 
I can't even believe two weeks from today my house will be decorated for Christmas and
I'll be hosting some of my favorite peeps at our 15th Annual Girlfriend Christmas Party!
It's the perfect way to kick off the season, and in keeping with tradition, yesterday I
 delivered fun invites to their mailboxes. 

'Spread Cheer' 

Super simple.
For each invite I attached a cocktail knife from World Market to a 'Cheer' gift tag
found at Marshalls. I wrote 'Spread' and punched two holes to run ribbon through
to secure the spreader.   


All of the pertinent party details are on the back. I traced and cut out a circle
the same size as front tag. 

A decorated cellophane bag makes a pretty presentation:
Tied with matching gold ribbon
Evergreen sprigs and berries from my yard
White shredded paper

Each guest brings 5 favorite things (gifts) all the same item. 
  As they arrive they draw 5 names, those will be the recipients of their gifts. 
Our price limit is $5-7 per gift. 
It's so much fun to see what they come up with, as I've mentioned before
they're creative, classy and oh, so clever!!

You can check out the previous year's unique invites below:

What would you bring if you were on the guest list? 


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Paperwhites ~ now's the time!

It's time to plant your paperwhites for pretty blooms in December!  
They're simple to force, make a beautiful statement, are inexpensive,
you just have to plan ahead a bit, but you'll be glad you did!
These were mine a couple of years ago, planted in Ikea Stainless Bowls,
that got a quick and easy DIY spiff up here. 

In the past I've always found bulbs at Home Depot, but this year my store only
 had bulbs pre-planted in pots, I found the same at Walmart - both were about $7
 for 6-7 bulbs. Since I like to choose my own container I bought loose bulbs from a
 nursery (O'Tooles if you're local) for $1 each.

Pretty inspiration... 

They have a tendency to get tall and need help to keep them upright, I love
 the green ribbon my friend Claudia @ My Little Bungalow used to corral hers.

 The options for containers are endless, I've shared lots of fun
paperwhite planting ideas in this previous post if you need some inspiration.

And, the super simple instructions for planting can be found here.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Five Favorites - Paint - A New Series with Fab Friends

Welcome to our new series ~ My Five Favorites!
I'm so excited to be kicking it off with some of my awesome blogging friends.
You might recognize the group from Best of the Nest, well we were ready for a fresh 
idea, and all agreed there's nothing we love more than tried and true blogger
 recommendations and thus created 

My Five Favorites 

The first Tuesday of the month we'll each share our Five Favorites on a
specific topic, up first Five Favorite Paint Colors. 
A special guest will be joining the four of us every month and today we're so happy
our talented friend
will be giving us the scoop on her favorites.  

# 1
Long before Benjamin Moore named Simply White their 2016 Color of the Year
it was my favorite go-to white paint. The soft warm hue with no yellow undertones,
but the fresh, clean characteristics of white won me over. 
Here are a few rooms where I've used it.   

A couple days before their announcement I sourced it for an entire new build,
we're still a few months away from completion but I can't wait to show you  
what a gorgeous backdrop the color will be. 

Benjamin Moore - Simply White Studio McGee

# 2
Sherwin Williams - Extra White is a crisp bright white I like for cabinets and
trim. I also used it to repaint my tile in my kitchen update. 

# 3
My favorite dark color is Mined Coal by Behr, a deep moody charcoal with a lot
 of depth. I first used it in my son's room makeover, then in our bathroom. 

Not the prettiest photo (above) but a better representation of the color without the sunlight.  

Behr Mined Coal -

# 4
If you've been reading my blog for any time at all you've probably heard me
go on about how much I LOVE to use Rustoleum Protective Enamel to paint
furniture. I was smitten with the lacquer like reflective finish from the first piece
I painted. Yes, it is oil based and requires a bit more work to clean up but I promise
it's worth every minute! 

Rustoleum Protective Enamel Gloss - Almond

# 5
 Rustoleum Protective Enamel Gloss - Black
More of the same beautiful finish in glossy black.

You can join us by sharing your favorite colors on Instagram using the hashtag
Check out my Instagram post this morning for all the details and your chance to
be featured on all our IG feeds later in the week!

Don't miss the Five Favorite Paint Colors my pals are sharing:

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