Sunday, September 21, 2014

dark moody bathroom...

Happy First Day of Fall, friends!
  We had glorious weather over the weekend and ended with my favorite way to spend
 a Sunday ~ a family get-together to celebrate September birthdays, eat, and watch football.
 I also fit in time to finish up our dark moody bathroom, I'm loving the warm, cozy vibe
 for fall and winter.    

I've been smitten with Behr's Mined Coal, charcoal colored paint, since using it in one of
 my all-time favorite makeovers, Detail Boy's bedroom redo. I found some leftover, so I
 went with it on a whim one day. I envisioned a quick afternoon paint job, but after getting
 the first coat on I noticed the tape lines from the previous stripes were visible, so I had to
 go back and sand them all down...ugh!  

Awhile back I found this lion's head door knocker at Homegoods, I thought it would be 
a unique towel ring, and added some gold gilding to the ring. Of course, a new towel
ring calls for a new towel, a rich color with stripes and tassels, yes please. They have
 a great collection at World Market right now.    

On the opposite side of our DIY dresser turned vanity I hung one of my simply framed
flamingo prints. It had been in the dining room but made its way back to the bathroom
 to change things up.  

I still love our Hampton Bay Swing Arm wall sconces from Home Depot. 
I gave them a custom look with a simple narrow gross grain ribbon in dark charcoal
 when we first got them. They give off a beautiful glow in the evening. 
As you can tell, our painted vanity and painted fixtures are still holding up great after 
a year and a half.     

More fall tweaking is on the way, are you in the mood for any changes yet? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the $89 (in gas money) nate berkus knock off

You've probably seen the new Nate Berkus Fall Line at Target, this Serpent Bowl in 
particular has been all over blogs, and it's a beauty at only $20. I'm cursed blessed with
that DIY mindset that cannot look at anything without wondering if I could 'make it'
on my own for less. Add 'Blogger' to that and in my mind I have to 'get on it fast'
or someone else will come up with the same idea, post it first, their idea will set Pinterest
 on fire and I'll be sitting there holding my $1 DIY Gold Serpent!   

It couldn't be easier - find a toy rubber snake, paint it gold, coil it up 
 and glue it to a bowl. Done in about an hour! 

How it really went down... 
I found a snake at Dollar Tree, but it was smaller than I was hoping for, more stiffly
 coiled plastic vs flexible rubber, and a hollow underside. So, I proceeded to hunt down the
 perfect serpent, and went to Big Lots, Walmart, Target, Disguises Halloween Costumes,  
Petco (where they looked at me like I was nuts) and a second Dollar Tree. 
This is beyond embarrassing - I also went to Ross, TJ Maxx and Goodwill looking 
for the perfect bowl. At this point I began wondering about my sanity and if this was
what my life had come to and went home and used the Dollar Tree snake and a vase
I had. I could never get the bowl right so it isn't even a 'true' knock off, the snake is just
wrapped around a vase. But, I'm good with that because I love Nate and Target and I was
feeling really guilty trying to knock off his $20 bowl. It's not a $1,000 Horchow table!

 As you look at it I'm sure you're in awe of how much time and gas I wasted on it.
Thank goodness for styling and flowers from my garden, which make it look somewhat
ok. Also, I'm sure a huge percentage of you are just cringing at the thought of using a snake 
in your decor! Not one of my most efficient uses of time, but I truly love the edginess of it
 against my more traditional pieces, and the serpent was only $1. Woo hoo!

And, the detailed tutorial if you'd like to make your own... :)

Paint a plastic coiled snake from Dollar Tree, I used Martha Stewart Liquid Guilding
because it was what I had on hand, but you could easily use spray paint. Coil around
your favorite vessel.

     If you'd like to check out some of my 'true' knock offs just click on the title:

Monday, September 15, 2014

busts are all the rage...

I'd planned to have a fun Dollar Store DIY for you today, think gold knock off, sort of! 
 It was a bit uncooperative, and my day ended early to head out to our soccer match,
 which left no time for photos, :( but it's up for tomorrow. In the meantime I'm chatting
about one of my favorite accessories...busts.
I was tempted with a few witty titles, but decided to save myself from being inundated
 with spam. I love them, I've heard people say they're trendy, but they're a timeless, classic
in my book. A versatile accessory that can be moved from room to room, and looks as
interesting in a kitchen as bath. I've purchased two and found them both at Homegoods.
But, beware they go quickly if you're on the hunt.  

Here are some favorite ways to use them in your home... 
 Bruce Shostak's Home - Architectural Digest - Veranda
 Timothy Corrigan's LA Home

What side of the fence are you on, trendy or a classic?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

dark moody bathroom on a whim

On my 2014 To-Do List I mentioned I wanted to paint something black, like a room. :)
 On a whim I went for it today, and shared a peek of our bathroom, you may have seen
 it if you follow me on Instagram. I didn't have a plan to paint the bathroom, but I started
 thinking a moody, cozy space would be perfect for fall and winter. Before I knew it it was
 2:00 and I hadn't changed out of my pjs that I wore to the bus stop at 6:30 but my
 bathroom was looking nice and moody. I chose Behr Mined Coal because that's what I
 had in my stash, it's a dark charcoal. I'll share next week, I still have another coat to go!

My talented friends have a love for dark and moody too, and I'm so excited to share
 their beautiful dining rooms are both in the running for
  Apartment Therapy's Color Contest 2014 in the Dark category!
It's fun to check out the other categories as well, and vote for your favorites here
 I've featured both of their rooms on my blog and LOVE the different vibe of each one.  

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

never forget...

In honor and remembrance of those who lost their lives on that tragic day
 in our nation's history. My thoughts are prayers are with the families who
 lost loved ones, may God bless them and our beloved country.

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