Thursday, February 21, 2019

3 Simple Steps for Styling a Chic Coffee Table

Hi friends! 
Call me crazy, but I LOVE styling coffee tables! I know it's not everyone's idea of fun,
 but I have a super simple (I promise!) step-by-step formula that just may change your
mind. The good news is it will work for round, square or rectangle coffee tables, and I'll bet
 you already have everything you need to create a stylish vignette. Three of my long time
 favorite bloggers Cindy @ Rough Luxe, MaryAnn @ Classic Casual Home and
 Annie @ Most Lovely Things host a monthly Project Design Series, this month I'm excited
 to join them along with
 to share our 'Coffee Table Styling Tips' with you.
I have been a fan of all these talented, beautiful ladies for years and know we're in for some
serious style!

It happens that I joined them for a Coffee Table Styling series a few years ago,
you can check it out here for more inspiration. 

My 3 Simple Steps are at the end ~
but I've shared some extra tips with each vignette below.  

I love including large statement pieces or oversize vases of greenery casually
 spilling over. This is seeded eucalyptus from the grocery store, an inexpensive
option ($6) that gives a lot of bang for the buck.  

A black, white and gold color scheme coordinates with ANYTHING!
These hammered metal glasses are large and heavy, a recent find at Homegoods for
$13 - they add a little dose of fun.  

Be sure to include varied textures -  clear glass, brass, hammered metal, 
textured vase. 

Use a patterned vase to add interest, and books that pull out a color in your
pillows or other furnishings to coordinate, just don't go overboard being too matchy. 

A small (4"x4") clear square vase (Hobby Lobby) is perfect for a more greenery
 but doesn't look too busy or overdone. That's a leftover from a Valentine bouquet and 
some boxwood clippings from my yard. Btw, we have snow on the ground but the bottom
side of my boxwood are green.    

A lucite tray is ideal when you have a lot going on (pillows & gallery wall) and need
something simple. I lined it with a piece of leopard wrapping paper because you can 
never go wrong with leopard print! 

Vary the height of items you use, and if a large statement piece is ornate keep the
other accessories to a minimum.

Everything looks good in a white vase! 
If you look back I have a variety of them in different shapes and sizes.
 Vary the texture of greenery - the small glass vase holds hosta leaves from our yard. 
Bright colored books from the thrift store add a fun pop of color.   

For a rectangular table I follow the same 3 Simple Steps but add an extra pile of books.
Souvenirs you pick up traveling are always a great addition and conversation piece.  

3 Simple Steps to a Stylish Coffee Table

Create 3 Sections on your table

Section #1
A tray or larger books placed beneath two vases of flowers or greenery
(one tall vase and one smaller - vary up your greenery)  

Section #2
A couple of low books
(a great place to inject pattern and color)
a magnifying glass always looks great on a pile of books

Section #3
An interesting object
(a box to hold remotes, something quirky or whimsical, 
something sentimental, a pretty bowl, an antique, anything you love)

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you're inspired to knock out
some styling! 

Unfortunately, my Instagram account was hacked last November and 
yesterday I started over with a new one. :(  I'd love you to follow me there.

INSTAGRAM -  @pam_simpledetails

Don't miss my blogging pals posts!  

Cindy @ Rough Luxe
 MaryAnn @ Classic Casual Home
Sherry @ Design Indulgence 


SHERRY HART said... always you are a styling queen and it looks so effortless:) All were beautiful! One of these days when I'm in Boulder we are going to get together!!

Cindy Hattersley said...

I second Sherry's comment. You seriously are the queen of coffee table styling. I wish you could come to my house and work your magic! Every single coffee table is gorgeous in it's own right. Well done! Thank you so much for joining us. You are such an inspiration to me!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Pam, you really have an eye for this!! Thanks for breaking it down so simply and beautifully.

I'm still in shock about your Instagram being hacked! Such a bummer.

I subscribe to your emails and it was so fun to get this beautiful post in my inbox this morning.

quietgirl said...

So happy to see this post. They are always such a delight. Thank you, Pam!

Gail Storti said...

Every one of your table designs is beautiful and has given me inspiration to change up mine. Love your styling choices, perfect for every season. Thank you for sharing your lovely home and being a part of this wonderful series.

Ivy Lane said...

Thank you for sharing these great ideas for styling coffee tables! I have a large round marble top table that is currently bare... I will have fun "stylin' it up" using some of your tips!

Pam said...

I miss your blog!!!

Kathy Olson said...

I miss your blog, too!!

ismgsellers said...

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