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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

HomeRight Paint Sprayer Review & Video

Yay!  I finally have a review for you of the HomeRight Paint Sprayer.
I've had several requests for the review, but I wanted to give you a demonstration
 as well, it was so hard to stop painting to take photos while I was working on my
 kitchen cabinets, so I engaged the help of my brother to make a video. He's in the
 process of doing a makeover on his garage and I knew he'd love it for his cabinets,
 as much as I did!

 HomeRight Finsh Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer

He's a perfectionist to the max and I felt 100% confident he'd be happy with the sprayer!
  I was right!

*** This video is my first and is SO B-A-D!!
I apologize, but it gets the point across - that this sprayer is super EASY to use!
Unfortunately, we only had so many takes before running out of cabinet doors
 to paint. So I went with one, but will replace it when I get to use the sprayer on
a piece of furniture soon.
(Sorry, I didn't even know to hold the phone in landscape view and it would have been a good
idea to practice what I was going to tell you!)  

Take a look at this great finish!

I think the video and these photos of the painted cabinet doors speak for themselves.
The HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer couldn't be easier to use and delivers a top-notch
professional finish. As far as cleaning, I'd say it takes about the same amount of time to
clean a paint brush, you run water through the sprayer until it comes out clear, and
use a small brush on some of the smaller attachments. It easily comes apart for cleaning.

The proper prep of your cabinets is essential, these were sanded and primed before
spraying with two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance Water Based Alkyd Enamel
color matched to Behr's Dark Ash 770F-5

Bottom line...I highly recommend the 
HomeRight Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer!
You can find it here.

 I was provided the HomeRight Finish Max Pro Sprayer, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

one room reveal

The day we've all been waiting for! 

Thank you all so much for following along being such a great support during the
 last six weeks, all of your kind comments truly keep me going!!   
As always, a huge thank you to the mastermind behind the One Room Challenge,
 I like to think of her and the ORC as motivator extraordinaire! 

I know you just want pictures today!!!
I'll be back with follow up posts next week, I have lots of details and DIYs to share! 

If you remember back at Week One I set out to give our kitchen a facelift, transforming
 the Tuscan look from eight years ago into a more modern space. All on a budget - meaning
 I'd be working with what I had and getting my DIY mojo on! 

Never underestimate the power of paint!!
I painted everything you can imagine - cabinets, hardware, tile, hood, chandeliers!



Calacatta Marble was my choice for our island's Formica!
I know what you're thinking, but look at it, Formica has come a long way!
I love it and can't wait to share the details with you.

I was so tempted to ditch our huge 4' x 5' chalkboard in an effort to be more cutting edge,
but when a friend said, 'We love coming over and checking out what's on the chalkboard,
 it's so you.' I knew keeping it was right. It's fun to make people feel special by a simple
 message.You all know Linda, but Lori is my dear friend that gave moral support and
 manual labor during the challenge. :) 

I'll be sharing the scoop on this beautiful plug-in swing arm lamp from Lamps Plus
and how you can avoid using an electrician.

One of my favorite styles to mix is modern with traditional, the abstract artwork from
  Minted paired with blue and white ginger jars in my lighted cabinet is a pretty statement.

Three framed needlepoint florals from Mr. Simple's grandma fit perfectly here.

DIYs for the hood and super easy valances to come.

It's been such an honor to be included with these talented ladies,
I knew from day one they would all rock this challenge, let's go see! 

Verandah House

Thank you to these awesome One Room Challenge Sponsors:
Lamps Plus
Sherwin Williams 
and to HomeRight for providing me the Finish Max Pro Sprayer,
and Formica for providing material. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

thinking about...a lively door

It was a gorgeous spring weekend in Denver, and I'm itching to get outside and
plant my pots and window boxes and get our deck ready for summer get-togethers.
 The good news is the kitchen project is wrapping up and will be ready for photos
later today, and then I'll be out there digging in the dirt.    
We've had a black front door for as long as I can remember,
and I'm taken with the idea of painting it a fun color! 
It all started when I found a cool lion's head door knocker at HomeGoods recently,
 and before you know it I was contemplating a refresh of our front door...

Isn't he great, it's large, heavy and would be pretty in gold.

 Midwest Living

What do you think, 
are there any eye-catching lively doors in your neighborhood?

Friday, May 2, 2014

best of the nest features...april

Happy Friday, friends!!
Thanks so much for sharing your great projects at Best of the Nest!
I loved all of the inspiration - it always leaves me wishing I had more hours in the day 
to create! Here are some of my favorites, and my sweet co-hosts are sharing theirs as well, 
so pop over and be inspired!

Kris @ Driven by Decor, Lisa @ Shine Your Light, and Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles 

** Please pin from the original site **

Check out this gorgeous makeover of a Craigslist sofa
by Cheryl @ Dwell by Cheryl, her details will have you reconsidering
the next time you come across something like this...  

Bethany @ Dwellings by Devore surprised her sister by creating a lovely bedroom
 on a budget for her! This is just a peek of what she came home to...

This is a teaser of the incredible argyle wall painted by Angela @ blue i style  
for her little guy's big boy bedroom... 

Christina @ She Repurposed It turned a sad little chest into this rustic beauty!
Stop by to check out the before, you probably have something similar... 

Instagram Favorite

How cute is this stylish jacket made by Therese Marie of Therese Marie Designs,
she's quite the seamstress and makes beautifully detailed pillows, as well.  

Start thinking about your project, the next party is
Friday, May 30th

Have a wonderful weekend! Do you have anything fun on tap?
I'll be working on finishing up my kitchen for the One Room Challenge Reveal
 next week. Yikes! I'm so ready for our house and my life to be back to normal! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

how to paint stone tile...

I loved our kitchen tile - the diamond shape with beveled edges but the tan
 color was feeling a little dated and I wanted a fresh white update. When we
 originally remodeled our kitchen I chose to have it extend from the counter to the
 ceiling, an expensive proposition to replace all of it. I'd heard you could paint tile and
 thought I'd give it a try and I LOVE IT!! 
It looks like a totally new space for the cost of paint.
And, it wasn't hard at all!


You can see the full kitchen reveal here on May 7th, when my One Room Challenge
is complete. But I had many questions about painting tile after this post on Week 3 
and Week 4 where I gave progress reports, and thought I'd go ahead and give you the
 details now.

My tile is travertine, but different tile and paint will may give different results,
 you should test in an inconspicuous area first. 
I sanded, filled holes, applied two coats of primer, then two coats of paint.
After testing and talking to sales associates, I decided on using the same primer and paint
that I used on my kitchen cabinets:
 Sherwin Williams - Premium Wall and Wood Primer - Latex - White 
Sherwin Williams - Pro Classic Waterbased Acrylic Alkyd - Semi Gloss - Extra White  

1) Sand your tile to create a rough surface for the paint to grab.

2) Clean with a scrub brush and dry.

3) Apply two coats of primer, sanding between coats using 220 grit paper to
 smooth over any imperfections. My tile was so porous and dried quickly so I was able to
apply a second coat sooner than the manufacturer recommendation.

3) Fill holes and sand smooth with a light touch.
It was easier to see where holes needed filling after we had the primer on. 

4) Apply two coats of paint, again sanding lightly between coats to remove
imperfections. A high density foam roller gave the most efficient coverage, was
quicker and easier than a brush.

5) The tip of the roller worked perfectly for getting into the grout lines.

That's it! 
The power of paint...a fresh new look for a little time invested and the cost of paint!
Let me know if you try it, I'd love to see your transformation!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

one room challenge...week 4

Thanks for checking in on the One Room Challenge of my kitchen makeover!
This week challenged my patience a tad. :)
If you want to catch up on the past weeks' progress... 
Week 1 here - The Plan
Week 2 here - Painting the Cabinets
Week 3 here - Is it Marble?

 Let's start with the pretty stuff, because it makes me happier than 
installing hardware and cabinets.  
Here's a peek at the fabrics I'll be using on our bar stools and simple box cornice
 board, a traditional floral print paired with a modern geometric.

I spent the entire week getting the hardware on the drawers and doors and getting
 them back up (and they're still not finished).  
I've loved this style forever, it's exactly what I was going for, however I had major
issues with these gems! Our cabinet doors and drawers are much thicker than Ikea's which
means we need longer screws - easy enough. Except IKEA's are metric and the hardware
stores and IKEA only carry certain lengths in metric, long story short I found some screws
 that could work, but they had to to hand cut to the right size and it was $40 for 48 screws.
(Btw, Mr. Simple - the IKEA hardware is such a deal we still come out ahead, just thought I'd throw that in.) 
I won't bore you with all the other issues, but it meant a couple wasted days!
(Detail Boy helped put the doors back on, it looks like he needs to tweak the adjustment a bit,
 but he did an awesome job.)


I'm so happy with the painted tile, and how the bevel is accentuated.
I'll post A DIY How-To tomorrow.

Did you notice my hood mock up?
 Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm totally going out on a limb with my DIY idea, and
it could be a flop challenge. :)  The plan is to to reface my hood with metal to give it a new
vibe similar to these. I think it will work, but what's in my head doesn't always equate...
I'll keep you posted.

Nam Dang Mitchell

I can't wait to see what my talented ORC friends have for us this week,
go check them out!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

one room challenge...week 3

Are you guys good at estimating how long a diy project will take?
Hands down, I'm the all-time worst! I think I've mentioned this every time I've done 
a One Room Challenge.    
I do have one item I can cross off the list, the new counter top on our island. 
I've been dying to tell you about it, I first found out about it after reading
You guys know I'm all about getting a high end look for less, 
and I'd never steer you wrong, right?
It's Formica...and I LOVE it!

It deserves a post all its own with pretty pictures, so I'm holding off on
giving you all the details until the end of the challenge when I can show it off
with doors on the cabinets and such. Ok, I'll spill a couple of my favorite features,
no seams in my huge island, and did you notice the bullnose edge...LOVE!  
Formica has come a long way and I can't wait to fill you in, it's the look of
 marble without the expense, or worry of maintenance.

Update on some of the unfinished items...
the cabinet doors are painted, they still need hardware
 and to be put back on the hinges. Tutorial to come, I'd still be painting if it
weren't for the HomeRight paint sprayer!  

We have hardware!! Thanks so much for weighing in on the color!
I made a trip to Ikea and picked up some different styles and sizes.
GOLD it is, add another paint project to the list.

I also started painting my tile, it's porous and is soaking it up.
 This photo shows one coat of primer. For my test I used two
coats of primer and two coats of paint.   
And then there's the chandeliers and the hood...I'm making myself finish
these before I can go on to the pretty fabrics. :)

There you have it friends, thanks so much for following along and all of your
encouragement on Instagram - you're the BEST! 

Let's go see what these ladies have been up to this week...


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

one room challenge...week 2

Oh, you guys I really wanted to have painted cabinets to show you today
 but it wasn't in the cards! : (
 I knew it was going to be iffy, we had family in town for a few days and then
 Mother Nature didn't cooperate with my painting plans. The good news is it warmed
 up today and I have the sweetest friend ever in history, between the two we made up for
 lost time and are on a roll with painting the cabinets!

This could be the ugliest photo I've ever put on my blog!
It isn't pretty, but it's progress...all primed and ready for the paint tomorrow.

This would be that sweetest friend lying on my floor sanding, and on top of that she is
 so dang funny she makes this seem like fun...almost!

31 doors and drawers, sanded and filled...  


Got the paint booth all set up in our lovely 1938 garage... 

The wet primer had an orange peel finish which had me checking with Google to 
troubleshoot the problem, luckily a little patience took care of it and it dried perfectly
smooth! Yes!! 


I can't wait to share the scoop on the HomeRight Paint Sprayer.
I'll do a full tutorial once the cabinets are complete, but I'll give you a hint

Go see what our fabulous friends have been up to this week...


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