Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Five Favorites - Ways to Mix Metals

Happy August friends!
 This month we're sharing our Favorite Ways to Mix Metals. Gone are the days when
it was frowned upon to mix finishes, and I can't wait to see how my pals have been
combining them. Be sure to stop by and check out their ideas.

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

I'm thrilled to welcome to our talented guest Claire @ Claire Brody Designs! 
I've been a fan for awhile, but must confess I'm obsessed with the Classic, Modern
Living Room she designed for her parents - it's eclectic perfection and definitely one to
 analyze over and over! Check out her fabulous design portfoliio here

Claire Brody Designs

Here are my Five Favorites:

Sterling Silver & Brass
A timeless sterling silver tray easily mixes with brass accessories in this bedroom reveal,
or any vignette. 

Brushed Nickel & Gold
I used brushed nickel sconces paired with a mirror and artwork framed in gold in my
 bathroom reveal. I chose the ikat print fabric in the same tones as the metals
to coordinate.   

Here are the same sconces and mirror with my new paint color, Behr Mined Coal.

Chrome & Gold Details
I loved using modern chrome work lamps to add a bit of edge and keep the ornate gold
 details in my bedroom makeover from being too traditional. 

Faux Metal ~ Paints
 Hands down, my favorite metal mix in my house is faux! Shhh! 
Metallic Paint in Titanium and Martha Stewart Gold Gilding were my choices to create

Chrome & Brass Accents
Mixing metals adds so much interest to a kitchen, the warmth of these brass accents
is perfect with the chrome faucet. 

Stop by and check out these talented friends' favorites:

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

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Debra said...

I started mixing metals way back when it wasn't "acceptable". I'm glad the decorating rules are relaxing about that. I say use what you love and it will work.

Cassie Bustamante said...

all beautiful examples! i even mix metals with my jewelry and accessories often... i love the unique look!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Ooooh I love the new bathroom color! Do I am amnesia or has that not debuted on the blog yet? It looks fantastic with the gold mirror. That warm/cool thing gets me every time! You do the mixed metals oh so well, but that is no surprise!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

So happy it's now acceptable! I have never followed the old Rule!! Mixing metals and textures add so much to the total design
L Patty

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

So happy it's now acceptable! I have never followed the old Rule!! Mixing metals and textures add so much to the total design
L Patty

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Super examples of mixing like a pro! (And I'm squealing a little on the inside as I see all of these thinking "I've been there! I've seen that awesome room in person!") :)

Unknown said...

That range hood is SOOO good - as is everything else you lay your hands on. Love every one of these projects Pam!

Brandi said...

I'm having a great time looking over Claire Brody's designs. They're fabulous! I also like to mix warm and cool metals together and find that it even works with metallic fabric. For example, one of my most favorite combos is a brushed nickel accented floor lamp backed by woven gold tapestry drapes.

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