Wednesday, October 3, 2018

My Five Favorites - Fall Essentials - Home & Fashion

Happy October friends! Do these months fly by or what? It's time for another round of
My Five Favorites, and this month we're sharing our Fall Essentials for home and fashion.
My pals' favorites always get me in trouble, I'm anxious to see what I need! 
Our sweet friend Lisa @ Shine Your Light will be back next month.    

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

Welcome to our guest this month, Laura @ Duke Manor Farm lives on a gorgeous farm in
 the countryside of Georgia. She's created the most charming home for her lucky family!
 You can check out her beautiful fall tour here, and follow her on Instagram here.

Duke Manor Farm

#1 ~ Velvet Embroidered Crane Pillow

This fabulous little pillow made a big impact! 
Confession:  The only items I added to my family room for fall is this pillow from
 World Market and fall branches and it feels completely transformed. It's a pretty
14 "x 20" velvet lumbar, with embroidered cranes and Chinese florals, I couldn't love 
it more! 

Close up of pretty texture! 

#2 ~ Plaid Blazer

I've mentioned before Free People is one of my favorite clothing brands, and this classic
 plaid blazer is pure perfection for an effortless, chic style. I love pairing it with feminine
ruffle details and jeans, but I can think of several different's my justification
 that it's worth the investment.

Pencil skirt, pearls and pumps
Brown Maxi skirt with leopard boots
Brown leggings, cream turtleneck and riding boots
Camel wide leg trousers, lace bodysuit, cap toe pumps
White jeans, white t-shirt, white leather sneakers    

#3 ~ Leather Pants

I've been on the search for faux leather pants for a year or so, since seeing Jaclyn Smith
(of Charlie's Angels for those of you old enough to have been a fan :)) wear them at a
 presentation here in town. She looked absolutely stunning at 70!
I tried the blogger fav but felt like they looked too similar to typical black leggings.
 I found these at Banana Republic and they're exactly what I had in mind!
Flattering, sleek, and classy but not skin tight, a beautiful dark olive color, that's more
 unique than black.
BONUS!!! I purchased them online to pick up in store - when I went to the store they were
40% off! The price still hasn't changed online, so check stock at your store and you may get
 a steal! I haven't experienced anything negative some of the reviews refer to.

Four Stars **** - 56 Reviews

#4 ~ Frozen French Baguette @ Costco 

In my book there's nothing better for a fall dinner than homemade soup and a 
warm French baguette! You can find these at Costco in the frozen section during the fall
 and winter. They're delicious and super easy to pop in the oven and serve warm.
$10.69 for 10 baguettes - 5 twin packs

#5 ~ Tulip Bulbs

WARNING: Delayed gratification!!
I'm definitely an instant gratification girl, but if something is worth waiting for, a landscape
of pretty spring flowers after a long winter is high on my list. This is the month to plant
 tulip bulbs for a beautiful spring garden.
While you're at Costco picking up the French baguette grab a bag of their tulip bulbs
 if your store has sold out there are a few Designer Collections available to
order on their website. Below is a photo of our yard from a few years ago, I like to plant
 them in clumps of 10-15 for the biggest bang!

You should put it on your weekend to-do list because I guarantee it will make you smile
 when you see little green shoots poking through the warming ground in early spring!

Costco Tulip Collection

Don't miss these friends' favorites:

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles


Unknown said...

Oh my gourd! Such great finds, as always. I love your cozy but restrained approach to fall decorating.
The WM pillow is so pretty and looks so high end. Picking one up today. I need to get out and plant those beautiful "delayed gratification" bulbs (to wear off the immediate gratification of those delicious baguettes!)

Kathy Olson said...

I'm always so happy to see a post from you!
I'm very interested in the olive faux leather pants. I am debating on trying them out!
The others you mentioned just did not look good on me, so maybe these would.

Kathy Olson said...

P.S. What kind of top do you wear with the leather pants?

Mari said...

I too loved the World Market crane pillow and just ordered online. However I would like to alert other readers about my experience. As I checked out there was an option to "Not a Member?
Join now and get 15% off your purchase." So that's what I did but there was no discount applied. I had to call and find that this "reward" is not applied unless you sign into your account and go to the rewards 1 hour after your purchase and obtain the promo code and then call WM back with the code to get the discount. Nowhere on their checkout page is there any mention of all this. I even signed in using another browser to verify this. Caveat emptor. Buyer Beware.

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

That pillow is gorgeous! And thanks for the tulip reminder. Every year I mean to plant some and the time just gets by... this is the year!! Loved your picks!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Great pillow! I love all your recommendations, Pam.

Lussi said...

Love your posts!

Kris Jarrett said...

I think I have to have that pillow!!! Love it so much! And I love both of your fashion picks too - I might give those pants a try!

Joen Nordis said...

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