Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Five Favorites - Home Organization Tips

Happy New Year, friends and welcome to the first My Five Favorites of 2017!
Everything organized and in its place makes me ridiculously happy! I'm good at
 keeping things in order that I see or use everyday, but the out-of-sight areas, like 
our basement...not so OCD about that. Come January I'm always ready to tackle it, so
 that's first on my project list this month. I'm anxious to check out my pals' favorite
 organizing tips they're sharing today too:    

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

We have an organizer extraordinaire as our guest this month, you're going to love Erin @
  The Sunny Side Up and her awesome ideas! Be sure to check out the Organize Category 
        on her blog for tons of tips, including how she keeps her gorgeous kitchen looking so fab!       

Onto my favorites: 

#1 Baking Center

Three drawers in my kitchen island are dedicated to a baking center. Having everything I
 need in one spot makes it so functional and super simple to keep organized. You don't
 need an island with drawers, slide out shelves in a cabinet or pantry could easily work. 

The top drawer is pretty self explanatory, except for my collection of measuring cups
 and spoons. I just don't like to stop and wash them out while I'm cooking.  Haha! 

The large glass containers each hold a 4 pound bag of sugar and flour, the two smaller
 ones in the back contain brown sugar and the necessary staple - chocolate chips. :)  

The bottom drawer holds a huge metal bowl, stacked inside is a cheesecake pan, 9" cake pans,
 metal pie plates, 3 glass pie plates and a bundt pan that I removed to give you a better visual. 

Next to the drawers is a triangular shaped sliver of a cabinet just large enough
for my mixer and food processor.  

#2 Billy Bookcase

I've used this cabinet for clients numerous times, the glass doors add style and the
 option of solid panels to hide the not-so-pretty make it a favorite. Its narrow 11" depth,
 adjustable shelves, and reasonable price always win out, it's from IKEA here.  

#3 Budget Storage Boxes

This cabinet reorganization is an oldie from 2012 when I first started blogging.
I'm happy to say that it looks almost the same today (as the after!) except I've
accumulated a few more of my favorite FREE storage boxes ~ orange Nike shoe boxes.
 The other orange boxes are from IKEA here.

(Excuse the old dark pics from my 1938 basement)



#4 Filing System

This is actually inspiration for a January project. Our files could use a clean out and
reorganization. I liked the pretty color coded zone system and her list of categories and
sub-categories seemed functional and easy to maintain. 

#5 Purge 
By far the biggest impact in keeping me organized is purging what I don't use.
I read the book The Magic of Tidying Up about a year and a half ago and her perspective 
and concept of organizing resonated with me, I LOVE not having stuff. 

My Five Favorite Organization Tips from last year HERE.

Be sure to stop by and check out these talented friends' tips:

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest.  


Calypso In The Country said...

There is just something about the new year that gets us in the mood to get organized! I love all the tips and I am impressed with your baking drawers. I really need to think about a few places I store things to be more efficient. I also need to read that book! Everyone is always raving about it! Best wishes with your plans for this new year, Pam!

Mrs. Holmes said...

Happy 2017! Great tips for organization. I hope to see a Girlfriend Christmas Party post sometime too!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

My theme this year is "less stuff" too! These are all great ideas, Pam.

Kris @ Driven by D├ęcor said...

I'm jealous of those awesome baking drawers of yours - so uber organized! And thank you for the idea of the IKEA pantry - we have a mini kitchen reno in our future and that just gave me a great idea!!

Angeldog said...

My husband orders almost all of his dress shoes from Johnston Murphy. Their shoe boxes are the best to keep. They are usually black with a gray top or gray with a black top; sometimes they'll be deep purple with a beige top. They are all over my house in closets. I usually use them without the tops and sometimes use the tops in shallow drawers for organizing.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Your kitchen drawers so neatly organized are just dreamy. No kidding, I love them. We are severely lacking in space and my one drawer for utensils is overflowing, so I am having real and true drawer envy right now!

Brenda said...

Thank you for this post. I can glean what a need from the variety of tips. The biggest thing I need to do is purge, let go, have a clear out - you name it; it's got to be done. Looking forward to a healthy 2017. BTW, love that glass door cabinet makeover from your Christmas tour. Well done!

Erin said...

Pam! I read Marie Kondo's book last year and it was seriously LIFE changing, wasn't it!? Oh my word.. it just opened my eyes to really digging deep and getting rid of EVERYTHING we weren't using and loving. This was such a great post! Your baking center makes me seriously giddy and I don't even like to bake! Ha! :) Thanks so much for including me in your 5 Favorites this month! SO much fun. Happy organizing! xo

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Oh, that filing system needs to happen at my house and FAST!! Paperwork is my biggest weakness, I just can't seem to stay on top of it at all! Great post!

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I need to re-read that book! Love an organized home!

Crazy Wonderful said...

Organized drawers make me so happy!!! Mine are in such bad shape right now though, I've got to tackle them. And that cabinet with the beautiful storage boxes is so great!! Thanks for the awesome tips!

lori said...

No wonder you're such a good and speedy baker- whipping up homemade cookies for visitors in minutes- how many minutes? :) Thanks for the motivation!

Unknown said...

If you don't feel like purging, you need to at least set aside the things that you don't use on a regular basis and put these items into a more long-term form of storage space. I mean, you don't need to keep Christmas decorations and linens out in the living room right? These can go in the attic!

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