Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Spy a Craigslist Buy (8)

Hi friends, I've got some fun Craigslist finds for you today. 
I was playing a little game ~ if I could choose only one item to purchase which would it be?
It's at the end of the post, and if you're up for my game I'd love to know what you'd pick,
if you'd change it, or how you'd use it.
These listings are currently available on Denver's Craigslist and I've paired them
with inspiration pics to give you some ideas how the pieces could be used.
(Just click the link below the heading)

 Ralph Lauren

Dark cherry wood Deco table removable tray top ornate Nice! $65 


Pretty and functional, I love the one of a kind ornate detail on the tray.

Very Nice, barely used, like new. Large dresser Buffet w cool woodwork - $125 
A great price for this unique shaped piece, I'd be temped to paint it a high gloss bold color.
 Joss & Main
Hooker Furniture Co
Decor Pad - Style at Home

Two Antique Wing Chairs - $300 

The flared arms certainly give these chairs a dose of flair! :) The pale blue
color is a popular one this season, one of Pantone's Colors of the Year.  
(I did notice the pattern isn't aligned the same on both of them,
 a throw could be folded over the back of one, as in the photo below, to disguise it.)  

Southern Charm

 Oriental Style Shelves - $60 (can deliver)


I could picture either of these Asian inspired shelving units in the corner
of a bathroom with fluffy white towels, even a pretty spot for extra rolls of TP.

Bamboo Shelves - $20 (Denver, CO)


Lonny Magazine - Michelle Smith 

Decorative End Table/Tray - $40 (Lone Tree)


This is a DIYer's dream just waiting for a makeover, or just as pretty as is! 

 Cox & Cox
 Honestly YUM
Eleven Gables

I chose the buffet.
I'd go for a statement piece with big impact ~ a high gloss paint treatment in a fun color.
What did you choose?

Apartment Therapy

Hope you're inspired to check your local Craigslist,
and if you score one of these I'd love to know!  

Friday, January 15, 2016

Steal These Designer's Ideas for Displaying Artwork

Happy Friday friends!
I've been working on an artwork project for a client, we've finally come up with
 a creative solution to a common problem that I can't wait to share with you...coming soon!
 Of course I had to do my research on Pinterest, and in doing so I came across
 several unique ideas I loved and thought you would too.    

It's all about doing something unexpected.

Weight your art at the bottom of the frame instead of the top, which is typical.
Use an oversized mat...really oversized mat.   

Andrew Brown - Veranda

Choose an unpredictable placement on the wall. 

Krista Ewart/Ruthie Sommers 
Photography - Douglas Friedman for House Beautiful

Display eclectic pieces from floor to ceiling, include an unusual shape frame.

Design & Photograpy Peter Fehrentz

Frame and paint a section of wall as a background for artwork. 

Albert Hadley

Use a collection of small frames for interest. 


Display around furniture in an uncommon, asymmetrical arrangement. 

Lauren Liess

Hope you all have a wonderful three day weekend!

Monday, January 11, 2016

IKEA - My Favorite Non-Decor Items (1)

Today when I made a trip to IKEA it dawned on me that I've been holding out on
 you guys by only sharing my favorite furnishings and accessories. 
I know it can be a little overwhelming, and there are so many little gems throughout
the store that are easy to miss, so here are a few of my favorites and how I use them.  

6" x 4"

I LOVE to use their tins as a fun container for gifts.
 They're all awesome for food gifts, but think beyond that, anything that you'd put in a
 bag or box would work. Even small potted plants or herbs would be great in the
rectangular shape, just tuck the lid in behind the plant.    
Tins stack inside each other for easy storage
6" x 4" x 5"
8" x 5" x 7" 
9" x 7" x 8"

I didn't see these on their website, but they were at my IKEA today.
They always have special seasonal patterns in this 3 piece set (size is approx.)
3" x 5"
4" x 7"
5" x 8" 

Set of 32 assorted sizes
Can be used with Hemsmak tins
Clear Glass - 11"

This inexpensive glass bowl is the perfect 'basket' for a collection of kitchen items, an
Italian basket, breakfast basket, or a nice hostess gift with fresh fruit or veggies from
a farmers market with salad tongs. The possibilities are endless.  
.79 each
100% Cotton - 26" x 20"

I have about 20 of these, and use them daily around the kitchen. They're lightweight
and dry in no time. Wrap some goodies in one and tuck them in a tin. :)
Great for use as a placemat or napkin, too.
Duck Feather Filling
20" x 20" - $5.99
16" x 26" - $6.99
26" x 26" - $9.99 

Hands down the BEST bang for the buck! 
These are the only pillow forms I use for myself and my clients.  
Solids - 50 - $1.99 
Pattern - 30 - $1.99
3 ply - 6.5" x 6.5" 

Their napkins are great quality, and they change up the colors and patterns often.
Watch for clearance sales - the blue floral and orange cheetah were both .49
 for a package of 30 today.  

.99 each
Adjustable clips
Since 1938 bedrooms are small we hang up all of our clothing instead of using
bulky dressers in our bedrooms, here they're used to hang Detail Boy's shorts. I
 originally tried a more expensive brand and these are much sturdier and better quality. 

Thin, crisp mild ginger cookies - delish!

I'll choose these light, crisp ginger cookies over Swedish meatballs any day! 

Well, that was fun to share some of the not so common gems I've found, 
do you have any favorites we should know about?   

If you're an Ikea fan you can find more of my favorites here,

Thursday, January 7, 2016

DIY Lamp Shade with Leopard Print Lining

I was reading my friend's blog the other day and loved her goal of finishing
projects she'd already started instead of 'gravitating toward shiny new ones.'
Hmmm....that certainly resonated!
I'm sure I could win a BIG prize for my collection of unfinished projects.
Almost a year ago I was checking out an awesome Master Bedroom Reveal at
Cassie's @ Hi Sugarplum - do you remember the reveal right before she moved to her
new home? I spied some stylish lamp shades with leopard print lining, she
had purchased them like that, but I knew it would be a simple DIY using patterned paper.
Of course the the 'shiny new project' was calling and I started asap, but ran out of paper
 after completing one and never finished!
I hoped you wouldn't notice them in my dining room on my Christmas Tour. :)

Drum roll please...10 months later I finished the project!

Seeing the peek of leopard print while sitting at our
dining table makes my detail loving personality happy.

It was a super easy DIY, I used wrapping paper to line the shade. My shade has a slight
 taper, you can follow this tutorial How to Cover a Tapered Lamp Shade to get a perfect fit
 when you cut your paper. (You don't need to leave the extra allowance on top and bottom
 as if you were covering the outside of the shade with fabric.)

When you have your paper cut roll it up and place on the shade then begin to
unroll it as you work your way around the shade. My paper easily stayed in place, I used
my fingernail to press the paper into the edge of the shade.

I used a sharp utility knife to trim the excess at the edge where needed.

I didn't want to permanently attach the paper since chances are high I'll want to change it
 out some day. :) I overlapped the paper and secured at the top and bottom using scotch tape.
That's it!


Do tell, are you working on any unfinished projects or
moving on to a fun shiny new project?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Five Favorites ~ Home Organizing Tips

Welcome to the first My Five Favorites of 2016, today we're all sharing our
 favorite tips for organizing your home.
Our kiddos aren't back in school until Wednesday, and I'm so ready to be back
to our routine. Staying up late, sleeping in, eating and general sloth-like existence
was justified by days of sub-freezing temps. I did get our Christmas decor organized
and put away, but I'm ready to get the rest of our house back in shape and I'm always
up for new organizing ideas and can't wait to see what my pals are sharing today. 

We're happy to have the beautiful Carmel @ Our Fifth House as our guest this month,
 if you're not familiar she recently moved to a new (sixth) house, and I'm anxiously awaiting
 to see more! Her dramatic screened porch in her fifth house will always be one of my all
 time favorites ~ as functional as it was fabulous!        

Our Fifth House

Here are my five favorites:

I love the look of an organized refrigerator using pretty lucite bins,
 but they're pricey. I recently found a great alternative at The Container Store for $2 each - clear plastic shoe bins, and the size is perfect!
One fits in our meat and cheese drawer as well.
(The egg container is lucite, so you can see they aren't quite as clear, 
I looked several places and The Container Store were the clearest I found)  
I'm hoping it encourages everyone to be intentional about where they
return items, but it's a new system so I'll let you know! 

A lazy susan in the refrigerator, under the sink, for vitamins, spices
 and oils, the uses are endless - it's convenient and a space saver.  
My favorite is the sturdy Snudda from IKEA, 15"- solid wood with clear lacquer finish for $7.99

I keep my coffee bar on a slide out shelf in my cabinet, everything
I need for coffee, tea or cocoa is easily at hand and off the counter.

One of  the smartest things I've done is to share essentials for
entertaining. A friend and I have purchased the same dishes, bar glasses,
white hotel napkins and more. We have place settings for 24, but only purchase and store 12. It's much more cost effective and there's
no issue of storage. You can read more about the items we share here.  

Use a large container of liquid dish detergent instead of re-filling
your small bottle. They sell kits for $10, but you don't need one. Buy
a piece of plastic tubing from the hardware store and attach it to the
end of the pump.
 Be patient it will take a few pumps at first to get the air out.     

Don't miss the Five Favorite Organizing Ideas my pals are sharing:
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