Friday, January 31, 2014

the agony of decision...

Sorry for the late post today, mother nature caused an electrical outage last night
just as I was ready to publish. Thankfully, all is well this morning and I can share the
waffling, wavering, wishy-washy, up-in-the-air indecisiveness I go through when it
 comes to decorating my own home. 

I love black kitchens and white kitchens...

I love lively, bold furniture and accessories and neutral, serene rooms...

I love curvy french lines and clean modern lines...

I love bright walls and white walls and moody walls...

jill sorensen

I could go on for you agonize over your home or
tend to be carefree and at ease about your decor?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
If by chance you're on the fence about which team to
 root for in the Super Bowl, without a doubt...   


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ikea storsele...rattan chair

I'm way overdue for sharing one my Ikea favorites.
Let's just get right to the reasons the Storsele chair is tops on my list.

 High Back in Black Rattan
Sturdy and substantial with a back height of 40".
Comfortable with or without a cushion.
The pretty rounded details look great from the front or back.
Perfect for small rooms that benefit from more open, airy furniture.
The requisite touch of black every room needs.
A pair would make a stylish statement for $240!

Need more reasons? Check out these chic spaces... the sandberg home

You didn't know you needed one (or two) did you? : ) 

If you're an Ikea fan you can check out more of my favorites here:

my craigslist tip and a friend...

After I showed you my Craigslist finds last week a few of you asked for my 
tips. Ask and you shall receive! But before we get to the tip I'm over at my friend
 Beth's @ design POST interiors today. She is the cutest mom to three little ones,
 a blogger, and interior designer - whew! I don't know how she does it, but she makes it
 look easy, calm and collected. I'm dishing about life in her fun series 'Take Two'. 
Don't miss
two crazy-good $5 Craigslist finds that I'm sharing here!!

I love her new Ikea shelves, her serious styling skills, and green thumb! 

My simple Craigslist tips:

1) Search: Furniture, Owner
(Our Craigslist is flooded with stores selling merchandise, I find the best deals from owners, so I only search that criteria)

2) Leave the 'Search' box BLANK  
Yes, you get EVERYTHING that is listed for sale under furniture, but...
Let's say you're searching for an ottoman and the seller lists it as a 'stool', it won't show up in
 your search. You're searching for an upholstered chair but the seller calls it a 'cloth chair'
 won't show up. The seller calls a collection of vintage furniture 'estate sale old stuff'  Get it?
WARNING: You may end up with awesome finds you don't need! :)

3) Choose Gallery
This displays the items as shown below, the most efficient way to quickly scroll through.  

Leave the Craigslist tab OPEN and refresh whenever you're on your computer, or
 every time you walk by (if you're addicted). That's how I keep up to date on the most
current listings.

Do you guys see that cool hexagon end table with marble top for $35,
so cool!  Someone in Denver go get it!!

Do you have any Craigslist tips - do tell!

Don't forget to stop by Beth's and check out my finds here!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

force tulips for valentine's day...

I stopped by a friend's house on the weekend, as I was passing through her garage I 
noticed a big bag of 90 red tulip bulbs she had intended to plant last fall. :)
 I'm guilty of doing it a time or two! You? : )
Of course I asked her if I could have them, I thought we could try to forcing them. I figured
 they'd already been in the garage chilling for the required 8 - 15 weeks, and all that was left
 was to plant them in a pot, water, and wait....our timing is perfect to have a LOT of tulips for
 Valentines's Day!

I think our chances are good, they were already beginning to sprout.  

If you happen to have a bag in your garage here's a pretty planting idea...

If yours made it into the ground already...
 here's a fun whimsical idea, cut flowers and candy corn.
Place a smaller vase in the center of the larger one, and fill the empty space
 between vases with candy.

Have you ever forced tulips?
 Do you think our chances are good?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

my latest steals...

These treasures have been stashed away for awhile, I found them before the holidays but
hadn't decided where to put them. Actually, I'm still not sure!    

This console with cane shelves, bamboo style legs and pretty brass details
is 60" long and was $20! It showed up on Craigslist late the night before Thanksgiving.
I knew it would be gone in a flash, and convinced Mr. Simple that we needed it :) and I would
be so thankful if he went downtown to get it for me while I slaved in the kitchen.

I love the brass details...

This pair of brass lamps were a thrifting find that was meant to be!
I was headed to a friend's house and she was running late, we were chatting about the
logistics and she suggested I waste a few minutes at a thrift store close by. I spotted them
for $10 each, but didn't take them - crazy I know! Later on that evening I came to my senses
and mentioned them to her, when she went to pick them up they were 1/2 price!
Yep, $5 each, beautiful finials (which I didn't take a photo of) and a nice wood base.
I do have a plan for these and can't wait to get them situated and show you!
 I was trying out a shade - it's from Target, $18. 
I'm debating if it's ok, or if a little larger would be better. Chime in if you have an opinion.

In case you didn't notice that's my unfinished gallery wall I mentioned in my

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends,
and thank you for stopping by!  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

our mantel...get the layered look

I've had our Christmas decor down for a few weeks and everything is slowly
 coming back together. Today I styled our mantel with my sweet friend
she's having another awesome Blue & White Bash that I'm excited to join, don't miss the
beautiful inspiration on February 3rd!

I' thought I'd share how I went about creating this layered, collected look
 I was in the mood for.

 Choose a large mirror (mine is 32") as your background, then layer a smaller
mirror (mine is 27"), empty frame or piece of artwork in front.

Now move to the center, I like a nice sized vase, pot or urn
Fill it with something textural from nature (twigs, greenery, branches, flowers) I just
take a walk around my yard with my pruners.
Oh, this is just perfect - I'm right this second noticing my vase should be taller!
 Do you see how it would look better if it weren't the same height as the books to the left.
 (I could easily put a couple books under it, or replace the taller books with shorter ones). 
What's that quote? Do as I say, not as  I do - vary heights!! 

That reminds me of another TIP:
 Take a photo, it's much easier to see what looks out of place! :)

Books are one of my favorite ways to add color and as a base to vary the height of
accessories. Estate sales are a great source to buy them, 
(no one wants to move a load of books, and they'll practically give them away).

From the center I work to the left and then right balancing accessories,
including opposing elements gives it interest. Some examples I've used here: 

smooth, rough = porcelain, concrete 
traditional, modern = ginger jar & black and white artwork
traditional, modern = ornate mirror & round mirror 
formal, casual = boxwood & branches
formal, casual = gold peacock & concrete sphere 

shiny, matte ~ round, square ~ curved, straight
You get it.

Look around your home, think of using items in a new way,
bring in garden elements, I went outside and grabbed my DIY concrete sphere out
of the dirt. 

And then keep tweaking until it feels like you! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

friends and football...

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed the three day weekend!
We took advantage and spent it playing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with friends,
skiing, celebrating birthdays and rooting for our
DENVER BRONCOS - woo hoo!! 
If you haven't heard we're headed for the Super Bowl!!!! 
A quick photo after the fans composed themselves. :)

Needless to say I'm behind on my diys and will be in high gear this week!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

inspiration...pass it on

I'm sharing few of my favorite diy projects I noticed this week, when I popped over
to check them out I found a load of inspiration on these talented girls' blogs!

I'm smitten with her dining room, how beautiful is this new table they made?!!

And, while you're visiting don't miss:
Her awesome tufting talents ~ Tufted Ottoman, Tufted Sofa Cushions 

DIY Chalkboard with Rustic Frame
At Christmas she cleverly placed it on her mantle ~ horizontally!
I didn't know Home Depot sells pre-cut chalkboards?

And, while you're visiting don't miss:
Her fabulous library reveal, oh my goodness ~ gorgeous!! Here 

Serious gallery wall love ~ definitely one of my favorites for incorporating 
meaningful items and disguising the TV! 

And, while you're visiting don't miss:
Her Popular Posts on the Sidebar with thousands and thousands of Pinterst pins!

Happy Weekend, everyone!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 and old navy steals

Yesterday I was on a quick mission to check out the new Nate Berkus line at Target,
 several items had already sold out, : (   but a 70% off clearance sign I passed in the women's 
department cheered me right up! I found a couple cute items at crazy prices and my luck
continued when I stopped by Old Navy. I put together a few casual outfits with my finds,
and paired them with distressed jeans. 

Black and white striped sweater - Old Navy $15
Black and white plaid shirt - Old Navy $24 (bought a few months ago)
Black Patent Flats - TJ Maxx and BCBG Pumps - DSW


Aqua Cardigan with Bling - Target $7.50
Super soft floral scarf - Target $4.50
Blue and White Stripe Chiffon Blouse - Old Navy $8
Flats - TJ Maxx

The scarf and striped blouse would be cute without the cardigan, too.

BasicWhite Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Old Navy $7
Plaid Scarft - Old Navy $15 
(bought earlier in the year, but they still had them in the store)
Leopard Belt - old
Fur Vest - old  

Animal print crew neck sweater - Old Navy $7
(great weight and fit - great reviews 4.5 stars)
Faux Fur Scarf - Restoration Hardware
Calvin Klein Belt - old

Long Sleeve Striped T-shirt - Old Navy $7 my favorite for layering,
stripes and florals are an easy combination to mix.
I had this vest, but they had several quilted vests. 
Green skinnies - old

Good luck if you decide to cruise through the clearance racks!

If you'd like more fashion inspiration check out my  
Fashion Spring/Summer here
Fashion Fall/Winter here

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

fresh kitchen styling...

I'm always on the lookout for fresh ideas for styling my kitchen counters or
 shelf (I have one lone shelf, I may need to remedy that) especially when
 it takes my everyday utensils up a notch from functional to stylish!
I loved the inspiration in these kitchens...try using crocks, baskets, trays, boards,
 pitchers, jars...all items you probably have, in a new way to display your kitchen essentials.

The simplest little change can make me a happy girl! :)
You too? 

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