Sunday, March 30, 2014

decorative wheat's time!

I missed you guys last week! We had a wonderful time in Copenhagen and I'll
share all the scoop with you in a post soon. It was great to get away and
re-energize, (as I'm yawning) although we're still trying to get back on schedule.
If you've been reading for long you know every year I plant a big bunch of decorative
 wheat grass, and always remind you when it's time. Well, it's time! 
 I love the fresh pops of green and great texture to use in my decor for Spring and Easter,
 and it's super easy and super inexpensive.

Last year I planted some in tea cups to use at our Easter table... 

It's not fussy, you can plant it in any container, I used a decorative box...

If you'd like yours by Easter you should give it two weeks, here are the simple
 instructions and I guarantee you don't need a green thumb. 

Winter Wheat Berries (Red or White)  - $1.60
I used about 1/2 of this 2 pound bag, purchased from a natural foods store. 
If you're in Denver I  buy mine at Vitamin Cottage.

Put a few small stones in the bottom of your container and fill with potting soil.
Using a spray bottle moisten the soil with water. 
Spread a layer a of seeds over the soil and spray with water again to moisten seeds.
Cover with a bit of soil, about 1/8 inch. 
I spray mine with water about 3 times/day for the first few days until they sprout and
then you can ease up and water once/day.
They don't have to be in sun, but a bright room is good. 

I like mine thick, but if you prefer a more wispy look use less seeds.

I spray painted some of my terra cotta pots that I'll be using for our Easter table.
I don't have a plan yet, but thought gold seemed like a good bet! 
I basically plant a LOT of pots, I like to use them in other rooms around the house, on
 the dining table, island where I serve food, on tables outside if it's going to be spring like!

And, I always plant an extra...  :)

If you'd like inspiration for containers and centerpieces check my past posts:

Have you tried it yet?


Friday, March 28, 2014

Best of the Nest Link Party #2

I'm so glad you're here to party and join in the fun, I'm anxious to see what's
kept you busy this month!
Thanks for helping to make our inaugural Best of the Nest party a success,
you seriously knocked it out of the park!
 If you missed February's Favorite Features you can check them out here

Here's what kept us busy in our nests...

Pam @ Simple Details
Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

Now it's your turn:

Four Blogs - Link up to one and it will show up on all four

Bring your Best of March - Anything from your nest aka home - DIY, craft, room design, recipe, etc.

Anyone can enter - not just bloggers!
Can enter through Instagram by using hashtag #bestofthenest and tagging at least one of your hosts.
Can also enter through Pinterest - follow the simple instructions here.

The party starts at 8am EST on Friday and ends on Tuesday at midnight.

Party Rules:
Link to your specific post not your home page.
Only one link per person to show your best work from March 2014
Spread some comment love - visit and comment on at least two other links in the party.
If you're linking up with a blog, link back with a text link or grab the party button.

We'd love you stop back next Friday when Lisa, Kris, Jennifer and I will feature our favorite
 For those linking from blogs only those with a link back will be considered.

Let's get this party started!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

we're headed to

I know it's not your typical spring break jaunt to the beach for a little r & r,
 and most of you wouldn't be thrilled with the thought of forecast  highs in the 40's!
We let Detail Boy choose our vacation spot...who knew?!

We've decided to join the locals and our mode of transportation will be... 

There's got to be a system, right?

I'm thinking this looks like a good idea...

It boasts the longest pedestrian shopping street in the world, Stroget... :)

Old World to Modern Architecture...

and of course, one of our top priorities, delicious food!
Not to mention, DESIGN, my boys are SO excited! :)  

I'll be taking a break from blogging while we're gone, but you can  
 check in and follow along on our adventures on Instagram here.    

See you soon...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ikea liatorp pedestal table...

Time for some Ikea love! 
The Ikea Liatorp is a sturdy table whose traditional pedestal style is perfect for mixing
 a variety of chair types. The fact that it extends to accommodate up to six is a bonus.  

Extension Leaf stored under table top
43" extends to 61"

Incorporating different styles is key to giving your room an eclectic look with
 personality vs an Ikea showroom vibe. :)
Check out the various popular chair styles paired with this table... Life at Home

Mrs. Jones Blog

It's no longer available in black, and they obviously didn't consult me on that decision!
This inspiration would definitely have me thinking about painting one, you?

If you're an Ikea fan you can find more of my favorites here:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

diy settee reupholster...

Do you remember this settee I snagged on Craigslist last month?
It finally made it to the top of my DIY list on the weekend!  


I love the mix of antique and modern and was thinking of a geometric print, but you
 were right it would have competed with the ornate details. In the end this heathered
black and white stripe won out, suggested by this cute blogger and mom to six!
It's neutral, modern and has a unique detail. 

I had trouble deciding on a pillow, surprised? :)
At first...I loved this unique panel I found at the fabric store and made a pillow,
 yikes it wasn't my favorite. But I have a new plan for it.  

Then I remembered these bolsters that came with my sofa, I hadn't used them in years.
 I like the geometric, and think it works, but wouldn't it be fun to pull them out in the fall?

I fell for the popular watercolor floral that looks like a burst of spring! It's from TJ Maxx.
 The detail I mentioned is a twisted black and white trim sewn between each stripe. 

It was a super easy re-upholster, in my haste to get to this project going I forgot to take a
 photo of the original fabric removed. After removing the nailheads I used the original fabric
 as my pattern, being sure to center the stripes before cutting.

Using a staple gun, staple the fabric around the primeter, going from front to back and
 side to side, making certain the stripes are staying straight and the fabric is taut.

I was in a pickle when I got to the back, a piece of wood runs the length of the settee
and my staple gun wouldn't fit between it. I ran to Ace Hardware
 because it was close to lunch and they have those little bags of popcorn
to get some upholstery tacks as an alternative to the staples. 
After finishing tacking down the fabric on the back I was ready for the gimp.
The original was in good shape when I removed it, so I just used it again. 


Working around the perimeter, use the gimp to cover the staples and upholstery tacks, I
 secured it with nailheads about every four inches. (The original bench had them about
 every inch, I'll spare you the details but I ended up without mine that I'd purchased...ugh
I wasn't up for another hour round trip today.)
 So mine may get more nailheads another day!


Pretty straightforward!

Btw, which pillow is your favorite?

Join me at Kim's WOW Us Wednesday Party for tons of inspiration!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

effortless spring outfits...

This time of year my closet is looking less than inspiring, the boots and sweaters aren't 
cutting it on 65 degree days and instead of being excited about pulling out my spring
 wardrobe I'm feeling like it's looking a bit tired. As much as I like to buy fun, trendy
 pieces it's been awhile since I've updated a few basics that I can effortlessly pull together
for a classic look.   

There's nothing I like better than a stylish, effortless outfit,
 here are my go-to pieces I love.  

A crisp white blazer...

You can never go wrong with a classic stripe and spring coat...

A versatile black maxi and denim jacket, both are workhorses in your wardrobe,
I love her fun bag, too.

The timeless white shirt and jeans...

And for fun, these trendy printed pants are still popular,
 they make the statement so putting the rest of your outfit together is easy.

What would you buy to add to your spring wardrobe?

Happy weekend, friends!!
I'm going to be working on a fun diy this weekend, 
fingers crossed it's ready to share with you Monday! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

erin gate's cabinet on my craigslist...

Yep, it's true! It was early January, I immediately recognized the piece in the Craigslist ad
 as Erin's of Elements of Style. She's one of my favorite designers and I'd recently been
 captivated by her striking Christmas decor. Coincidentally, 'the cabinet' that anchored that
 stunning room showed up on our Craigslist. I went and saw it and passed :( it was in ok
 shape,  but needed some repair for a door to close properly and was overall in worse condition
 than I'd hoped for. I'd forgotten all about it until yesterday when I saw it on the cover of her
 new book, Elements of Style Designing a Home & A Life (to be released in October).
I'm just kicking myself!!!      

Would you have recognized it? They had a funky piece covering the top.
Btw, I think it was around $100 and the seller asked what I'd be willing to pay when I
 balked at the condition. : ( 

Her cabinet through the years, with different interior colors... 

And her infamous Christmas decor... 

I'd say it's my biggest Craigslist regret.
Do you have one? 

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