Monday, October 31, 2011

my next DIY project

                                                        If you've ever had one of these...

                                                                       ~  Rio  ~
                                           you quite possibly could have some of this.


                                     You may have noticed we decided to keep her anyway!

                                  I wanted to be sure we were safely past the chewing stage,
          she's 3 years old and hasn't chewed anything for 2 1/2 years, so we're good to go!
                                                                   The plan was:
                                               wood filler, paint and purchase slipcovers


I tried the Ikea slipcover, not the right size and just too...white, maybe?
What do you guys think about the white?


  The new plan:
   wood filler, paint, I make slipcovers
   (love choosing custom fabric, sewing them myself, not so much)

   Has anyone bought any I should know about?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

free accessories ~ your outdoor pots

                      Who doesn't like freshening up their accessories without spending
                                                             a dime?!?
                      I gave my living room a new look by using my outdoor pots.
                 We were blasted by that snowstorm last week, and needless to say,
               my plants met their demise. As I was cleaning them out on the weekend
          there were a couple pots to pretty to stash in the garage until next spring.  So.... 

~  perfectly chipped, cracked and aged  ~

                                              ~  perfectly accessible and free  ~
                             ~  perfectly trailing ivy salvaged from my window boxes  ~    

                                  ~  perfectly textured next to my painted bench  ~

Are you wondering what you can do with your pots right about now??

I'm thinking about that yellow paint...ugh!
It doesn't look that bad in person, it looks more like the very first photo,
 nonetheless, I am so done with it!
 I think I'll save it for a January 2012 project.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

neighborhood tour ~ october

                                                  Grab your running shoes,
                             we're heading out for a tour of our neighborhood!

                                                 Cute sign ~ Please close the gate

                            Those table bases would be a fun DIY,  for someone out there!

                                                         One of my favorites!

                                                    Pretty fence, too.

                                                  Paint the brick? Absolutely!!

                                                         I want a garden shed.

                                                            And a tile roof.

                                                   Look at that brick detail.

                                          More painted brick.

                                            Arbor covered with roses, pretty soon.

                                              This could be creepy for Halloween.

                                                            Tidy Victorian            

                                                Horse property with covered wagon!

                                                        Beautiful backyard.

Wonderful next door neighbors!

 Only one person caught me, she just moved here, poor lady.
I told her I was doing a project on pretty houses,
 of course, she warmed right up!

Enjoy the weekend and whatever makes your neighborhood special!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

florals ~ fast & furious

                          mr. simple brought me flowers today from his favorite florist,
                                  He was beaming with pride as he pronounced,
                "I picked a pumpkin color, see they're kind of orange, for Halloween!"
                                       Here's my fast & furious arrangement.

                 ~     Cut stems and place in an 8" cylinder vase
                 ~     Cut your choice of ribbon and hot glue it to the outside of cylinder
                 ~     Place the cylinder inside a large hurricane, I chose this one with
                         black to coordinate with my other fast & furious Halloween decor
                        It gives the popular look of stems wrapped with ribbon.
       After Halloween replace the ribbon with warm fall colors to match your decor.

                           ~   thank you, mr. simple, they're the perfect orange  ~   


Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm no Amanda Talley!

    Amanda Talley is the well-known artist from New Orleans, I was trying to emmulate!
       The Good News   ~   I love the colors and I didn't spend $ for a canvas!
       The Bad News     ~   It's not exactly what I hoped for....
                                        Really? Did I think I could paint like Amanda Talley?

       The Verdict   ~   It will stay for a month until I decorate for Christmas,
                                                        and then I'll try again,
                             I think I can do better than a biscuit cutter dipped in paint look!

                                                    Here's my sad attempt ~

               Thank goodness for the sunburst mirror - it would make anything look better.  
                                         I like the refective light a mirror adds above my mantle,
since there isn't anything of interest being reflected
I strategically cover up some of the mirror by layering other pieces.


                          I wanted to use what I had and decided on this print I bought from
                         Goodwill, for $4.50 (I originally picked it up to use on the gallery wall).
                                       I painted a piece of mat board the blue color
                               and then started in with my over-abundance of circles!

                              Did you notice my lastest garage sale find included up there.
                                        What I learned  ~  abstract art is indeed an art!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY inspiration ~

   My latest DIY project idea came from inspiration found in these beautiful rooms ~
                                         ~ tune in tomorrow for the reveal ~




                                                         Aren't they the cutest?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

do you wing it or are you a planner?

Being an organized planner, I was fretting when my 'planned' post for
yesterday fell through.
I went to a fabulous once-a-year fabric sale, I was going to inspire you
with all the gorgeous fabric I picked up for $1/yard and 
all that I was 'planning' for it.....
well, the fabric was less than fabulous and I left with.....nothing!

Totally out of charachter, I decided to wing-it! 
                    I knew it was 50/50 whether I'd be showing you a DIY project gone bad,
or a super easy, budget friendly, monogrammed door mat.


I was so thankful when I removed the newspaper
and these crisp, clean lines were revealed!

                    There was one area, (bottom right) where the newpaper must not
        have been thick enough and some paint seeped through - not too bad for winging it!  

                If you're a 'planner' try winging it, you might be pleasantly surprised!
                                               Happy Weekend, Friends!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monogram Door Mat

                       What's a blogger to do when it's 4:30 and she doesn't have
                                          any ideas for tomorrow's post?

                                               Start a new project!

          ~ If you don't care about the door mat here is a cool photo for you. ~

        You're seeing the reflection of the sky and tree in the shiny, wet black paint,
        and no I don't pretend to know anything about photography, it was just a
                                                      fun accident.

               We've needed a new door mat forever and I like the classic look of a monogram,
                   but didn't want to shell out $$$, so I purchased a plain mat at Ikea for $10. 

                         I used this wooden initial as my pattern, and traced in on poster board.

With the help of my pal, I measured for the correct placement.

Duh! Try again! If you want the letter black you'll need to leave that space open. 

                   I tried taping my pattern down, but it wouldn't adhere well, I thought
                 tacks would work, but we didn't have any (what happens to 200 tacks?),
                    so I decided on straight pins to keep the pattern as tight as possible
                                 and alleviate the paint from seeping underneath.                              

I used Rustoleum Black Gloss Spray Paint
and sprayed straight down from above versus at an angle,
 spraying light coats until the coverage was nice.
I want a black border so I measured and taped off that area.

Then covered all the areas where I didn't want paint with newspaper and
 used my sophisticated tools to hold it all in place.

                                                    I planned to show it to you today,
                                                   I have to go feed my family dinner.
                                    So hold your breath and keep your fingers crossed for me
                                                             when I peel this away.
                                                    I'll show you  the result tomorrow!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

are you brave enough...

                                                  to go BOLD!
       Today, I thought I'd share my inspiration for painting the coffee table.
      When I saw this fabulous peacock blue desk, painted by the cute, hip and
              stylish designer, Danielle, I couldn't wait to paint something!
                        (But, I chickened out and went with a safe neutral.)
                 Danielle's abode is chock-full of colorful amazingness!

                    Here's more inspiration from around the blogosphere if you need
                                                 a dose of courage.
                            You could start small by jazzing up a chair or two...

                                     or give new life to a thrift store find....
                                          or use sunny yellow to brighten a corner....
                                         or take your table up a notch....


                                           or add some spice to your kitchen....

                                        or splash on a pretty pink for pizazz ....

                                                 The possibilities are endless.... 

                                                 Are you the brave, bold type?
                                                    Or a wannabe like me!

sources: nycnestmaven, sheridanfrench,design sponge,marystratonandkells, the sweet survival blog                                    

Monday, October 17, 2011

coffee table how-to

                          Thank you all so much for all your sweet comments about the
                                                           table transformation!
                                                        Here's how it went down:
                                     One more look, just because we love before and afters!

The Products:
Rustoleum Protective Enamel Oil Based - Gloss Almond
Anita's Metallic Craft Paint - Classic Gold
My Favorite Purdy Brush
Small Brush - from Kid's Art Kit
                                                              The Price:
                            Rustoleum Enamel - $9/ quart -  used about half
                                          Metallic Paint - $3 - used about half

                                                              The Prep:
                                    Per Rustoleum instructions, I gave it a light sand,
                                 sprayed it down with water (squirt bottle) and dried. 
                          Taped off the fretwork and medallions I wanted to paint gold.
                                                            The Painting: 
                                              I used 3 coats of Rustoleum Enamel,
                                        allowing 24 hours drying time between coats.
                              After the 2nd coat I sanded lightly with 220 grit sandpaper
                                            and then took my leaf blower to it
                              to get all the particles out of the thousands of crevices!

                                                         The Problems:
       I wish I would have filled these little holes, and the area where the boards meet,
       I did everything except pour the paint in them hoping they'd disappear, no luck.
       This is the worst of them, and I'm sure it's one of those things only I notice. :)


                                     Each coat took almost two hours and the gold fretwork,
                              I lost track, I just kept at it whenever I had a few spare minutes,
                                                   the good news, it dried quickly! 

                        I love the high sheen lacquer finish ~ it was definitely worth the time!

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