Sunday, October 30, 2011

free accessories ~ your outdoor pots

                      Who doesn't like freshening up their accessories without spending
                                                             a dime?!?
                      I gave my living room a new look by using my outdoor pots.
                 We were blasted by that snowstorm last week, and needless to say,
               my plants met their demise. As I was cleaning them out on the weekend
          there were a couple pots to pretty to stash in the garage until next spring.  So.... 

~  perfectly chipped, cracked and aged  ~

                                              ~  perfectly accessible and free  ~
                             ~  perfectly trailing ivy salvaged from my window boxes  ~    

                                  ~  perfectly textured next to my painted bench  ~

Are you wondering what you can do with your pots right about now??

I'm thinking about that yellow paint...ugh!
It doesn't look that bad in person, it looks more like the very first photo,
 nonetheless, I am so done with it!
 I think I'll save it for a January 2012 project.


LA in Arvada said...

What a great idea! Looks beautiful. Any ideas for the huge tree branches that I lost in the storm?!

A Vintage Vine said...

The bare branches are perfect! I am outside all the time picking up the River Birch branches and bringing then in for my vases....So the yellow is going?...I had a butter yellow like that and I really did like it...What might replace it? FYI, love the bench!

Dana said...

It turned out pretty! I love bringing natural elements inside. Nothing better than free arrangements.

Molly said...

Those pots look like amazing architectural salvage someone treasure hunted from some cool obscure site! About the yellow paint-I like it but I had the same problem at my house. I liked my yellow walls just fine until I posted a picture of them!

IT-spec said...

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