Wednesday, February 29, 2012

in honor of march...

~ simply...pops of green ~

tobi fairley

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Viscusi Elson Interior Design via House of Turquoise

Thibaut Furniture Preston Bench

the lennox


happy march  ~ 19 days till spring

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

planting wheat grass

There is no bigger bang for your buck than planting wheat grass!
It couldn't be simpler!
If you do it now you can use it as a centerpiece for
 St. Patrick's Day  &  Easter
with a couple quick changes!

I planted mine last Saturday, here is a simple how-to:

You'll need: Containers, Potting Soil and Seeds

You can purchase Red or White Winter Wheat Berries from the bulk section at a
local natural food store for about $1 - $2, this 2 lb. bag is enough to last years!
I used this bag last spring and they're still fine.

Fill containers with potting soil and sow Wheat Berry seeds.
I like the grass thick, be sure to use plenty.

Lightly cover the seeds with soil.
My soil had some larger woody pieces, no big deal.

Water well using a spray bottle.
At this point I watch over them like baby chicks for just a few days until they've sprouted,
 they tend to dry out quickly. I water them very well using the spray bottle
about 3 times per day.
You can keep them in any room with light, sun isn't necessary.

After 3 days.
Do you see the cute little white wormy looking guys...sprouts! :) 

After 10 - 14 days yours can look just like any of these! 

The possibilities for containers and styles are endless, here are some ideas.

Have you ever planted wheat grass?

Joining Inspiration Friday @ At The Picket Fence
Frugal Friday @ Shabby Nest

Monday, February 27, 2012

how to print free images for artwork

New York Public Library Digital Gallery

provides free and open access to over 800,00 images digitized from the New York
Public Library's vast collections including illuminated manuscripts,
historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints, photographs and more.

Here is a quick how-to for printing an image from the site:

1.  Click this link to access the Home page of the
 NYPL Digital Gallery


2.  Type your subject in the search bar
Browse from their list of  'Subjects'
Choose one of these pre-selected categories

Art & Literature
Cities & Buildings
Culture & Society
History & Geography
Industry & Technology
Nature & Science
Printing & Graphics

 I typed 'tulips' in the search bar and got 151 images.

3.  After finding an image you'd like to print
 left click on the image, it will give you an enlarged view.

Tulipa VII 'Duc Victor'. [Tulip VIII ; Flame tulip]

4.  Right click on the enlarged image and choose
 'Print Picture' from your menu.
(There is a 'printer icon' above the enlarged image that confused me,
 I thought you selected that to print the, that would be too simple!)

The 'Subject' category is interesting to peruse, it is a vast A - Z listing
 if you're in need of some ideas.

 Have fun and thank you to those who
left me tips on printing my ~ flamingos ~

Go here to check them out.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

progress on dining room artwork

Remember when I was on a roll with the dining room, exactly one month ago?!
After putting the pedestals in storage, (I have plans for the urns, I'll show you later this week)
 and running across frames while thrifting it started to fall into place!

This was the one of the inspiration photos I shared here.
Gold frames, white mats, sketches, art hung from floor to it!


This weekend I got busy painting my assortment of thrift store frames to get a
similar look.

Taped off and ready for the paint booth, along with some other victims!

Courtney from a thoughtful place showed us her clever idea here for adding classic gold
metal corners, and I wasted no time trying it out!
Thank you, Courtney!! Absolutely Brilliant!!
My version is a little different, because of the curves and shape of the frame I was
working with, I taped the frame off and spray painted only the corner gold. 

Here's part of the assortment I'll be working with, I need another thrifting trip.
 Oh, btw, ALL of the items I mentioned in my Goodwill tour here were GONE the next day!
Of course, I still need art for the frames.

I know this is a little unusual, but I decided on a collection of...

~  flamingos  ~

Flamingoes, in the gardens of the zoological society, Regent's-Park.

The Flamingo.


The first four images are from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery
check it out here,
they provides 'free' access to thousands of images. I haven't figured out how to download
them yet, I'll share the details as soon as I have the scoop.
Or, if anyone has any info I'd be grateful! :) 

So, I'm on the hunt for perfect flamingo sketches or prints...  
wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

diy trash to treasure

Are you totally overwhelmed when you enter a thrift store filled
to the brim with treasures junk? 

I'm going to take you on you a quick trip to a local Goodwill,
 where I spent about 15 minutes finding these items.
 You can easily create the look in the inspiration photos with a little spray paint! 

Rule #1 - Look for shape!  
 Rule #2 - Look for texture!
 Rule #3 - Disregard any color or pattern!
(because we're going to paint them)
Rule #4 - Be open!

Look for a bowl, cup and vase with texture.

Little White Book

Bowl petal like shape, creamer with handle and nice shape, modern shaped cup.

Look for vases with tall neck.

I found all of these and grouped them together for you to see.

Look for short jar-like pot, vase with texture.

Short pot with great handles (in the back) 

textured vases to the right on top shelf.

Look for variety of interesting shapes.

Three interesting shapes right here, the pale blue pottery, tall green vase,
round piece behind the!

And, another one!

Look for variety of styles and shapes in assorted textures.
Ish & Chi

Found:  Jackpot!!

Look for a variety of shapes and textures, again.

Yep, this one works...once again!

Look for a combination of jars and bottles

Jars and bottles as close as your recycle bin!

Next week I'll show you which of these treasures found its
way home with me and what it looks like now!

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