Sunday, February 5, 2012

diy painted pink lamp

I know today was supposed to be the Anthro-A-Pologie Knock Off Pillow reveal,
 but you know how I have a tendency to get off track...I've been searching thrift stores for
awhile for the perfect large lamp...jackpot! And, I decided to paint it PINK! 

If I would have been patient and followed directions, the final gloss coats would
have a nice 'glossy' sheen. Tip - don't paint in 30 degree weather!
I'll be giving it another coat in a few days when it warms up!

If you missed my diy IKEA tray transformation you can check it out here.  
Or, the coffee table redo here

Here's my $6.99 thrift store lamp...

Remember the textured paper I was thinking of using on the tray,
hmm...maybe I'll cover the shade?  Tape it up, take a picture???

Hmm...maybe a different shade??  Play with some accessories, take a picture??
Every single time I see that yellow paint in a photo, I'm so ready for it to be gone!
I think I'll paint the living room!
 DONE! Yep, I did it!! :)

Back to the pillows...I was thinking the room needed some rustic touches.
 I remembered some old coffee bags I had in the basement and thought I could use them
 to back the pillows. What I didn't remember was the PINK printing!  I about died!!!

I had so much fun putting them together and the lamp adds a bit of whimsy
 to keep the room from being too serious and formal! 

I'll show you tomorrow...pinky swear! :)


Dana Frieling said...

The coffee bags are fantastic. Score! They'll tie everything in the room together nicely.

Holly Gruszka said...

How fun!! Where did you get the coffee bags? I'm still so mad at myself for not picking up that vintage coffee grinder a few months ago - would have been so cool to hang somewhere in our house. I need to have you over my house to finish some projects for me - you're on a roll! That pink lamp must make you smile - now I'm ready to see the pillow. And you even had some pink writing on the one book in that stack as well as the pretty flowers. You're good!!

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

LOVE the pink lamp and I can't wait to see your coffee bag project! Everything looks so great!

Lori said...

It's "Pink-a-licious!" (I'll bet Detail Boy skipped that children's book, but it is fun.) I love the shade of pink you picked and those coffee bags are going to be perfect.

Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

You are a brave girl! I love the pink lamp. So unexpected and I can't wait to see the burlap mixed in with your new pillow!

Arvada said...

Can't believe you painted your living room too! You are amazing. It looks great. All so pretty.

designchic said...

What a wonderful pop of the pink lamp!!

Leslie said...

Love those coffee bags! You are so creative and I like the way you recycle/re-use things to create something new. Fun splash of pink!


A room with a view said...

This looks like fun and one gets the feeling that spring is in the air in your house - in fact it is a balmy 50+ degrees here in NY! The pink lamp base looks fabulous.

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Looks great! I love the pop of color and those coffee bags? - SWOON!!

Jackie said...

I LOVE the pink lamp you made! Seriously gorgeous. I was just watching an old Sex and the City last night and drooling over this pink lamp they used in Charlotte's apartment. I've always loved it and yours is very similar!

Kate said...

I have two faux bamboo lamps that are fabulous except for their avocado color. What spray paint did you use? I'm also having a hard time finding the right shade of yellow. Everything seems to be Crayola or traffic yellow. Any tips? Thanks for your help!

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