Sunday, June 30, 2013

we're headed to...

Lake Tahoe

for a fun summer getaway,

so I'm wishing you an early, safe and 

 Happy 4th of July!

I'll be back on July 9th!

If you missed the Shabby Apple dress giveaway you still have time to enter,
until Midnight on July 8th - go here.
Winner announced on July 10th

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I'm a...
weekend lovin'
diy lovin'
fabric lovin'
thrift store lovin'
pinterest lovin'
design lovin'
modern meets antique lovin'
pillow lovin'
ikea lovin'
garden lovin'
entertaining lovin'
paint lovin'
fashion lovin'
cooking lovin'
kind of girl

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Hope you're lovin' a gorgeous summer Sunday!

Friday, June 28, 2013

kitchens and friends...

The all-time sweetest and most supportive blogger in all the blogosphere has to be
my friend, Lisa @ Shine Your Light
She's getting ready to do a kitchen renovation, one of my favorite projects ever,
 and asked if I'd share some scoop on mine today. 
Want to know where I hide the toaster? 
What I did that would make kitchen designers cringe?
See Before and Afters?
Check it out over at her blog ~ click here

If you don't know her here's a peek into her awesomeness...





brainy ~ built board and batten by herself...


and beautiful inside and out!

And now completely embarrassed!
Stop over and say Hi to my sweet friend, here!

Don't forget to check out my kitchen details while you're there! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

surprise giveaway...

It took me half a second to say, "Absolutely!!" when Shabby Apple offered
to giveaway a cute dress to one of my readers. 
How did they know you're the BEST and so deserving of a new dress? :) 

Check out their adorable vintage clothing, in so many flattering styles,
A-line, Empire waist, Pencil skirt, Full Skirt, Maxi.
All fitting for anything from a casual night out to an afternoon wedding.
Available in Petite to Plus size  

dinner date

sunday brunch

the office
 afternoon wedding
 bridal shower

Simply leave a comment and you're entered!
Be sure to leave your email.
Available for US readers only.
Entries close midnight July 8th
Winner to be chosen randomly and announced July 10th.

Good luck, and thanks for being the nicest readers a blogger could ask for!
And, a huge thank you to Shabby Apple, too!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a very rough prototype...

Awhile back I mentioned I'd be enlisting the help of my favorite neighborhood boys
for my next diy. They're getting close to fitting me in their busy social schedule. :)
Here's a preview of what I have in mind.

The roughest prototype ever...of an awning!

(Please disregard our filthy door covered in pollen, thank you!) 

The classic style of an awning has always been a favorite, I've wanted one forever, I 
  wrote this black and white awning post a year ago. Nothing too fancy, just something simple 
above our front door. I was taken by surprise at $800 when I checked into a local awning
 company, or $480 for an 'install it yourself, diy kit' online. 
Just the motivation for a DIYer to start scheming a way to DIY!

Several things to consider when thinking about what kind of awning you want...
 A long time favorite, but the projection is too much for ours.

 I'd like something a tad more substantial.
 I'd like more of the window visible, in awning terms that's called,  less drop. 
I'd like more drop.
 Not this much drop.
Close to perfect!

After analyzing these, my prototype needs some tweaking (more drop) to get the look I'm
 going for. If you're wondering where the neighbor boys come in, they took a welding class
in high school last year. They are ingenious kids and I'm confident they can figure out how
 to weld the metal bars that will make the awning frame...stay tuned! 


Monday, June 24, 2013

inspiration...pass it on

Check this out...
Katie @ My diy Habits was inspired by my dining room buffet
and came up with the idea to use it on Ikea Malm dressers as nightstands.
Pop over and see her pretty room here that was featured on Apartment Therapy!
Way to go, Katie!

Could this styling be any prettier?
 The painted back was inspired by a sample pot at the local hardware store. 

Mondocherry ~ Two sisters and their mum from Australia

Don't these simply framed textiles make a great statement?
I was inspired when I saw friend Cathy at Room Rx, had pinned them,
she has a lot of fabulous Pinterest Boards!
vivid design group

What a unique presentation for the perfect gift...$$$
a fun surprise awaits the recipient who is expecting chocolates!
Life as Mom shares her tips for creating it here.

How to address an envelope with style ~ looks easy enough, the key
 is remembering it, I'm going to make a copy and stash it in with my stationery.
at my home look book

If you've been inspired lately pass it the comments!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

garage sale...attract a crowd and then negotiate for top dollar

Hope you all had an awesome weekend, and enjoyed some summer fun!
Woo hoo!
People hauled away our junk and paid us for it, aka Garage Sale.
It was a big success and it feels so good to have lightened our load! Between my friend and
 I we made close to $1,000, I'm telling you that so you can decide if it's worth your time to go
the extra mile. My philosophy is if you're going to the trouble you might as well do it well,
 and make some moola!
Here are my tips for attracting a crowd and negotiating for top dollar.
(I'm assuming you know the common tips: all your items should be priced, clean, and well organized.)  


1. I emailed a few friends a couple weeks prior asking if they'd like to cash in on our traffic
 and have one the same day - we ended up with four sales within just a couple blocks.

2. All four of us put up signs - you couldn't miss them if you tried!
Put out signs the morning before sale day. Keep a consistent look for all of your signs.
I like to borrow real estate signs and put them in front of my house and on the corners.

Keep your junk merchandise at a level that allows buyers to touch and feel it
without bending down on the ground.
For tables I like these large trash bins (I use for storing outdoor Christmas decor)
 topped with extra pieces of plywood I had in the garage.


1. Don't open your gate on time, allow an extra 5-10 minutes for people to
start forming a little crowd, it makes everyone driving by all the more intrigued!
(While they're waiting do some last minute pricing.)
No gate? Use a piece of construction tape or rope across your driveway.

2. Make sure they have something enticing to look at while they're waiting!
I always set up a 'room' at the end of the driveway, it's what people see when they're driving
 by and deciding whether or not to stop. I wasn't selling the wicker settee from my back deck,
 but wanted it to complete the vignette - I just put a 'SOLD' sign on it.

The fresh flowers on the coffee table are a nice touch in a vase for sale, I ran inside and
 grabbed them. We tied the large piece of artwork to the pole from the basketball hoop.


1. First make your junk look high end. All of this appears much nicer on a white table
 cloth vs. a bare table. Use pretty baskets to corral like items.
 Take the few extra seconds to make it look pretty.
I caved and brought something back in, totally against the rules of a successful purge,
 but my friend gifted me with that brass Pottery Barn deer. :) 

This iron flower stand wasn't for sale, but it set the scene for selling everything else,
faux flowers, shutters, and the bench.

2. After it's been styled to look worth the price here are my favorite
win-win lines when they're offering less than you're hoping for:

"I'm so sorry I'm selling that for my friend and she wanted closer to full price,
would $___ work?"

"I'd be happy to negotiate later in the day, but right now I need closer to full price,
would $____ work?

"I'd be happy to negotiate tomorrow if it doesn't sell today, if you'd like to stop back and check."

"I'm so sorry I just lowered the price on that, but if you'd like to stop by
later I may be able to go lower."

You get the idea, you want them to leave feeling good about a slight price reduction,
 and they will if you've make it a good experience. And, they'll likely return for your next sale!


1. Do it with a friend that makes you laugh!
2. Invite all your neighborhood friends and over for beer and pizza, to reminisce
about the interesting 'customers' and events of the day. After all have GS'd all day
they'll just be happy not to have to cook dinner and their expectations for food and a
 clean house will be sooooo low!!

Hope these tips were helpful,
 good luck with your sales this summer!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

what I'm up to...

I knew it was time to get serious and do a major purge when
it was getting so deep in our guest room that
 Detail Boy asked, "Mom, what will we do when we have guests?"

Happy, happy weekend, friends!

Next week I'll be sharing my plans for a new diy,
 I'm going to be recruiting some neighborhood boys to help me out... :)  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

unexpected solutions...that work

Thinking outside the box can be tricky, leaving you to question if your ideas are
ingenious and innovative or downright crazy! 

Would you, could you,
 should you arrange your furniture and artwork in front of doors?

Would you, could you,
should you use an entry as your dining space?

mix and chic

Would you, could you,
should you place a tv and cabinet in front of a bookcase?

Would you, could you,
should you squeeze your furniture into a room without an inch to spare?

I think the unexpected solutions used in these rooms are brilliant,
 and only enhance their uniqueness!
Do you agree, or think they bent the rules too far? 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

patio lighting...

I don't think it gets any better than al fresco dining in the summer time,
of course, friends or family are a must,
oh, and one more necessity...ambiance!
Here are some pretty ideas to give your patio a warm glow,
 and a simple one I did for our deck. 

Strands of miniature white lights...

Grapevine lighting...

Robin @ All Things Heart and Home
Check out her easy diy.

Lanterns placed in the garden...

I loved the idea of lanterns hanging on shepherds hooks, this one is too tall,  but I think
 it would look great inserted into a pot of flowers on the patio. I found the lanterns at 
TJ Maxx. Unfortunately, I didn't notice when I got them but the glass candle holders inside
 aren't removable, so they will be going back. They would be a nightmare to clean,
 but you get the idea. :)

Do you have lighting on your patio? 

Monday, June 17, 2013

ikea stockholm rand rug...

Ikea's Stockholm Rand Rug is one of my favorites for giving your room a bold burst of flair.
Notice how the black and white stripes act as a neutral with all of the different
styles and combinations below. 
It's an effortless addition to add to your mix, and easy on the budget for a large rug! 

Ikea Stockholm Rand Rug
 5' 7"  x  7' 10"  -  $299 here 
8' 2" x  11' 6"   -  $399 here
Danielle Oakey
 Westbrook Interiors
 Emily Henderson
Nicole Scott Designs

My friend says it hurts her eyes, and she couldn't do it, what do you think?

Other Ikea Favorites, click on title to view.

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