Friday, January 27, 2017

TGIF - The Gems I Found

Happy Friday Friends! 

10 Most Inspiring Home Tours of 2016 by One Kings Lane

I need these chic candle holders for my Valentine table ~ a steal for $5 each!   

Megan shared her honest experience with Lash Extensions and lots of friends weighed in.  

2016 Beauty Awards by People and TODAY

These Cinnabon Copycat Rolls were the BIGGEST hit at our house over Christmas break.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Simple Rule for Mixing Table & Chair Styles

Hi friends, it just happens I'm helping four clients with kitchen nook spaces,
 and thought I'd pass along my simple rule for mixing table and chair styles to create
 my favorite eclectic look. I love the collected look juxtaposition gives a room. It's 
an easy formula to keep from having that matchy look designers steer clear of. 
 It works for a multitude of styles, and is all about contrast.

#1 ~ Contrasting Style
Choose furniture styles that contrast
French with modern, traditional with coastal, modern with rustic,
industrial with vintage, formal with casual, ornate with clean lines

     #2 ~ Contrasting Shape   
 Choose a table shape that contrasts with the chair shape
Round table with Square high back chairs
Rectangular table with Curved high back chairs
Rectangular table with Detailed chair backs
Round table with Geometric bamboo pattern

#3 ~ Contrasting Color & Texture
Choose colors, finishes and textures that contrast 
Add contrasting color in upholstery or paint,
smooth finish with textured rattan or metal,
distressed finish with lacquered 
Super simple ~ start with either your table or chairs and follow the contrast rules.
Here are a few favorite rooms to give you an idea how it works no matter your style.    

Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Five Favorites - Home Organization Tips

Happy New Year, friends and welcome to the first My Five Favorites of 2017!
Everything organized and in its place makes me ridiculously happy! I'm good at
 keeping things in order that I see or use everyday, but the out-of-sight areas, like 
our basement...not so OCD about that. Come January I'm always ready to tackle it, so
 that's first on my project list this month. I'm anxious to check out my pals' favorite
 organizing tips they're sharing today too:    

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

We have an organizer extraordinaire as our guest this month, you're going to love Erin @
  The Sunny Side Up and her awesome ideas! Be sure to check out the Organize Category 
        on her blog for tons of tips, including how she keeps her gorgeous kitchen looking so fab!       

Onto my favorites: 

#1 Baking Center

Three drawers in my kitchen island are dedicated to a baking center. Having everything I
 need in one spot makes it so functional and super simple to keep organized. You don't
 need an island with drawers, slide out shelves in a cabinet or pantry could easily work. 

The top drawer is pretty self explanatory, except for my collection of measuring cups
 and spoons. I just don't like to stop and wash them out while I'm cooking.  Haha! 

The large glass containers each hold a 4 pound bag of sugar and flour, the two smaller
 ones in the back contain brown sugar and the necessary staple - chocolate chips. :)  

The bottom drawer holds a huge metal bowl, stacked inside is a cheesecake pan, 9" cake pans,
 metal pie plates, 3 glass pie plates and a bundt pan that I removed to give you a better visual. 

Next to the drawers is a triangular shaped sliver of a cabinet just large enough
for my mixer and food processor.  

#2 Billy Bookcase

I've used this cabinet for clients numerous times, the glass doors add style and the
 option of solid panels to hide the not-so-pretty make it a favorite. Its narrow 11" depth,
 adjustable shelves, and reasonable price always win out, it's from IKEA here.  

#3 Budget Storage Boxes

This cabinet reorganization is an oldie from 2012 when I first started blogging.
I'm happy to say that it looks almost the same today (as the after!) except I've
accumulated a few more of my favorite FREE storage boxes ~ orange Nike shoe boxes.
 The other orange boxes are from IKEA here.

(Excuse the old dark pics from my 1938 basement)



#4 Filing System

This is actually inspiration for a January project. Our files could use a clean out and
reorganization. I liked the pretty color coded zone system and her list of categories and
sub-categories seemed functional and easy to maintain. 

#5 Purge 
By far the biggest impact in keeping me organized is purging what I don't use.
I read the book The Magic of Tidying Up about a year and a half ago and her perspective 
and concept of organizing resonated with me, I LOVE not having stuff. 

My Five Favorite Organization Tips from last year HERE.

Be sure to stop by and check out these talented friends' tips:

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest.  

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