Tuesday, April 30, 2013

pairs of floor lamps...

love them, want them, need them...
floor lamps!

They're an interesting alternative to the typical pair of table lamps,
very functional flanking reading chairs, and if you like symmetry you'll
be all over this look.  


 Courtney Haas

Have you ever tried them, or are a pair of table lamps more your style?

Btw, if you're curious I'd take twins (the real deal) in a heartbeat! :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

potted boxwoods and evergreens...

I'm going to be ready to jump on it when the truck pulls into Home Depot
filled with boxwoods and evergreens. Remember last year, I found them and
tipped you off, I'm counting on the same amazing deal again this year. 

On my 2013 to-do list I included this inspiration photo with plans to add potted
boxwoods and evergreens to our deck and patio.

Although they'll be more this size...

Maybe I'll mix in a few larger ones...

And some of the tall Cypress evergreens...

Do you like them neatly trimmed...

Or au naturel...

My friend Linda just read they're the most popular shrub, check out what she's planning.
Maybe I can find a spot for one of those, too!

Do you have any new landscape plans on the horizon?


Sunday, April 28, 2013

extra high gloss paint...we'll see

A gorgeous spring weekend found us working outside, finally!
I wasn't planning on re-painting our front door, but last minute I thought it would
 make a better blog post than showing you a bag of weeds I pulled, and off I went to Home 
Depot in search of this new-to-me paint I've been wanting to try.

 Glidden - Trim and Door - Extra High Gloss - Interior/Exterior
 No Drips, No Brush Marks
It's a very thick, self-leveling gel paint.

TIP: Read through all the instructions before you start! 
After the fact I noticed...you shouldn't close your door for 8 hours, that means you
 probably want to stay home and also that I'll be up till 11:30...I'm thinking 7 1/2 hours
 should be ok. :)

See those scratches on the door, sometimes our little angel doesn't go to the back door
 and ring her bell. I filled the gouges with wood filler, and gave it a light sanding.  

I gave it one coat, we'll see if it needs another one, and then I'll give you a review,
we'll see whether or not there are brush strokes and if the 'Extra' High Gloss is any 
different than the High Gloss I previously had.

  I recently found the geometric door mat at Ikea.

Did you make any progress outside this weekend? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

another favorite client...

Last January (2012) I told you about my client the weekend warrior,
well life got in the way...mainly a job, school out for summer, winter and spring vacations
and progress slowed, but we are back on track and everything is coming along nicely.

Her eleven year old daughter is my next client ~ she is an absolute delight!
Beautiful, smart, talented, incredibly polite, and has a keen eye for design.
 She has a passion for art and loves Bob Ross landscapes, but her pieces are just as interesting
 and I'm hoping I can talk her into creating something special that we can include! :)

Here are a few items she chose as a starting point for her room...

We'd already started taking her room apart and moving furniture when I remembered
 to take photos, it was much cuter. 

We purchased the white mirror over the dresser and from day one she requested
 'crystal lamps,' we were trying things out.

I can't wait to incorporate some of her requested cheery style into her new
tween room. 

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friends!

We're headed downtown tonight with our fun neighborhood pals.
 It's opening day for the new West Rail Line, the light rail is only a few blocks 
from our homes and we've been waiting years for the completion so we could
walk down, hop on and enjoy dinner and drinks without driving. :)

Any fun plans for your weekend?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

power of a solid pillow...

It's next to impossible for me to look at beautifully patterned fabrics and choose
 solids for a pillow. The process of pairing perfect combinations and finding something a 
a bit unexpected to create a unique look is what a designer lives for.
To me the thought of solid color pillows was, dare I say...ordinary and safe.

Clearly, I could use a lesson in the art of restraint,
 notice the power of a solid pillow... 

Eileen Kathryn Boyd
 Stephen Sills
 Robert Couturier

Candace Bushnell's Apt.
gorgeous wood Floors!!


How about you, do you have trouble restraining yourself when it comes to pattern?
  Do you ever think of using all solids?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

secretary desk transformation...

Happy Secretaries' Day! :)
Thanks for stopping by to check out the transformation of my Craigslist
secretary desk. I'll just get to the pictures for you...



I decided on the black gloss finish after all, once the inside was painted a lighter
color, it started working for me. I used the same Jamaica Bay from Behr that I used
 for my mom's secretary in her entry. You guys were right again, it needed the back
lightened up to highlight the quatrefoils, I love the impact from their pattern.
I kept the same hardware and gave it all fresh coat of gold rub 'n buff.
The interior desk organizer is the original finish
  because it would have been a nightmare I like the the contrast!
The Greek Key chair was my first re-upholstery project on a $10 garage sale find,
 the post is funny, it was my second month of blogging and the explanation is...very brief!

1 - Primed with Zinnser Cover Stain Primer
2 - Rustoluem Gloss Protective Enamel - Black
3 - Behr - Jamaica Bay (Top and Shelves)

Craigslist Secretary - $200
Paint - I had all of it

I followed the same procedure as this tutorial for my dining room buffet.

There isn't a great spot for it in my house, originally I thought it may work in my bedroom
 but I'm not sure. I think I'm going to put it back on Craigslist for $400 - $500.

I haven't ever sold anything I've refinished and am thinking that would be fair, but I'm
not completely confident estimating the value.

Any thoughts if you're familiar with pricing furniture for resale, thanks!

Stop by and check out all the inspiring diy projects:
Kim @ Savvy Southern Style WOW us Wednesdays
Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Feature Friday
Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick May Before & After Party

Monday, April 22, 2013

mom's entry update...

Remember I suggested to my favorite client (my mom) that her big faux fig needed to go,
 and we could give her entry a simple update. Perfect timing, my sweet friend had a secretary
 desk she no longer wanted and it was exactly what this little corner of their entry needed.
Not only is it the perfect size, but it's a beautiful piece to display some sentimental souvenirs.
I took your advice from the vote and left the original stained finish.



We chose a light color as a backdrop to highlight her collection from their travels,
 by painting a piece of foam core in Behr's Jamaica Bay.

I should have opened the door so you could see the color better, trust me it's pretty!
We're still on a mission for a piece of art for the wall above.

Thank you again for all of your opinions and especially to my dear friend, Lori!
It was just what this corner needed to spiff it up.

Tomorrow my Craigslist secretary reveal, I can't wait to show you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

the goodwill lamps...

Hope you all enjoyed a great weekend!
Part of mine included scoring these two lamps at Goodwill, I went back and they
 were still there, :) but I missed out on that awesome black metal basket. :(

Similar to the Genie Lamp I stole for $8.99!
Robert Abbey Genie Lamp

Similar shape to the Murray Feiss I found for $9.99
Splash Collection
Lamps Plus $209.91

My Goodwill purchases
Genie Lamp $8.99  Square Base Lamp $9.99

Shown here from the home of super-stylish Seleta, the exact Genie lamp I found.

They're both perfect candidates for updating with a coat of paint.


I'll be taking them to my client's house tomorrow, we're working on her
dining room and needed a lamp for the buffet, I'll let you know which she chooses!
Do you have a favorite?

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