Monday, June 30, 2014

favorites for the fourth...

Good morning, if you're like me you have your eyes set on the upcoming long weekend and
 are gearing up for some fun 4th of July festivities! I'll be taking off for a few days, but in the
meantime I thought I'd leave you with a few inspiring patriotic ideas to get you in the spirit! 

American Flag Mason Jars
this would be such an easy, inexpensive diy centerpiece!

Firecracker Sugar Cookies
that pop in your mouth! A guaranteed hit at a BBQ, star shaped would be cute, too!

Mason Jar Lanterns
another simple DIY, and a tea light and you're set!  

addicted 2 DIY

Festive Flag Decor
I take 5 minutes and pop these dollar store flags in my window boxes and flower pots.

Red Vines for All 
Anyone share my addiction to red licorice (and black)? These could easily be my favorite
patriotic thing in this post! 

Room to Inspire 

Have a wonderful week friends and I'll see you on Friday!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Best of the Nest June Link Party

I'm always anxious to see what you've been working on around your nests!
The ingenuity and inspiration you all come up with never disappoints!

Here is what my lovely co-hosts and I have been up to this month...

Pam @ Simple Details
Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram | Bloglovin' | Twitter 

In lieu of working on something for my nest this month a pretty peach wedding
topped my priority list. I loved helping with all the special touches and decor for
 my nephew and his new bride.  

Lisa @ Shine your Light 
Blog | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram | Bloglovin' | Twitter

Lisa's refreshing Red, White & Blue Sangria is sure to be a hit when they spend
 a day at the beach with friends this week! Toes in the sand and sangria in hand,
 life doesn't get much better!

Kris @ Driven by Décor

Kris shared these fun Watermelon Slice Rice Krispies Treatsthey're almost too cute to eat!
Absolutely perfect for a summer party or BBQ when you're trying to think of
 something different to serve or take?

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

Jennifer came up with a super fun series while she was on vacation. 
My Favorite 5, featured guest bloggers and their 5 Favorite posts.
 I always love finding new-to-me blogs and the inspiration was nonstop!  
Now it's your turn:
Four Blogs - Link up to one and it will show up on all four
Bring your Best of June - Anything from your nest aka home - DIY, craft, room design, recipe, etc.
Anyone can enter - not just bloggers!
Can enter through Instagram by using hashtag #bestofthenestparty and tagging at least one of your hosts.
Can also enter through Pinterest - follow the simple instructions here.
The party ends on Tuesday at midnight.
Party Rules:
Only one link per person to show your best work from June 2014
Spread some comment love - visit and comment on at least two other links in the party.
If you're linking up with a blog, link back with a text link or grab the party button.
We'd love you stop back next Friday when Lisa, Kris, Jennifer and I will feature our favorite links.
 For those linking from blogs only those with a link back will be considered.

Let's get this party started!

Monday, June 23, 2014

I got out of my recipe rut...

What a girl to do when she's in a recipe rut, the same old boring dinners, on
auto repeat. I decided to check my Pinterest Food Board and actually try the 
recipes instead of just pin them! Interesting concept, no?
 These are the recipes we loved that I will most definitely make again... 
 Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers
I made these for a BBQ last Sunday, delicious, fresh, lemony, perfect for summer and super easy.  
 Slow Cooker Carnitas
Yum, yum and yum!
Again, super easy - you may notice this is a theme. :) I followed the updated version of the recipe,
 with a couple changes, I added all of the onion and no milk when I baked them at the end of the recipe.

Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad 
If you love pasta salad and Caesar salad this is for you! Super easy, and the romaine gives it a nice crunch. 

Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta
Bruschetta is one of our faves. Super easy, fresh tomatoes, basil and romano cheese on grilled bread.
 (I posted the pic below on Instagram the evening I made it) We loved the addition of garlic mushroom topping! 

Grilled Pizza
This is fun for the entire family, everyone gets to prepare their own personal pizza from a bar of toppings. 
We finish it off with hot off the grill dough drizzled with honey for dessert.

Strawberry Shortcake in a Jar
A huge hit at the BBQ! What is it about individual servings in a little mason jar?
I used pound cake from Costco bakery, cut into chunks and fresh whipped cream. This topping presentation
 is beyond fun, but I went for super easy :) and put the lids back on the jars. 
Btw, the leftovers kept in the fridge nicely for another day before they disappeared.  

All recipes can be found here on my Pinterest Food Board.

Do you have any new recipes we should know about?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

next project...client f

These sweet clients have been waiting so long to get to the top of my list, 
they are the thoughtful, understanding, patient type that always said, 'No problem, we
 can wait till after your trip to Europe, and then after your One Room Challenge
  kitchen makeover, and then after end of school activities, and then after the wedding, get the picture I have strung them out foreveeeeeeeeeer.
 No more!!! Last Friday two bathrooms and a dressing room were gutted, and the
 remodel is underway. If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed a lot of pretty
 bathroom pins lately under 'Client F' - I always refer to my client's boards by initials.
 This one is different F = Favorite, and Favorite refers to my parents. :) 

They live in a 1980's custom built home (not by them) much of it has been updated
 but never the baths - big time yikes!! Creamy neutrals and a pretty serene design is
 what we're going for, with some unique hardware and lighting for a custom look.

Inspiration - Bathroom #1 Hall

 Jennifer Schoenberger

They have several bathrooms and this one rarely gets used, allowing us to hang
 artwork on the back wall. We loved the sheer linen panel and the rod extending from
the ceiling. We're using a free standing traditional piece of furniture for the vanity,
 and haven't decided yet if we're keeping it wood tone or painting it a light color.   



Inspiration - Bathroom #2  - In the Master Bedroom

We've decided on a half wall at the end of the vanity with frameless shower door
 to give the illusion of a larger open room. A white vanity with oversize decorative
 mirror above helps to accomplish the same.


Inspiration - Dressing Room - In the Master Bedroom

We have a white vanity that matches the one in the adjacent bathroom, but are still
 deciding on lighting and some special touches. Maybe a chinoiserie style wallpaper
 or a mural.
My mom is going to die when she sees this picture I took, she is super neat and
 clean and was getting everything out of the bedroom and bathroom.


All of the doors and woodwork will be painted white, tile floors installed in all of
 these rooms and new carpet in the adjoining bedroom.
This week we're finishing up choosing tile, lighting, and fixtures
 and having a blast spending my dad's $$! :)  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

simple summer styling...

 Never underestimate the impact of a vase of over sized foliage.
Fresh, simple, unexpected,
 and you can probably find something similar in your yard (or a neighbors)!

 Happy weekend friends!!
Stop by on Monday I'll be sharing my latest project, demo starts tomorrow!  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

black deck...we're going for it

It's been over three weeks since I mentioned we were almost finished prepping our
deck and we'd decided on a new look, a solid stain.  Well, several rainy days delayed 
the start of our makeover and gave us a little more time to ponder our decision. You
 won't be surprised, we changed our mind and are going in a different direction and
 I'm so excited!!!!
We're going with black. And, yes we've considered: It may retain heat and be hot,
it will most likely fade with the intense Colorado sun, it will take extra care because it's
 going to show doggy footprints and debris and we're still going for it. First we tried a
 light gray sample and it didn't do it for us. I was drawn to black from day one and we
 painted a small sample and knew the second we saw it.  

Take a look at some of our inspiration...
 House & Home
 Jason Colon

We've decided on a semi transparent stain, here's a sample on our deck. We
were ready to start this afternoon as another rain shower put a damper on our project
 but the forecast is looking good for the next couple of days!

Black stain - would you, could you?
Or do you think we're crazy? :)

a pretty peach wedding...

Hey everyone, I'm sorry for the sporadic posting lately, life has been extra busy.
If you remember I helped with the decor for my nephew's wedding this past Sunday,
 and I have a few wedding photos for you, although not as many as  I was hoping for. :( 
When I wasn't busy decorating and taking care of inevitable little details, I was eating,
 drinking, dancing, crying at the toasts, waving sparklers and enjoying the special day
 with our families...getting caught up in all the fun and not focusing on taking blog photos.
 I'm so sorry, but I promise to share some of the pretty professional photos with you.
Until then...

It was beautiful setting with an open pasture just beyond this gazebo
where the ceremony took place.

The bride chose varying colors of peach and coral, with black and white.

I did lots of simple diy decor to help them keep it budget friendly. I used black
Ikea lanterns I had at the end of the rows. The baby's breath was ordered in bulk from
 Costco. (They offer several varieties of flowers). Down the center aisle we did bundles 
tied onto the chairs with long peach ribbons. Here is a close up of the lanterns when I
 was putting them together.

If you're a long time reader you may recognize those columns and urns from my dining
 room a few years ago. More recently they were outside in our garden.  

The waterworks are about to begin...again. :)

 The reception....we had a florist do the large spheres of baby's breath on the
oversized gold and silver candlesticks and I did the black and white stripe runners
 with Ikea fabric. We borrowed several of the glass hurricanes from a friend of mine. 

 The bride liked the watercolor table numbers, a super easy diy. I used watercolor
paper and watered down acrylic craft paint. 

We kept the theme and used the watercolors for a few other signs as well.
A large canvas on an easel directed guests when they arrived. 

This framed sign at the Memory table, along with a collection of 
special photos. 

And, outside on a table with sparklers.

I found these cute patterned boxes a year ago on a clearance rack at Michael's 
and thought they'd be perfect for favors, but we didn't decide what to put in them
until about a week before the wedding. It ended up being a pretty addition to the
table setting and so cost effective, around .65 for each favor. I bought the flowers
 in four packs from Home Depot and planted them in the boxes the day before. We
also painted the white plastic handles gold to make them look more high end. 

The photographer was taking a fun shot of the wedding party and I was watching
from behind.  

They were blessed with a gorgeous day, and an intimate group of family
and friends who love them and the opportunity to share in such a special day!

Congratulations Dustin & Megan! 

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