Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My Five Favorites ~ Thrifted Finds

Happy March friends!
This month's My Five Favorites' topic is near and dear to my heart!
 I couldn't love thrifting more, the thrill of the hunt and savvy negotiation make it my
game of choice. :) This month we're all sharing our favorite treasures, be it from a thrift
 store, garage sale or Craigslist. I'm excited to take a peek at my blogging pals' finds.

 Kris @ Driven by Decor
Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

We've got the queen of thrifted finds as our guest this month, Gwen @ The Makerista.
Not only does she have a keen eye for a steal, but her unique style is unmatched! I love 
her fearless style, use of color, basically everything she does! #girlcrush
Gwen did a number on this hand-me-down iron patio set, she saw potential and took 
90's green metal with floral cushions from dated to straight up timeless! 

On to my favorites... 

#1 ~ Bamboo Chairs

 It was a fun day when I found these bamboo chairs (seen in my Spring Home Tour) on
 Craigslist for a steal. I love the texture and pattern against my white vintage campaign
 chest, another Craigslist score.  

#2 ~ Vintage Nightstands

I'm a tad jealous these vintage Drexel nightstands were a find for my client's bedroom that
we did for the One Room Challenge a couple years ago. The generous size is fabulous and
they only needed a good cleaning to be top condition.   

#3 ~ Oversized Mirror

This ornate mirror (seen in Living Room Refresh) is my favorite statement piece. 
It's 6' by 7.5' and I'm so happy I didn't rule it out because of transporting it - minor detail.
 I always tell sellers I want to buy the item and figure out the logistics after I have it secured.
 We don't have a truck so we rented one from Home Depot.

#4 ~ Outdoor Furniture

 This bamboo set for our patio was a fun find, and I LOVED it for a season! Sadly,
it wasn't as functional as it was pretty. Mr. Simple didn't appreciate that the seats were only
about a foot high and didn't have a good arm rest for his beverage, haha details! I sold it and
 will show you the replacement once we have it out for the summer.

#5 ~ Tortoise Shell Tray Table

My living room coffee table (seen in Coffee Table Styling) absolutely still sparks joy :)
after finding it a few years ago. A $50 score on Craigslist, don't hate me! 

Be sure and check out these talented friends' favs:

 Kris @ Driven by Decor
Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles
Gwen @ The Makerista

You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest.  


Kathy Olson said...

I love that oversize mirror!

Cassie Bustamante said...

that mirror is my personal favorite! it's such a statement piece! so many good finds though- you are a queen!

Calypso In The Country said...

Love that mirror and those nightstands are perfect in that room! You have such a talent for finding the best pieces!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

You find the best things! This was a fun one to look back at!

Joanne said...

I am so jealous of your finds. I never have any luck on Craigslist as far as furniture. Love your mirror and coffee and your client's chests. You're right about logistics. I only look locally due to the transportation problem. Time to remedy that and score some treasures.

Anonymous said...

Your "Queen of Craigs" title is so well deserved. And, thank you for always locating and sharing finds with your friends and clients. You've saved a lot us a lot of money! (Your settee and new cabinet are also among my favorites!)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You are the most amazing treasure hunter ever. Those bamboo chairs in your living room! And the outdoor set!! Always love seeing your finds!!

Unknown said...

The coffee table is my total favorite.

Gwen, The Makerista said...

So many amazing finds! But that mirror is just insanely good! Thanks for including me this month!

Unknown said...

Seriously, I am in awe girl! So. Much. Good. Stuff!!!

cindy hattersley design said...

You are the craigslist queen! I agree about the bamboo! Thrift stores are the best spot for reasonable bamboo anything. Those chairs are fabulous. I might want to steal those puppies! I LOVE this series!

Julie @ Creating This Life said...

That coffee table will forever and always be my favorite. Love, love, love it!

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