Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Five Favorites - Beauty Products

Hi friends, hope you've had a wonderful summer, in my book it's not officially
 over until the first day of fall. We're still embracing beautiful weather, al fresco
 dining, and soaking up every last bit of summer activities. It's time for another
 edition of My Five Favorites, this month we're dishing on Beauty/Fashion.
I love finding tried and true, new to me products and can't wait to see what my
 blogging pals are sharing today! 

Jennifer @ Dimples & Tangles

I've known this month's guest, Cindy @ Rough Luxe Lifestyle, for several years she
 is the BIGGEST sweetheart, and classy and cute as can be. She's one of those people
that's true to her own style, be it fashion or interior design, and has a great eye for pulling
 together the prettiest combinations. You'll love checking out her current outfit inspiration,
 home and garden, or her latest meal and table setting when she's entertaining (like the one
 at her home below) ~ she's always an inspiration!

Here are my favs:

#1 Makeup

Depending on the product sometimes I spend more, but generally I'm a drug store makeup
girl. I've used both of these forever - Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation
& L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
The foundation gives nice coverage but doesn't feel too heavy, and the mascara makes
my lashes look long and full, doesn't clump ~ pretty simple requirements.
 I noticed this cute blogger and this one, both recommended the same mascara recently.

 #2 Makeup Remover

I remember reading about Pure Jojoba oil on a blog or Pinterest about a year ago and thought
 I'd give it a try. I've ditched all the other makeup removers I had, and it's now my go to.
It easily removes my favorite mascara and feels so hydrating. And, it washes out of my
 white washcloths nicely. I buy it at our local natural foods market.

#3 Facial Scrub

My friend brought this Andalou Lemon Sugar Facial Scrub to my Favorite Things Christmas
 Party last year. Aren't recommendations from friends the best?! I keep it in the shower, it's
a nice exfoliate that's gentle enough to use a couple times a week, and has a light lemon
 scent. I buy mine at our local natural foods market, Sprouts.

#4 Body Lotion

I hate to mention it, but dry winter skin will be here before we know it. :(
My dermatologist recommended AmLactin Body Lotion years ago, it's not heavy or greasy,
the alpha-hydroxy acid exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling so much better during our
our dry Colorado winters, and it's available at Costco.

#5 Hair Conditioner
A few years ago I was out of town visiting a friend and had forgotten my conditioner,
I asked if she had some I could borrow, she introduced me to it's a 10
It's a leave in conditioner that gets amazing reviews all across the board. There are
several varieties so check which works for your hair type - I like the extra nourishing
ingredients in this one since I have thick natural curly, color treated hair. 
  I like the convenient spray, and a little goes a long way. 


 I received these Every Drop Makeup Spatulas last year at my Favorite Things Christmas Party.
They're the best! It's crazy how much product is left in the container, the long handle can
 reach all size moisturizer and makeup bottles. The smaller spatula is perfect for lipstick and
 gloss. I love to tie them onto girlfriend gifts. These are from The Container Store, but I've 
seen similar at Target & Bed, Bath & Beyond.   

Be sure and check out these talented friends' favs:

You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest.  


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Wait, what? The makeup spatulas?? Have I been living under a rock? I need those!!! I've been hearing so much about It's A 10 hair products, those will be the next ones I try. Thanks for the recommendations and it makes me so happy to see a post from you!!

Nancie N Bartley said...

That "it's a 10" leave in conditioner goes in my daughters' stockings each year. We all have long thick hair and it's a lifesaver. And the Amlactin is the only moisturizer I use. Works wonders on your feet. Somehow I think it is making my skin younger. (Ha! Wishful dreaming.)
But those spatulas!!!! Did not know they existed. I have been cutting tubes open for years, sticking Qtips down bottles, shaking, turning things upside down. The spatulas are on my list now for my next trip to the "real world".
And my newest beauty fave? Eyelash extensions. I swore I wouldn't but....I was tired of having mascara smudges under my eyes. With age comes puffiness and my mascara ended up in raccoon eyes No more.
Happy September! Maybe I'll get to see you on one of my Denver trips? My daughter is moving up there this weekend.

cindy hattersley design said...

You ladies are killing it! I am finding so many great (new to me) products! I am always on the search for a decent mascara. That facial scrub sounds like a winner as well as the lotion, and the leave in conditioner. Thanks Pal for letting me join in the fun and for all the kind words. You are the best!!

Kathysue said...

Need to order the spatula!! Love this especially for my lip glosses, which by the way I am addicted to gloss!! Love it's a 10 used it for years, the smell is heavenly and works well on my fine hair, does not weigh it down at all. I am going to try that lotion, thanks for the recommendation!! Fun post! Girls helping Girls, gotta love that!!

La Contessa said...

HER WORDS ARE TRUE TRUE TRUE..................I came from CINDY's BLOG!I do the AGELESS STYLE POSTS with her and she is as charming and she is SMART!Her dog BEAU is ADORABLE............
THANK YOU for all these new tips especially the eye remover.............I have used LANACOME'S for years and am ready to MOVE ON!

Unknown said...

So many things I now need!!!! I've never heard of that body lotion before - will have to try it. And I meant to get a couple of those little spatulas when you mentioned them a while back - I need to get on it!!

Anonymous said...

I'll have what you're having, beautiful friend. Thanks for the tips! The spatulas are genius and I'll definitely be trying "It's a 10."

Mary Ann Pickett said...

These are great suggestions, Pam...especially the amlactin...we had a dermatologist recommend it to us too. And its so funny that you linked to my beauty I got a sample of an expensive mascara...and I seriously like the L'Oreal one way better!!! I'm definitely getting that conditioner.
Thanks so much!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love using It's a 10 and have to find those spatulas as I use Q-tips to scrape the bottom of the bottle ... my makeup bottle has a pump and lots of make-up still in the bottle when the pump stops producing! Another great leave in conditioner is Pureology Smooth Perfection...I often swap back and forth between that and It's a 10.

Kathy Olson said...

I love favorite beauty product posts! It's always fun to read.

Kathy Olson said...

p.s. I forgot to add that a product I really like is Peter Thomas Roth's Pumpkin enzyme scrub. I ordered a trial size off of ebay and loved it. Now I have to wait for the Sephora sale to purchase, as it is pricey.

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