Friday, November 14, 2014

fess up friday

I'm sure you all know Elizabeth at Little Black Door, and her infamous series, 
Fess Up Friday, where bloggers confess embarrassing traits, reveal their hoarder
 rooms or worse. Well, I'm up today and all I have to say is, "What was I thinking?!!"'
Elizabeth is the sweetest, witty as all get out and just as talented! I love her style,
 traditional with an unexpected twist, she perfectly captures one-of-a-kind sophisticated,
 bursting with a lively and playful vibe.
A girl after my own heart she is a die-hard antique hunter and thrifter, I love her
  Instagram feed,  a fun find is always popping up.  
I've lost track of her magazine features, but she has a huge spread in the current issue
 of Better Homes and Gardens Refresh!  Congrats, E! 

This beautiful kitchen and dining room of one of her design client's was also featured.

One of my favorites was her Christmas Home Tour last year, in keeping with her
 style it was charming, eclectic and filled with fun traditions! Check it out here. 

Didn't I do a great job of distracting you from heading over
If you really want to check out my embarrassing confession go here. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, wonderful friends!!! 


Dana Frieling said...

Oh my goodness, you're too funny! Now your apple pie in a jar makes even more sense!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Okay, I admit that as I was reading I thought, "This isn't so bad." And then I got to the Kroger can of beans and burst out laughing. :)

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

You are so funny!

Karena said...

I don't think I could beat that Pam and you gave me my laugh of the day!
The Arts by Karena

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

Loved reading it. And so agree on going out for lunch is a waster of time

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

One of the best fess up's in a while. Love it my friend. :)

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