Monday, May 6, 2013

high gloss paint comparison & review...

I didn't initially set out to compare and review
 Glidden's Trim and Door Extra High Gloss vs. Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel Gloss, but I
 was curious after my first experience with Glidden, painting our front door. I'm a goner for super shiny, high gloss doors, and Glidden's 'Extra High Gloss' description sold me, I wanted to
 confirm whether it was shinier and glossier than the Rust-Oleum I previously had on the door. 

I did a side by side comparison on a new board and intentionally chose one
with some imperfections to show how high gloss paint accentuates them,
 just like it did on my 1938 door!
I used a quality nylon/polyester brush recommended in the Glidden instructions,
 Purdy is my favorite.  

I took a few different photos in different lighting. 


Bottom Line - I couldn't tell any difference.

Both paints went a long way and applied equally as well.
 Glidden is a thick self-leveling gel paint designed to alleviate brush marks and drips.

Based on Glidden being 2X the price, I'd choose the Rust-Oleum. 
Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel Gloss Black
Glidden Trim & Door Extra High Gloss

I've had a couple questions about the paint.
Can you use Glidden Trim & Door to paint furniture?

Diane @ In My Own Style used it on this desk for her office, she did a beautiful job
if you'd like to check out her tutorial.  

I've used Rustoleum Protective Enamel for this table, my bathroom vanity
 and coffee table.

This week I tested the Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel on a small metal lamp shade with
 nice results, I brushed it on instead of using spray paint, and was asked:
 Why brush instead of spray paint?
I happened to be spraying some of our outdoor furniture today, this is a great example of
 the difference in sheen between the shade brushed with Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel Gloss
vs. furniture sprayed with Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Gloss Black.

Overall, our front door looks better, Mr. Simple has wanted a new door for awhile, but
 I love this 75 year old door with its original brass hardware, and all the imperfections.
Can you see the reflection of my stenciled rug at the bottom of the door? :)

I could take it off the hinges, strip, scrape and sand it all down,
but for now I've got other projects on my to-do list!

What do you think about the paint, could you tell the difference?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't ell a difference either. Which is wonderful because at half the price I'll turn to Rustoleum :)

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

I can't believe that there is such a huge price difference. I have used Glidden wall paint before and I didn't like it all that much.
I love your original door and the shiny black with the brass hardware looks beautiful.

Unknown said...

Great post. We have used both and love them equally. I love the high gloss. You remind me that I need to do my wrought iron deck furniture...ALL of it this year. That's a lot of spray paint :( Maybe I'll try sponging on the high gloss black instead of spraying? Have you done that?
Love your front door too. Xo

Cindy @ a curious gardener said...

No difference. Our handyman used the black high gloss Rustoleum to paint our garage doors and man door and then the 2X spray to do all the exterior carriage lights. I use the 2X spray to do the wrought iron on the patio. Did a few pieces last week but need to get the rest done. Are you having spring temps today? We are but need rain now!

I prefer your old front door, imperfections and all. So charming!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

That was so funny, I was staring at the two samples like crazy and then scrolled down to where you said you couldn't see the difference. Okay good I'm not losing my sight! At half the price I'd stick with the Rustoleum too - thank you for sharing your experience so we can all save a few bucks. I adore your old front door and the patina on it by the way!

Cassie Bustamante said...

wow- there really is no difference!!! crazy! yes, i like the rustoleum price, too. :) and i am with you on loving the old front door. you can't buy new character!

Peggy said...

You are right, there is no difference! I even went and put on my reading glasses to see if it was my allergy fogged eyes that couldn't tell the difference but seriously they both look awesome! With that price difference, Rustoleum is definitely the way to go. And that door...doors with that kind of character are so hard to come by these days! Hmm, I think I have some place where it would look lovely, ;-)

Have a wonderful day!

Dana Frieling said...

Crazy that the price difference is so significant. Thanks for saving me time in the Home Depot paint aisle!

Calypso In The Country said...

Great to know the cheaper one works just as well. I have to repaint my front door so bad!...

Karena said...

Pam I love what you have created with the Rustoleum Enamel! That would be my choice as well. As you said I cannot see any difference in the after images!

Art by Karena

Kim said...

I love Gloss anything ... and for the price difference I would choose Rustoleum as well!! I need to do my outdoor furniture ... Calling for rain this weekend, so it is on hold. UGH! xo

Leslie said...

Yes! Such a difference. I really like the high gloss particularly on the door. We have a black door that needs to be repainted so I appreciate this review. thx Pam!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I could not tell the difference....I would have to get the more expensive paint...I'm a dripper and love the fact you couldn't see the brush strokes..

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Great experiment!

Gypsy Heart said...

I can't tell the difference. Thanks for experimenting and sharing with us!


Unknown said...

I cannot see the difference either. Glad I saw this we are about to paint our front door glossy black and after seeing that door I am 100% sure!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I love Rustoleum products...glad to hear that you used a brush. I am definitely trying this project on a garden table...thanks Pam!!...the door looks great!

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

This is a really cool post! I've always wondered how you get that high-gloss lacquered look with paint. Great to know the rustoleum does the job!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Nope, can't tell! Glad there's a big price difference, though. Easy decision!

Monica said...

Great paint post thank you for sharing and I love your door. I do see the difference in spray and painting in your sample and I have found thru failure that spray paint spots sprays which I do not like.

Honey I'm Home Blog said...

Thanks Pam, I love posts like this! It's so great to hear honest opinions in case I need to use a product like this some time. And I adore your door - I'm glad you didn't replace it.

Warmly, Michelle
Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

MrsSW said...

WOW! What a shine - thanks for showing the difference. :)


Unknown said...

So......all of you who say you are going to paint your deck furniture...are you going to use the high gloss paint left over from the front door project? I recently painted my door using the Glidden and loved it but have loads left over and at the price I paid I would love to use it on my rod iron furniture but thought it would be way to shiny!!!!!!!
Appreciate your feedback

Danielle Bailey said...

Painting is one way of protecting your door and keeping it on its prime condition. And yeah, I don't think I can tell the difference between the two paints too! Haha! Well, good job you did here!
Danielle @ Vinylume Home Improvement

Eugene Bryant said...

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