Wednesday, November 16, 2011

random ??? and what's in the advent boxes

                                      Here goes, first the most important...
                                  What do you put in the advent boxes?
                          'detail boy' is 13, so these items might seem a bit odd. :)

My biggest tip if you're using similar items is to look at your calendar and be strategic, (we
don't do fast food so it's a treat). I give those 1 at a time and when all are accumulated
we can go. I  make sure the last one is given on a night we have a school or sports event and
no time for dinner, perfect for a night when Mom & Dad are heading to a party! I know we
have tickets to an Avalanche game, so that day I'll give the nachos coupon. I always throw in a
couple items that are necessities (chapstick & toothbrush) if the item doesn't fit in the box I'll
cut the name off the package and put that in. For the 24th and 25th, I'll put in a bible verse.

 OUR RULE:  If you happen to mention that what's in the box is 'lame' your chances of getting
       something the next day are slim....they'll never be so excited to get a toothbrush!


                                      Where is the exposed brick in your home?

It's wallpaper in 'detail boy's room' we were trying to emulate Wrigley Field. I looked a long
time to find something that looked realistic. It's been there awhile and is on the 2012 list to go.

                                        Where did you get the pots the topiaries are in?
                                                         Hobby Lobby - long ago.

                                          Do you have a post about your kitchen?
        Not yet, we remodeled about four years ago, I had a great time planning and designing.
                     I intended to do a detailed post, but since that hasn't happened
                                            I'll do one with Christmas decor.                  

                                                  FYI - Monogram Door Mat
Just wanted to let you know if you're planning to make one, you should do more than 1 coat
of paint, in my hurry to complete it I only used one coat, I can tell it is beginning to lighten.
                                Ours is on an exposed porch with strong southern sun.

                                                    One MoreThanksgiving Tip
        When you're making crust for pies, make an extra one for a homemade turkey pot-pie!
                       This is Ina Gartens's Chicken Pot Pie recipe, I tweak it a tad.
            I use leftover turkey, less onion, add potatoes, and put it in a large pie dish.
       Pot pies are so easy, you can put in any almost any leftover veggies you like, I add my
                                    leftover mashed potatoes and gravy....yum!
                                          I can't wait, I love Thanksgiving!




Dana Frieling said...

Your handwriting is gorgeous! Will you address my Christmas cards? Ha!

Lori said...

Such great ideas and even your timing is so thoughtful. Detail boy is a lucky boy! Thanks for sharing so many great tips.

Holly Gruszka said...

Thanks for the details (and nosy me two of those are my questions :) I do love your strategic ways of handling the Advent calendar - very thorough. Thanks for the tips Pam!

A Vintage Vine said...

Love your "details"! Can't wait to try the advent tree and now the pot pie recipe...thanks!

Carly {a simple affair} said...

Thanks for answering all of the questions :) What wonderful ideas--I love the one for an app! So creative

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