Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my reward for saving $$

                                            You all are so incredibly kind!
                        Thank you for all the nice comments on my barstools, being a
          new blogger it's so encouraging to know people check out my little projects!

                 A few of you asked about a tutorial  ~ yes,  I'll try to get one together.
                                                  And, about our kitchen,
                    we did a remodel about four years ago, I'll share the details soon!
                    Yesterday I mentioned I was going shopping today as my reward for
                      the $$ I saved on my diy barstoool slipcovers, good excuse, huh?

                                  I thought I'd update my winter wardrobe with...
                    A cozy poncho to throw with leggings and wedge ankle boots or
                              a casual reversible one with jeans and riding boots.

                                Collection XIIX Square PonchoNordstrom Reversible Ruana

                                    Nordstrom - Square Poncho  $49.90 (on sale now)
                                    Nordstrom - Reversible Ruana  $118.00

                                     Unfortunately this is what I ended up with....

A new vacuum.....

The Good News
I had to have one today, and it was on sale.
I always buy the exact same one, Kenmore Progressive Canister
(always rated at the top by Consumer Report) 

The Bad News
I hate to spend $$ on boring things like a vacuum.
Makes for a boring blog post compared to a stylish poncho to show you!

Maybe shopping will be in the cards later this week!



Dana Frieling said...

Ah man, you got me all excited then, BAM, hit me with a vacuum! Agreed, those purchases stink! I hope there are prettier purchases in your future.

Holly Gruszka said...

You're like a blogging pro Pam, so glad you gave it a whirl!! One plus to the vaccum purchase is that you'll probably have it longer than the poncho though, right? Not as fun at all but more uses.

Lori said...

At least you ruled out a vaccuum as a Christmas gift! The ponchos are really cute!

NNB said...

Next time get a DYSON and you won't have to keep buying new vacuums. I can truly say my DYSON vaccuum gives me joy. (I'm not capitalizing that word, iPad is....) Mine is eight years old and has never given me an ounce of trouble. Cleans up after a Golden Retriever(well, used to) three cats, three kids, and a very messy chinchilla. Wish I had one upstairs and one downstairs. Their only downside is the price.

Shannon Fox said...

I feel your pain! In the span of 2 months we had to buy a washer, then a new fridge. Ouch! My second vac went out too! But for now, I'm lugging my Dyson up and down the stairs. I am not spending any more money unless it's on something pretty!! LOL

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