Thursday, July 12, 2012

neutral and color obsessed...

Thanks for playing along with my 'how well do you know me?' game yesterday.
The truth is, I'm so indecisive ...the problem is,
I love neutrals AND rooms with color.
I've come up with a solution I can't wait to implement!

Here's the color I'm going for, although not distressed.
Also, this room has many of the same elements
of mine, white french doors, rustic wood table, wood buffet.  
soft blue gray walls, brass chandelier, rustic farmhouse dining table, white dining chairs, French doors, buffet and art
The versatility of neutrals has always won me over.
I decided on neutral upholstered seats, as well.
(for those who asked, when I'm finished with these I'll move onto upholstering the captain's chairs, I should be done in 2013!)
the ability to dramatically change a room simply with pillows is
what finally made my decision an easy one. 
I'm  planning on lumbar pillows on all of the side chairs.
Given the style of the chair the pattern will be easily visible, and I can
go bold, bright, fun, sophisticated, subdued, floral, stripe, leopard....
perfect for an indecisive person who likes to change things often!

Here are a few ideas...

chatelaine magazine
These are more over-sized than my plan, but a fun color for spring. 
Pillows on dining room chairs
Nice combination of color and pattern.
Pretty hues for fall!
And, summer.
Fresh and pretty for Easter.
Mix of Black and White patterns.
mix of pillows

sweater pillows
Serene neutrals.
Taylor Greenwalt Interiors

My motivation for getting the chairs painted will be choosing fabric for the pillows!
If that won't be the height of indecision. :)


Nita Stacy said...

I painted all my dining room chairs distressed white last year and love them. I put colorful fabric on them....thinking I'd do slip covers in a neutral. Have I done the slipcovers? No. But I still mean to. I have to say....I don't envy you painting all those chairs. It took me like 2 months to get mine all done and I only had 5...then I did my table and buffet. The chairs were the worst. The buffet the easiest. I think I will never paint another dining table and chairs.

Cassie Bustamante said...

beautiful images! i ntend to gravitate towards neutrals in the less changeable pieces and walls and then pops in color on furniture and textiles.... it is easy to change!
i am hemming and hawing and hesitating on my own bedroom makevoer at the moment because i had decided on navy walls, but now i keep wondering if i should just go white.....

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I feel your pain. I must make a million different "decisions" until finally deciding on a direction. I think your compromise is brilliant.

Peggy said...

Do I ever understand what you are going through!! WE've lived in this house for 2.5 years already and our bedroom still isn't done!!! For that matter neither is the boys' rooms but at least theirs have been painted!! :) They simply have minimal art work... but I think they like it that way.

I must agree with Cassie though about neutrals for less changeable items. your chairs are going to look splendid! Have fun!

Dana Frieling said...

You're idea is fabulous! After painting all those chairs, you're never going to want to repaint them again. You have such a talent for picking gorgeous fabrics. It'll be fun to see what you find!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

I just painted my chairs with Annie Sloan paint and now have to paint the hutch. Cant wait to see the new look and love the idea of pillows on the chairs.

Unknown said...

This sounds absolutely perfect, and exactly like you! So classy and elegant with punches of designery boldness! ( like your nailhead ceiling!)
Best of luck with the chairs! Have a great weekend.

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

I cannot wait to see how they look with their new design! I love the idea of pillows on the chairs. If my dining room chairs ever make it home from the upholstery shop I have pillows for them!

Holly Gruszka said...

I've been making quick decisions lately and it freakin' scares me. But what ever decision you make - you know it's reversible and whatever you chose will also be gorgeous. I love the peek of lumbar pillow fabric through the chairs - that will be really pretty.

Leslie said...

Beautiful! I too am neutral obsessed :) That wood table at the top is stunning!!


pcb said...

Love it. I recently brought in some color in my dining room with lumbar pillows, too. Love them.

Sew a Fine Seam said...

:) like all your inspiration pics! Will be so fun to see your finished project!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

That's just what I would choose to do too, Pam! The ability to change things up on a whim is so important to me these days….I love that you'll be able to mix it up with the seasons!

Hyphen Interiors said...

Good idea! I think this is exactly why I love pillows so much!


I am in love with that last bedroom.....Of course I am a big believer in neutrals that can be accented with easy to change.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what the color/brand of the paint is on the wall in the first picture.

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