Sunday, July 22, 2012

how to get a high end look from stock cabinets

As promised, when I showed you our kitchen remodel here,
these are some of the ways I used less expensive stock cabinets to get a high end look.
 Stock cabinets mean the dimensions are standard, and the wide variety of choices
 available in semi-custom and custom cabinets are limited.


I created this by STACKING THREE STOCK CABINETS and had our contractor insert
 a pull out for the keyboard between the bottom two. I had it adjusted to a height that would
 allow me to use the bar stool at the island.  
For interest and function I chose mirrored mullion doors for the two top cabinets, the mirror
obscures the computer and office supplies. When ordering the cabinets I specified no glass,
 and had a local company install bronze mirror.


I used 1/8" plywood as an end panel to conceal the cabinets.
It was painted using a paint/stain kit available for purchase from the cabinet manufacturer.




I purchased a Kitchen Aid refrigerator (style that could accommodate custom panels)
 from the Sears Factory Outlet, it had a couple scratches which I knew wouldn't matter
 because we would be covering them up. The factory outlet sells new appliances that are
 slightly damaged at discounted prices, I kept checking back and found it about
six months prior to starting our remodel. 
I used a 1/8" plywood cut to fit each side as the back panel, it slides in from the top.
(painted with a paint/stain kit available for purchase from the cabinet manufacturer) 
 The doors are glued to the panel.  
The total cost for this configuration of doors is $235.


I knew I wanted an island base of high gloss black cabinets, but it wasn't a choice the stock
 cabinet manufacturer offered. I went to my local auto body shop (unfortunately, we're
 on a first-name basis) and asked if they would be willing to spray them. It was that easy.
I had the cabinets for the island delivered directly to their shop, went by and looked
them over for any damage before they began. They did a sample for me that looked great.
We've had them for five years, they are still as beautiful as they day they were installed,
 a couple of teeny-tiny nicks you couldn't even find, that I covered with a sharpie.
I'm sorry, I can't remember how much they charged, I remember thinking they under bid!
Maybe $300 - $400?

The cabinets I used for the base are a 27", 24"- 3 drawer, 24"- 3 drawer and a 24" on an
 angle at the seating end (you can get a better idea in the photo above of the entire kitchen). 
The 27" base was initially a three drawer cabinet, I had the contractor remove the two
upper drawers and build a base for our microwave, I was able to purchase a microwave
surround kit, so it looks completely built in.
The way we angled the cabinet on the end created a small triangular shaped area that
 would have been wasted space...not happening!

I ordered a 15" door, and had our contractor build a shelf, it's perfect for my mixer and
food processor.  I included an outlet for easy access to the island. The outlet also serves
as a convenient way to use our crock pot on the island if we have a buffet set up.

I put my ruler in there for scale, you really can use every single inch of your kitchen!

For a custom look we ordered panels to cover the front and end of the island.

Whew, that is my longest post ever!
I'll share a few more details next week.
Hope you're inspired to think outside the box!

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Angela said...

Great tips-your kitchen is gorgeous!

Cassie Bustamante said...

that was smart thinking- it all looks fabulous!

Calypso In The Country said...

Pam, you really put a lot of thought into the planning. That's probably why everything came out so perfectly! It is a stunning kitchen!
Cheers to you! - Shelley

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful kitchen! I am in love with the high gloss black island.

Unknown said...

I just absolutely love that island and all the custom touches. Were the channels already on the refrigerator to slide your door panels on? so cool. You're amazing. Have a great week.

Dana Frieling said...

Girl, you didn't leave a single detail untouched. Love that! And, wow, I never knew you type this many words at once. ha! ha!

Ally said...

Incredible how you oversaw every teeny detail. I would have thrown up my hands in defeat and accepted my dented fridge. Seriously though, your computer station is genius.

Lana @whatsthestorymorninglory said...

Hi Pam,
Love they way you hid your computer and components. You would never know you had an office space in the kitchen. Great use of space all around.

Lori said...

Pam, you're a genius. Every detail is so well-thought out. Add kitchen designer to your longgggg list of talents!

Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

Great tutorial. I'm impressed with your creative use of panels for your refrigerator! Amazing! So important to have your computer in a family area !

Sew a Fine Seam said...

That is definitely and inspiration! I love the way your mixer and food processor are tucked neatly away. and using an auto body shop for painting? -wonderful idea!

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

Your kitchen looks amazing! No detail was overlooked, the panels for your fridge was a genius idea!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Wow Pam, you really made the most of every square inch of your kitchen! I love all your creative solutions, and absolutely adore your desk area!!! I am bookmarking this for the day I get to redesign our kitchen….I can't even begin to tell you how much you inspire me!! Thanks for sharing all these ideas!!

Holly Gruszka said...

This makes me want to break out my notes from our kitchen remodel and see the notes and plans that I made when figuring it all out. It seems like a lot during the renovation, but looking back it all makes sense - doesn't it? So is that where you do all of your blogging at that station? I can just see you sitting there tapping away :)

Brandy~GreyLaneHome said...

Pam your kitchen is so pretty. I can't believe your secrets to create this spectacular look. Great Job.

ECKDesign said...

WOW!!! I was already quite impressed by you BEFORE this post... this just puts you over the top! AMAZING! =o)

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Great ideas. I am going to have to pin some of these.

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Pam, this is so incredibly well thought out and I love how you maximized every bit of your space. I'm totally keeping your fridge in mind for the future...(I hate the fridge we bought two years ago!) would love to do something similar! Beautiful job!

Paige Thomas King said...

I was hoping you could tell me about the counter top you used on the island--I love it!

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