Friday, December 2, 2016

TGIF - The Gems I Found

Happy December friends! 
I've been frantically excitedly working on getting our home decorated for my annual
 girlfriend party next Tuesday and a couple Christmas tours. It's always a hot mess and crazy
 until the decorating is off the list, but once my house is back in order I feel like I can enjoy
 all the festivities, traditions, baking and shopping. :) 
So that's on my agenda for the weekend ~ hope yours is a good one!     

Before & After ~ A Stylish Living Room
Painting the stone fireplace was a great call!

Beautiful collection of art for your home.

I'm obsessed with this creative layering idea, and there are lots of suggested combinations. 

Inspiring Before & After of a modest starter home.

A chic makeover of a 500 square foot apartment in NYC.

12 Days of Holiday Homes begins today with two beautiful homes!

Amanda @ Dixie Delights


Anonymous said...

Oh that starter home is so pretty, it would be my finisher home too! I'll be copying the layered doormats. Looking forward to your tour!

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

I posted that before and after curb appeal on Facebook too. It's just so so good.

Crazy Wonderful said...

What a treat to see my rugs in your post! Thank you, Pam ☺️ Blown away by that tiny apartment and home before and after.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Ooooh these are some fantastic weekend reads!! Thanks and enjoy the weekend beautiful lady!!

Laurel Bern said...

Thanks so much Pam, for sharing that amazing home the fabulous Nancy Keyes sent me! Lucky me! It actually *was* her starter home that she bought in 1979 and sold in 2008. More pics on the blog of the interior (which I can't link to because there's no option unless I put in the post which I think is a little tacky) and of her new home. Wait until you see the bathroom! and the kitchen is to die for! xo ~ Laurel

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