Friday, July 17, 2015

what's on my secret Pinterest boards...

Every once in awhile when I'm on Pinterest I wonder what kinds of things other people
 have pinned to their Secret Pinterest Boards. In my mind it must be something very cool
 that they don't want to divulge quite yet, something innovative. 
Mine are mostly projects I'd love to make or do...someday. 
One of my favorite things about blogging is sharing ideas and inspiring
 people if I can. When I noticed my 'Secret DIY Board' had 565 Pins I thought this is
 crazy I'm never going to make all of these. It would be like having 565 pairs of shoes
 and not offering to let your friends borrow them. Well maybe not quite the same,
I'd probably rather have the shoe offer. :)  Anyway you get the idea, so here are some
fun ideas I thought you might like. 

Please pin from original source indicated below the photo. 

Hang photos or artwork from hooks.

DIY this high-end snakeskin covered parson table.

Slip a macrame piece over a jug for unique texture, keep an open mind at
 thrift stores for a similar textile.

  Clearly, I had a crush on marbling and big DIY plans.

DIY a thrifted console by adding perforated metal.
I love the interest and texture vs a typical console.

Can't get enough of tassels, fringe, trim and texture!

One of my favorite surprises to send, it's as much fun putting together
a custom Box of Sunshine as it is to receive! 
Some items I like to include - yellow nail polish, yellow note cards, 
yellow bath pouf, yellow dish towel, smiley face sticky notes, lemon hand soap,
lemon dish soap, yellow spatula, yellow pot holder, yellow silly string, 
yellow bath foam for kiddos ... :) 

Paint your ordinary fan to give it a retro look.

Use an ornate console outside, a marble/granite remnant top would make a 
perfect buffet for entertaining. 

Jill Sorenson - sorry broken link

So, what's on your Secret Pinterest Board? 
You can check out all my Pinterest Boards or follow them here.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


Cassie Bustamante said...

you are hilarious!!!! my secret boards are for rooms when i have a makeover in mind i haven't shared... ;)

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

My secret board is called "eye candy" and there isn't one fashion or home decor item on there know what I'm saying?!?!?
Oh and I'm loving all the pom pom and tassel goodness up there

René said...

Like you I have a few ideas squirreled away on private pinboards. I've never seen any of these images though.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Shoot, I don't have a secret board, but thanks for sharing yours!

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag! You have the best secrets. Such pretty inspiration!

Have a fun grrr weekend!

Vel Criste said...

Love marbling something too, but your right, no time for any of that just yet. Thanks for sharing all this fab ideas Pam! Have a great weekend!

Karena said...

Pam I have never had a secret Pinterest board, not sure why? So glad you shared some of your ideas though, thank you!! Have a super weekend!

The Arts by Karena

Unknown said...

very fun! I love these ideas. I don't have any secret boards...hmmm, maybe I should? \share-er soIm thanks for letting these go public! There seem to be no secrets anymore on the internet anyway! Have a wonderful weekend. xo Nancy

Haley said...

I love this! My secret board has mostly art ideas and links to specific craft things I want to buy, but it also has a lot of embarrassing stuff like 'how to yell less' and 'how to get rid of blackheads'.

Unknown said...

All such great ideas - I'd love to make a few of those marbleized bowls!!

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