Sunday, July 27, 2014

a favorite summer dinner...

Hey everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend! 
Mine went from totally awesome to totally awful! I'll share the details tomorrow,
it would have been my best Craigslist find ever! : (  So sad! 
So I decided to eat, if you follow me on Instagram you saw I made one of
 our favorite summer dinners, Fish Tacos with Chipotle Cream (5 Star Rating) and 
Grilled Corn with Spicy Butter and Lime.   

Sorry for the bad photo, it was getting dark outside by the time we ate.
Fish Tacos with Chipotle Cream - recipe here

I found the fish taco recipe years ago on Food Network, but I tweak it a bit because we 
like spicy! The original recipe by Ellie Krieger is here, I like to make these changes:

1 - I use Tilapia loins from Costco and saute them in a non-stick pan. 
- Chipotle Cream - I use Light Sour Cream in place of nonfat yogurt and add about 
3T lime juice, and NO mayo.
3 - 4 tablespoons instead of 2 teaspoons chipotle pepper (pureed in food processor).
I buy a 7 oz. can of Cipotle Pepper in Adobo Sauce and puree it in my food processor
and freeze it for use as needed.     
4 - I use a package of shredded slaw mix for the cabbage
5 - I don't use any corn kernels since I like to serve it with Grilled corn.
6 - We like avocado slices on ours.

The ideal side dish is this spicy, tangy grilled corn on the cob. You boil it first, so it just
needs a quick few minutes on the grill.  

BBQ Corn with Mexican Spicy Butter and Lime - Recipe here

I found this recipe by Eat Drink Daily on Pinterest and followed it exactly.
 It called for 70 grams of butter I used about 4 tablespoons for 4 ears of corn. If you
 sample the spicy butter on its own the lime is pretty strong, but when brushed on the
 corn it blends perfectly.  Enjoy! 

What's your favorite summer dinner?

16 comments: said...

This looks amazing, just when I was thinking how tired I am of the same old thing on the grill! Thanks ;-)

Kris @ Driven by Décor said...

Oohh - I missed this post of yours on Instagram - that looks like a dinner I would love! Sorry to hear about your Craigslist find that didn't pan out :(

Unknown said...

Oh my, this looks so yummy! We will for sure be making the tacos and BBQ corn!

Unknown said...

Looks amazing! I adore fish tacos and lime flavorings. Sorry about your lost find- there's always another around the corner! xo Nancy

Cassie Bustamante said...

OH YUM! love fish tacos! i am coming over- i will bring the margaritas!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

this looks so good!! I'm keeping this one for my records!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

I am so in love with all these gourmet tacos. soooo much better than the old el paso box kit i grew up with. Will definitely be trying these bad boys out!

Dana Frieling said...

My favorite summer dinner is the one prepared by someone else! Sorry you had a sad CL weekend, friend.

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Looks so good, are those just corn tortillas that you use for the tacos? Dying to hear about your CL gone wrong story!

Simply LKJ said...

Looks amazing and sounds delicious!! Would love to try making these.

cindy hattersley design said...

This is my kind of meal! I think I will make these at the lake next weekend!!

Carrie said...

This looks DELICIOUS!!!! I'm definitely going to have to try it! :)

Unknown said...

Yummy! This looks delish!! A perfect easy summer dinner!

The Bold Abode said...

How delish! Grilled corn is the best-est!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Saw that on your instagram and it looks wonderful !!! A perfect summer dinner..

RED ARROW said...

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