Monday, December 10, 2012

pottery barn knock off pillows...

Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes!!
I didn't give it much thought when I said leave a comment for the giveaway,
but it made my day reading all your kind sentiments, you guys are truly the best!

I love those PB catalogs, the warm cozy rooms, decked out for the holidays and
styled to perfection. Although I prefer a good dose of my own personality injected
 into a space there's no denying if I can find a way to simply
knock-off one of their pieces at a fraction of the price I'm all over it!  

I copied these pillows...Holiday 2012 Catalog

My version...

Poinsettia Pillow 20" x 20" - $1.43
Antique White Felt 1/8 yard @ 3.49/yd. = .44 - Jo-Ann Fabrics
Jingle Bells 18/pkg.  .99
Pillow Form - I had
Burlap - I had

Sweater Pillow 16" x 16" - $2.50
100% Icelandic Wool Sweater - Goodwill
Pillow Form - I had

Pottery Barn...December 2012

Poinsettia Pillow, 12" Square - $29.50
Trevor Fair Isle Sweater Cover, 20" Square - $39.50

Here's a brief  tutorial for the Poinsettia Pillow:

I chose to use more leaves since my pillow is 20" x 20" and PB was 12 x 12.
7 large  -  6" x 3 1/2"
7 medium -  6" x 3"
7 small - 6" x 2 1/2"
4 smaller - 4" x 2"

I sewed a straight line down the center of each leaf for texture, then did a
 rough arrangement on the top half of the burlap to get an idea of placement.

Put a piece of newspaper under the burlap for any glue that may seep through,
it will easily peel away when you're finished.

Using your glue gun, start with the largest leaves, and continue layering medium,
 then small and ending with the smallest until all leaves have been attached.

Glue the bells to the center.

Fold the bottom half of the burlap over the top and pin (right sides will be together)
Sew the side seams and hand stitch the opening after inserting your pillow.
If time doesn't permit hand stitching, safety pins always work perfectly for me. :)

I'll be sharing more holiday decor this week...
my mantle and a surprise in the dining room!

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Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Oh, so cozy! I've wanted to make that flower pillow for a long time, just haven't done it! Your paperwhites are looking great. Mine are sprouting in the bag in the garage :( Keep forgetting to plant them!

Anonymous said...

How satisfying, making them for a fraction of the cost. I am sure yours look better too!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Beautiful pillows. Love the burlap and the bells are so cute as centers. Thanks for the tutorial. Ana

Luci @Bungalow At Home said...

I love their pillows but can never get myself to buy one. The Poinsettia pillow is adorable and if I had time. I'd make one but I'm so behind...

Debbiedoos said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job. So glad you shared with the knock off party.

Cassie Bustamante said...

it's beautiful! lovely job, pam!

Unknown said...

Fantastic Pam! I love the sweater pillow as well. Im making one from an old cashmere stained sweater.. have a wonderful day.
xo Nancy

Peggy said...

Good morning! I have to admit I had to keep looking back and forth trying to figure out which was the pillow you made versus the PB pillow! Simply beautiful! Have a wonderful day! I do believe I am going to drag out my sewing machine today and make a few pillow covers. Our sofa is looking rather bare and some how all the pillows have ended up else where in our house (hmm teenage boys methinks!) So how is the weather in Denver these days? I keep forgetting to ask my cousin.... :)

Take care now,

Unknown said...

Go girl! Fun, fun, fun! I especially love the Icelandic sweater pillow as I have a few wool sweaters from Goodwill that are just waiting to be made into something......!

Cindy @ a curious gardener said...

Good lord, you are so clever!

Cotton said...

this is perfection!! So clever and not too hard to do! I love when I see something in a catalog and think "I can do that!"

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Oh my gosh, you've done it again! Makes me want to grab my glue gun and start making pillows, although that is really the last thing my house needs!! haha :)

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Awesome! I need to add some felt flower pillows to my stash!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Those are so pretty and look just like PB's.

Amanda said...

These are so pretty Pam! and a very Happy belated birthday to you!!! (Im behind on my blog reading :-) )

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

So pretty!! You are inspiring people everywhere to look at the PB catalog differently….what can I DIY vs. what can I afford to buy!!
Your paperwhites are gorgeous by the way!

Dana Frieling said...

Classic and beautiful! Btw, I woke up to my first paperwhite bloom this morning. yay!

Decor To Adore said...

Your pillows are just enchanting!

May the peace, joy and beauty of the season be yours.

Always Nesting said...

Great pillow!!! Love the tutorial, you make it so easy. I'm here from Debbie's.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Your pillows are out of this world and so superior to Pottery Barn. You are a wonder!
Thanks for sharing your secrets!!!!

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

Love it! Your pillows looks fabulous! Your couch looks cozy, it's beautiful!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

You are one talented lady....they look like the real Mc Coy....

Cindy said...

Your pillows are beautiful! I also made some of those pillows, white leaves on red velvet, though, instead of the burlap. You are very talented!
Have a wonderful day!

erica said...

I love your version! I will definitely have to make a couple of these for myself and as gifts! Thanks for sharing I almost bought these over the weekend. xx

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Pam your pillows look beautiful!! Belated Happy Birthday :)

Keeping It Cozy said...

LOVE your pillows! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Unknown said...

I'm in love with your blog!!! I'm your newest follower of your blog and Pinterest. I'm definitely looking forward to looking through all of your Pinterest photos!

Lori said...

You are IKEA's best friend, but Anthropology and Pottery Barn- not so much! I like your versions of their pillows even more than the originals! You just never cease to amaze me!

Robin Johnson said...

Pam you did a wonderful job. your pillow looks amazing!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

So beautiful...I need to be making more knock offs that spending a fortune at Pottery Barn....fantastic job Pam!!

Karena said...

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!!Pam I love your pillows even more than Pottery Barn's!

2012 Artists Series,

Linda said...

Pillows are so expensive...and they aren't really that hard to make. I love how you showed us how to copy them!!!

I love your blog and I am going to become a follower!

Merry Christmas!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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