Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hide and creeps??

I've always loved cowhide rugs.
 It seems most people have a love or hate relationship with them.
  Do you think they have an unexpected elegance or do they give you the creeps?

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I might have a new one to show you tomorrow! :)
See all the creases in the photo above, mine has had books stacked on it
to press them out for a few days, but if it's good enough for House Beautiful
 I'm not waiting another day! 


Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Love them...I bought Stephen a bench with the seat covered in cowhide for his office. A rug would be so fun if we had a place for one!

Sew a Fine Seam said...

I love them! I want a white one! Where is a good place to buy them without breaking the bank??

Judy said...

I do love them but have yet to order the "real deal". When I was at Ikea a couple of weekends ago, I saw theirs and I think they go for around $199 which is a steal but still didn't buy one. I have a small faux one down in the den (stolen from the sunroom!) so maybe one day I'll bite the bullet and order one.

Can't wait to see yours!

Amanda said...

LOVE! Ive been chomping at the bit the get one too!! Im wanting an all white or cream one. Cant wait to see yours!

Dana Frieling said...

Yee haw, friend...go for it!

Unknown said...

I love cowhides! You have put up some of the best pictures I've seen! Lucky you to own one, I can't wait to see it?
Xo Nancy

Unknown said...

LOVE!!! Can't wait to see where yours is going....

Terry said...

I'd love to add one to my husband's "man cave". Any suggestions for a good but affordable source? Thanks, Pam. I really love your blog!

charmaine said...

Love cowhides! I have 2! The best part is it is pretty stain resistant!

Leslie said...

Depends on the space. I don't have one but I think they are fun. :)


Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

I've always loved them. They are a less intense version of using zebra or leopard in a room. Beautiful photos!

Hyphen Interiors said...

Love them. I have two. One is fake, one is real. I just got the real one yesterday at IKEA! It's way cheaper there. Love it. And, well, my husband is a hunter, so we have to satisfy his need for animal skins somehow. Good way to add organic lines and texture, though.

Lori said...

I love them, especially those in the photos you compiled. I think the cream ones are particulary elegant. (Love your blog and your clever, witty posts!)

live sports said...

nice house pics

Reads Rugs said...

Very good! love carpets. And I really like the bangle wall art idea!

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