Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a deal and an update...

Today I was headed to Home Depot for paint, but was distracted by a DEAL in the
 garden section before I even made it inside.

These small globe arborvitae are $3.33 

Boxwoods, too!

I couldn't resist a couple arborvitae to plant in my urns.
TIP: Put a coffee filter in the bottom of your pots, covering the drainage hole,
it will keep the dirt from draining out. 

Focus...back to the paint for the potting bench!

This metal frame was completely covered in rust and took forever to get to this point,
I decided to paint over it, instead of remove the rust. My original reason for heading to HD.
I turned it around and practiced tweaking the color on the back.

Too dull... (Metallic Matte Nickel)

Too shiny... (Metallic Aluminum)

Just right!
 (Metallic Matte Nickle w/Aluminum on top and rubbed in a little)

Dang! Not enough time to finish painting this now.
 Instead I potted and trimmed the plants.
Arborvitae is a hardy fast grower requiring little maintenance!
More on where I plan to put them on another day.

This larger variety was $15, still a bargain.
I stacked some bricks in the bottom of the pot and set it inside,
my favorite potting method!

Run to Home Depot before the Mother's Day shoppers clean them out!


Anonymous said...

Excellent tip with the coffee filters, I will be including them in my pots from now on.

Unknown said...

The brushed nickel and aluminum combination looks great! and talk about a great deal. I have been thinking about planting some boxwood for a little while, hopefully they have them at our HD! Also, love the coffee filter tip! Genius!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I never heard that about the coffee filters- thanks for the tip! How do the shrubs do in pots? I might try that this year.

Dana Frieling said...

It's like being a kid in a candy store when there's a clearance section in the garden center! I like your way of thinking with the bench...just paint over it!

Holly Gruszka said...

I hadn't heard of the coffee filters idea either. I've been putting plastic bottles and other empty cans as fillers on the bottom. I usually get some flowers on Mother's Day weekend to plant - now i'll have to check out Home Depot.

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Coffee filters- brilliant! I'm so doing that! I love finding those bargains, you cannot beat $3!! Can't wait to see the bench:)

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Home depot is on my list!! Tonight! Will see if there is anything left.
Love the coffee filter idea. hope i remember that next spring - m urns are already planted for this year.
Will you leave the arbovitae in the urns long term or will you have to replant them somewhere eventually?

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

Oh I love seeing snippets of your yard -- your home is GORGEOUS!

Karena said...

Pam I love the planted urns, gorgeous!! Also the painted bench; adore!

I have a feature Interview and Giveaway on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home...I hope you will visit


Art by Karena

viv said...

These are so beautiful! I wish I had a car and could drive to a Home Depot!

Amanda said...

oh great! now I want to go to HomeDepot! :-) It all looks lovely!

Unknown said...

How great! I need those urns....they are beautiful.
Happy day to you, and thanks for the sweet thoughts.
xo Nancy

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ok, we LIVE at home depot. and we (husband) just built a potting table. and finally ... do you take your dog to home depot? it's sherman's favorite place ever. i had no idea they were even allowed, but they love him. who knew.

Ange said...

Oooh, I think I'll be headed to Home Depot tonight! Thanks for the deal alert! The bench is going to look fabulous, I like the mixing of the colors!

SSM said...

I love the look of your plants in the urn. :)

Lori said...

Your coffee filter tip is genius! Thanks for sharing.

Little Sister said...

Love the coffee filter idea! And I can't wait to see how the bench turns out!!!

natasha {schue love} said...

Ohh so many great boxwood and they actually do well up here! :)

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