Sunday, January 1, 2012

creature of habit

Are you a 'creature of habit' or a 'spontaneous, change it up' type?
I'll bet your yearly calendar says it all!
Can you guess which I am?

Predictable?  Boring?  Knows what she likes?  Has a plan?

Don't be so quick to judge!
All because of blogging I turned the corner and changed it up this year.
I found this at Target and it included my favorite monthly/weekly format.
In my attempt to be organized and on task, I realized I needed something bigger.
Still kept my favorite color that makes me happy!

I treat myself to fun spiral bound notebooks for everyday grocery lists and errands.
~  pretty paper...a simple pleasure  ~

Here is one idea of how I use my calendar by keeping notes throughout the year,
 and transferring them to the appropriate month when I get a new calendar in January.

These notes I jotted down will go in the November pages.

Last year when I bought Easter gifts (at the after Easter sale)
I jotted down what I bought, I'll include that the month prior to Easter,
 and will know what I already have.

Here I'll use it as a reminder of which plants I liked in various pots, it will get
transferred into May.

Do you have any tips for using your calendar?
Are you a creature of habit?
Or, are you totally organized electronically?



Lori said...

Great tips! I like using a hard copy, just in case of computer problems, etc. I also use an 8 1/2 x 11 planner so I can paper clip memos,invitations, directions, etc. about particular events to the corresponding page in my planner. It helps me to have everything in one spot.

Jennifer L. Griffin said...

Good timing! I'm going out tomorrow to look for a planner. I still like the good ol' paper and pencil kind. I've only used a wall calendar for the past few years so I'm looking forward to picking out one that will go with me everywhere!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I like your cheerful hot pink calendar books!
I made the switch to a calendar on my laptop that I can sync to my phone and I love it. However, like you I'm a big fan on notebooks and have lists scrawled all over the place!

Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said...

What calendar?! I'm always amazed by people like you. I get a calendar and don't know what to write on it. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. :)

Jo said...

While I'd like to think I have a wild and crazy deep down, I'm really more of a creature of habit. I've used the same type of planner for years ~ it just works for me. I enjoy the relationship of pen and paper since technology and I aren't very good friends :)


Holly said...

I've actually switched to putting all of our appointments and important dates on the iPhone for us, but everything else - ideas, blog post notes, grocery lists, to-do lists all get written down on paper. The problem is that the paper is sporadic, so I've gotten myself a big notebook for this year which maybe I'll share in a post this week. It's not as pretty as your book by any means, but I think it will serve the purpose. I do have a pretty notebook that I stuff into my work bag just to have on hand.

Katie said...

That is such a great idea to keep notes to transfer over for the new calendar- that would definitely come in handy trying to remember things I buy at post Christmas sales! I bought a myAgenda this year- I've heard the MomAgendas are great and this is the basic version!

Carly {a simple affair} said...

Oh I love this idea. How have I not used my calendar for this before?! This is a must-do for me in 2012. And I am absolutely a creature of habit, but trying to be more spontaneous. Key word: trying. I'm still slightly obsessing over my Erin Condren planner. Glad you went for a change but still have the format you like!


A Vintage Vine said...

I have scribbled papers all over the place, I need to adopt your ways!!! I do have a "pretty" composition book but it is empty and needs to be used... desperately! I got a new iphone and I am thinking that is going to help, maybe not! Thanks for the inspiration, especially the tip of writing down you clearance purchases...that is really thinking ahead!

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