Monday, October 3, 2011

now is the time...just do it!

                                         Imagine for just a's spring 2012,
                                     your yard is amass with beautiful tulips in bloom!
                                                   Here is how simple it can be!

~ our yard in spring ~

~ notice how showy tulips are when planted in clumps of 10-15 ~

                                                      Costco!  (or your favorite nursery)

Dig ONE large hole per 10-15 bulbs!
(other than that follow instructions per distributor)

 You should put it on your weekend 'to-do' list,
 because it will make you smile
 when you see little green shoots poking through the warming ground in early spring!


Anonymous said...

It looks like the Keukenhoff gardens outside Amsterdam! Gorgeous!! :)

lori said...

Your own beautiful piece of the Netherlands right in your own yard! I am so inspired. I am loving your blog!

René said...

Thank you for this reminder. I really want to add tulips & daffodils for cutting this fall.

Sabrina said...

Love the pop of color against your black and white house.

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