Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm going out on a limb with my first fashion post...yikes!

When I return from a shopping trip I rush in the door, race to my closet and begin
 checking all the items to see what 'new' outfits I can make!

I thought I'd share the fun when I brought home my newest finds from the
 accessory store, Charming Charlie! If you haven't been it is a MUST!

I purchased the set of five gold bangles and the rhinestone & turquoise bracelet.
I love the 'arm party' trend (bracelets on top of bracelets on top of bracelets)!

Purchased the black and gold bangle.

The scarf and gingham fabric earrings came home with me, too!
I used one of my candlesticks to hold the jewels! 

I'll pair this floral jacket with white jeans or boyfriend jeans and a bright tee and
my leopard flats or bright patent leather wedges. 

This black and white striped sleeveless maxi I picked up at TJ Maxx
is so comfy and completely effortless!
 Throw on one piece of clothing and 10 bracelets, and you're out the door.

It would look cute with any color combination.
The pearls above gave it a dressier feel, this is a tad more casual.

A bright fun top for summer from Nordstrom Rack paired with yellow or pink.
This would be so cute with short denim shorts, white jeans, or any color skinnies!
(I'm way past the short shorts age, but I will do skinnies!)

Thanks for all your sweet comments about this pink Tory Burch bag the other day.
(Shhh, it's faux, from the streets of DC!)

Here it is again with a brown and white halter, with flirty ruffles down the front.
  I like mixing patterns and not being too matchy. I learned that from my hip young friends!
I'd wear this with my bermuda style shorts and bright orange or green high wedge sandals.

These are a couple of basic cardigans from my closet, so versatile! 
The stripes can go preppy casual, nautical with navy and deck shoes, or with bright skinnies.
I like the black leopard with a tee, boyfriend jeans and pumps.

Or throw on a bright patterned scarf and change it up, again!
Either of these would be cute with green skinnies and flats.

All of that because I wanted one simple black and gold bangle!

Want to know more about Charming Charlie go here.

Hope you all enjoyed the diversion from design!

Join me over at Jennifer Rizzo's Show Us Friday here.


Carly | a simple affair said...

Pam!! Amazing new additions! Those gingham earrings are perfect for the summer and so fun to add a pop or color and pattern to an outfit! Also, loving the leopard + floral! I need to use my candlesticks as bracelet holders. Brilliant!

Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said...

You're an amazing stylist! I think you should do more fashion posts.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

You are one stylish lady, Pam! I do love layering bracelets - you have picked up some gorgeous pieces, definitely my style :) They are so versatile. I am not sure which would be my favorite outfit pairing. Great job with the styling!

Holly said...

How fun! I just saw a few local bloggers post about Charming Charlie's, but I don't think it's that close to me. I'll have to keep my eye out. I love how you've paired all of your fun new accessories. I think my favorite is the black and white maxi dress - so much you can do with that.

Amanda said...

ok this is an adorable post! you must do more of these! I love fashion post!! Putting outfits together is almost as fun as decorating a room!

Lisa Scibilia said...

Ahhhh I love this post Pam! Please keep the fashion coming my way - I need all the help I can get!! :)
That green & gold & rhinestone bracelet is so cute....I (un)fortunately have a Charming Charlie's within 10 minutes of my house - it's dangerous!! I go in with my daughter all the time - so fun to browse.
I haven't had much time for blogging & reading this week with my kids on school vaca and a family wedding this weekend....I need to catch up on my reading over here! Happy weekend ahead....

Andrea said...

What a great post. Do this again!! I love all your combinations. I drive by that store all the time, but have never ventured in. Now I certainly will. Thanks for the great inspiration.

Nancy said...

well I am IMPRESSED, but not surprised! A woman with good taste (you!) can accessorize herself as well as her home in the same beautiful fashion! I love all of those outfits. Ive never heard of that store, but there are similar ones in the DC area.. This mimics a lot of the JCrew jewelry we just saw at astronomical prices for something trendy. Good eye, and great post! maybe a start of a future reoccurring post?
xo Nancy

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Excuse me while I go find a spare candlestick to hold my bracelets- you have THE best ideas! I love what you pulled together- you should do this more often!! :)

Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

Yea! Finally a fashion post! I love how you mix patterns and colors. Charming Charlies, here I come!

Terry said...

Thanks for theexcellent post! It can be a little tricky combining all of the colors and patterns that are so popular right now. You did it so well ;o)

Cathy Wall said...

You do a wonderful fashion post my friend, you have an incredible sense of style, so keep it up!

Gretchen said...

I love your style and the ways that you mixed the colors with your "arm candy". I just found out that we have one of those stores in our area and I'm going there today. I know they have something I need.


Jennifer L. Griffin said...

More, more! You've made some amazing combos with a few that! Your eye for fashion is just as fantastic as your eye for design!

Lori said...

Anyone who gets to see you has been waiting for you to go out on a limb! Your sense of style definitely translates to fashion- you always look beautiful and chic. I definitely need to un-match my wardrobe and appreciate your tips. Such pretty finds, I'm a big CC fan too!

SSM said...

Dear Pam,

Very stylish!

Everything looks great.

Enjoy your day.

Leslie said...


Wow! Impressive lay-out of clothing options and accessories! I love bangles and will need to check out this line. Don't you love all the scarfs and maxis out now?! You've just given me a little incentive to head out and do a little shopping :)

Enjoy your day!


Arvada said...

Move over Polyvore, I want some more Pam-vore fashion tips! Your combinations are fun and beautiful. Just make sure to wear things right-side-out (a little inside joke!)


OK...will you come dress me....? I am loving what you have put together!

Ange said...

Great post! Loving all the mixing and matching you are doing. I really need to be more relaxed and mix patterns up, thanks for inspiring me! I hope you will do more posts like this!

Captain Micah said...

You have such beautiful clothes! My sister and I are on a quest to accessorize better. Those accessories really can make all the difference!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

You got some really cute things. I hadn't heard of Charming Charlies. They have some really colorful and fun things. There are two stores in the Twin Cities area. I'll have to check them out when I get up there.

Judy said...

My daughter and I love, love, love Charming Charley! fortunately for us the nearest one is in b'ham an 1 1/2 up the road but we go there every time we visit my son....BUT a new store just opened here in town that mimics CC...that's a dangerous place for me to go! i can spend a lot of time (and $$ in there) but the prices can't be beat.

your "loot" looks fabulous and I know you will look fabulous wearing all of it....hopefully you'll post some pics


Judy said...

....i forgot to say i love the arm candy party myself!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

What a great post! I really enjoyed your foray into fashion. And we dont have Charming Charlie out here, but I used to love shopping there in VA.

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Pam, great picks! You should do fashion more often! said...

Such cute pieces!!

Marie said...

Great post! I love how you laid out your clothese and accessories to give us a good idea of the look you were going for.
My daughter and I stumbled into a Charming Charlie store over the Christmas holidays - there is one at Westfield Mall in Palm Desert. We also came away with tons of bracelets and some pretty cool earrings!
Thanks for the fashion inspiration!!

Meredith and the New Yorkie said...

Whoa, how are we just seeing this one today?!? The "throw on 1 piece of clothing and 10 bracelets" might just be our favorite part!!
We hope this is the first of many more fashion posts to come (we saw and loved your guest post today, so keep 'em comin'!!)

mk & Gwynnie

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