Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On My Shopping List ~ After Analyzing This Reveal

I love to analyze decorated rooms, and pour over the details to define what draws
 me in. I especially love to focus on which items speak to me that would be nice additions
 to my home or suggestions for clients. I'm always looking for pieces that give a lot of bang for
 the buck, and can easily move from room to room, or that elusive one-of-a-kind treasure
that just might pop up on Craigslist. :)
You may have seen this amazing reveal that I found myself dissecting today. 

White Textured Vase
I counted 8 white vases/vessels in these two rooms, I particularly like the ones with texture.
Keep in mind - it's simple to spray paint a vase
 if you're thrifting and see something you like that's an off color.  

Pedestal Dish
The gold detail on that pedestal dish takes it up a notch (I recognize this one from Anthro).
Again, super simple to paint a base on any bowl to recreate this look. 

Work Lamp
So unique and functional ~ the idea of a work lamp on the kitchen counter.
I did a post about this gem from IKEA that they used.  

Organic Wood Furniture
I'd typically disregard this piece as 'not my style' but it's the perfect addition to
achieve an eclectic look, and the warm wood is so good against crisp white walls.    

I tend to be easily distracted when I'm out and about shopping or thrifting, :)
I like to keep a list of items I'm looking for on my phone. 


Julia Konya said...

So gorgeous. I love the fabric of the shade too. And I agree, it's nice to keep a list of things.

Sue said...

I was so inspired by your post that I went to the thrift store and bought a purple geometric case and just finished spray painting it white. It looks awesome. I wish I could attach a picture!

pam {simple details} said...

Hi Sue ~ that is so awesome, you're inspiring me! I'd love to see it, you can email me a pic at pzundel22@gmail.com

Rebwife said...

Pam, always inspired by your posts. I appreciate the sharing of these list items. Any others items on your list you would be willing to share? Maybe a new recurring post theme?:) Thanks for the never-ending string of ideas!

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