Thursday, September 17, 2015

new client ~ new look for an antique desk

Happy Friday friends!! 
I have a delightful new client, they're building a new home that will be ready in a few
 short months. Mrs. would like to have the major decor decisions completed, and furniture
 purchased in advance, so when they move in it's as close to finished as possible. I love
 using pieces my clients have and showing them how to breathe new life into them.
 She has several beautiful items we'll be using in new ways or painting. When we were
 looking through her furniture deciding what to keep we found this nice antique desk
 stored in her basement.  
I suggested it would be a great functional desk to use in their loft, and by pairing it
 with a new modern chair and/or artwork it would take on an entirely new look.
 Mixing antique and modern is one of my favorite styles and ways to add interest
 in an unexpected way. For those of you Craigslist fans antique desks are usually
easy to come by at a reasonable price.   

Here are some ideas how to combine the opposing styles and inject a dose of
 personality into your room....

Her desk stored in the basement.

Hope the weekend finds you outside enjoying some gorgeous fall weather! 


Dana Frieling said...

I stinkin' love this look! Not sure I've ever really thought of it before but it's great. Have you found a chair yet? I'm sure the perfect one will pop up on CL at just the right moment in true Pam fashion!

lori said...

Way too beautiful for the basement! I love those upholstered seats and backs on the ghost chairs.

Ivy Lane said...

I would stain and seal her desk and add new drawer pulls.... it is a nice shape!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

This post is making me seriously rethink an oak secretary I saw yesterday at a thrift store. It's gorgeous but needs a ton of work.....however after seeing these photos you've got the wheels turning!!

Julie Reinwald said...

Great inspiration photos!

Mary said...

I love your idea. You're so good.

Nancy Powell said...

I love the idea of the desk and modern chair- beautiful and lucky client to have your creativity to work it all out! Sounds perfect. Happy weekend! And LOVE LOVE those brass trunks! Xo Nancy

Vel Criste said...

I can't wait to see how you decorate this home and how you'll style the desk!

Julia Konya said...

Love them all and am also a huge fan of mixing antique and modern.

Chelseayhun said...

the antique are so beautiful i want too have some antique things

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